Nepal Madhesh — Is Madhesh Going to Be a Part of India ?

Nepal Madhesh — Is Madhesh Going to Be a Part of India?

Nepal is the country of three regions that is Himalayan, Pahad and Terai. Among them, Terai is treated as the Madhesh.   It’s the only scandal made by the government of Nepal and political leaders about the Madhesh. The people of Madhesh says themselves as the colonized citizens of Nepal because they are not getting their rights in the nation of equality. The history tells us that the Madhesh were the single country having their own identity, said by the people of Madhesh. The Madhesh have their own fulfillment and criteria having all the features that contain the country to become the free country.

The many people of Madhesh raise this voice and against the government of Nepal. The Nepalese government is also not focusing on this issue and thinks as the normal issue. But they don’t know the sticks of matches burns the whole forest. Only one voice and sticks are needed to burn the forest. Similarly, it is going to the present in  Madhesh. Now the world is going ahead in education and we know that the education is the powerful weapon to change the world. This statement has made the permanent places in the mind and heart of people of Madhesh that now we don’t wait and keep patience for a long time and we are different and having our own identity.


map of madhesh, nepal
map of madhesh, nepal

The people of Nepal have not any consideration about these types of issues because they think that these types of issues are like bubbles of the water that occurs while raining/. This is the mentality and attitude grasped by the administrative and government of Nepal toward the being the separation of MADHESH AND MAKING THE ANOTHER NONCOLONIZED COUNTRY. NEPALESE ARE LIVING BY the dusty thought but this thought may throw the dust in their own eyes and makes them deaf. The voice of discrimination goes expands slowly but after its expansion, it becomes impossible to stop. The crowd and the voice of crowd would be like the water and the flood comes on the road.

The noise become scandal about the Madhesh is going to be the part of India is totally wrong and it’s the scandal. The man who have never get the bread on t his hunger automatically have the bundle of the anger inside. The anger becomes slowly the volcano which came out in the poisoning shape and takes the life and environment too. The man is wise and intelligent who makes the and maintenance their roofs of homes before the raining season. If you stitch and glues out the roof while in the training season, then it may disturb your works and as well as your time will also go waste and expenditure will also get elastic, The government of Nepal is sleeping like the t rabbit who have not any future designation and prediction how to manage and make the country well better and strong  by their international vision and group gathering of all parties and the talent youth of the country.

This is the future of the educated man that they have to spend their life and time on the salary of 20000-40000 thousand. This is why there is an increment in the number of foreign flight for worked by the youth to get the better and bright future. The Nepalese are nowadays busy in building the gulf country but forgetting their own country having no any consciousness and understanding. I think it ‘s also a true and right decision made by the most of the youth because they know very clearly that they will not get the job even after the getting the certificate and all where there is need of sources or forces and political power.

Madheshi people
Madheshi people

Those who have political power will easily get the job and can spend the comfortable life. The action made by the political parties in an invisible way  is also the major infection that is infecting the youth and is decreasing their enthusiastic and hope to become the man of identity and personality.

History of MADHESH

MADHESH   was the singular country and the state in ancient times having their own identity and rule and reign by the  Shah dynasty in the Madhesh. But later on, it was loosed by the King Prithivi Narayan Shah with very betraying way from  Madhesh king. The king Prithvi Narayan Shah was also known as the father of Nepal and king of unified Nepal that now seems in one garden of different flower means religions, races, and castes etc.

Madhesh was the great and productive land so it is also known as the greenery of Nepal and now the parts of Nepal treated. Here the plain land is very much productive and also grown many types of production of crops in the different region. The people of Terai looks happier that the people of Pahad and Himalaya. The plain and fertile and has made the people were glad and cheerful. The  Madhesh have their own history and the great story of identity, brave and strength, almighty.


The great Salhesh  Fulbari which is also the major parts of Madhesh giving a unique identity and telling the history with the exhibition of their power and prestige.  The Fulbari grow up their flower on an only first day of new year and sets up till midnight. The uniqueness and the great power is even hidden by the government of Nepal without focusing it to the publicity it all over the world which makes the country more strength.  This Fulbari or forest is the forest of the great king of Terai in ancient time king Salhesh were used to came for hunting the animal. It is very large in size now and has made the temple in his memory and great fair occurs on the new year day.

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Nepal Madhesh — Is Madhesh Going to Be a Part of India ?

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