Nepal and India: 8 Things of India That Nepalese Hate, Don’t Like


Why Nepalese hate India? Do you know what are causes of Nepalese people hate India? Why does Nepal hate India? You can get many answers on yahoo or google, facebook, google plus, twitter and other social sites. Let’s discuss here why Nepal hates India yahoo. We are here with how and why Nepal hates India media and how Nepal love India media. Why it has got cold relation in Nepal India. Read here about Nepal India.

We have already discussed Nepal is not part of India, most of the net surfer is searching is Nepal a part of India. No. It is not part of India.

Nepal India: 8 Things of India That Nepali Hate, Don’t Like

India and Nepal have such a unique relationship which are hard to see in the world.

There is 1,700-km-long open border between these two countries, that are very jowl on both sides accordingly to the historical, cultural, religious and political form.

But history force to remember that the relationships are not always sweet.

From time to time, there were strained relations between these two countries, and sometimes the situation came to that point that it took for the long time to recover.

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In last some days and weeks, after the Nepal’s new constitution declaration, the relation between Nepal and India became in such situation especially after the unwelcome response of India about new constitution of Nepal 2015.

Constitution ‘standoff’

Nepal has a small economy which are almost entirely dependent on the supply of goods from India either that is salt or cars, or hospital emergency equipment, or petrochemical products, everything comes from India.

India is largely responsible for establishing democracy in Nepal and supports for.

Despite such intensive coordination with India, Nepalese people decidedly do not like things.

A look at these things.

1. ‘big Brother’ attitude

Many Nepalese people think that India dominated the Nepal in most of the cases as the big brother ‘shows.

India is accused that he used diplomatic power in Nepal to protect their own interests.

Modi showing fingers

The many people believe that the recent ‘blockade’ episode an example of that.

2. Unequal Treaties

The Nepalese side has the long list of such treaties which assumes unequal.

From the 1950 Peace and Friendship Treaty to Gandak, Koshi and Mahakali water treaties are in this list. Many people think that Nepal is being given its share of water.

Tribeni Gandak Barrage

Many people are enraged by the fact that the Nepalese political leadership tilts against the conditions of India. “

3. For sovereignty ‘No Respect’

Most of the Nepali people think that Nepal uses to consult on any important issue even though they may be a domestic issue.


By the Approximately 90 percent representatives of the people have supported Nepal’s new constitution.

Nepal Madhesh Black day Picture

Many Nepalese people are angry with India’s objections.

4. Mistreatment at border entry points

Many Nepalese workers, going to India in search of work, complain that the Indian border security forces at checkpoints do not treat them properly and well.


Nepal India Border

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his last visit to Nepal had promised to improve this problem, but the problem remains intact.

5. Border areas ‘encroachment’

This is one of the main causes of stress relating to violation of Nepal’s land between the two countries often lead to stress.

However, the problem is limited to the few border areas, but it has come round to problems in relationships of two countries.

Nepal India Border Pillars

For instance, according to the Nepalese side of the region Lipulek and Kalapani, India (China seemingly) have encroached on key strategic points, which are part of the homologous region Nepal.

6. ‘Insensitive’ Indian Media

Indian media and especially TV news channel are considered a tool to spread over-nationality sensation.

Many people believe that the media associated India do not care and concerns about the real facts of neighboring countries and it is insensitive to small neighboring countries.

Indian Medias

After the recent earthquake in Nepal when the Indian media reached for coverage, came into the discussion on Twitter trend #GohomeIndianmedia.

7. friendship-rivalry relationship

Nepalese people like a lot of things of India.

In India, there are so many shrines. Moreover, there are many such things like India’s films, including food, may cause difficult to live to expect those for the Nepalese.

relations with friends

But any negative thing about Nepal, those are called the stings.

In 2000, Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan following a statement came to riots in some parts of Nepal. Though Hrithik Roshan denied any such statement, that he hates Nepal.

8. Nepal “on the impact of China ‘

Many people believe in Nepal about “China’s increasing influence” that India’s concerns are superfluous hype.

Most of the Nepali people believe that no country can not be so close to Nepal as India is because there are a lot of similarities between these two countries.

Nepali China Relation

But they are not happy with the fact that India is not understanding the circumstances of a small country like Nepal. Nepal is trying to strike a balance relation between these two big countries.

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