Nepal got election materials worth 149 M Yen from Japan


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Nepal got election materials worth 149 Million Yen from Japan

Nepal got election materials worth 149 M Yen from Japan. Japan hands over different kinds of election materials worth about 149 Japanese Yen to Nepal. It will help for upcoming election in Mangsir 4.

According to Japanese Embassy’s statement in Kathmandu, Japan handed over different kinds of election materials to Nepal on Tuesday 22, 2013 to help the Himalayan nation conduct its second constituent assembly election scheduled for Nov. 19. The total worth value of all the election material is about 149 million yen.


Japan hands over election materials  worth about 149 million yen to Nepal.

Election material that are handed to Nepal consists 20,000 large ballot boxes, 106,250 ballot box stickers, 831,250 security seals and 43,750 fences for polling stations. All that election material are handed over in a ceremony at the Election Commission by Shuichi Sakakibara, charge d’affaires of the embassy.

Nepal, a long-time beneficiary of Japanese aid, had asked Japan for a grant to help conduct the election.

The vote next month will elect an assembly that will be tasked with finalizing a permanent constitution left incomplete by a previous assembly elected in 2008.

source: Kyodo News International

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