Hinduism in Nepal – If Nepal has Majority of Hindu Religious People, Why Non Vegetarian Food is So Popular in Around Temples

Hinduism in Nepal – If Nepal has Majority of Hindu Religious People, Why Non-Vegetarian Food is So Popular in Around Temples

Nepal is the country of temples and different modern and traditional temples which have been constructed in ancient times by the many king and kingdom. If we see the past history of Nepal we can clearly know about the reality of Nepalese temple and lifestyles and worshipping pattern. The worshipping pattern is totally different from other religion. And the most common thing that is asked is the nonvegetarian food is so famous in the temple of Nepal, that means the Nepalese saints and worshipper are nonvegetarian.

It’s totally wrong concept and the wrong message that the nonvegetarian food is popular is the temple of Nepal. But if we speak as the whole of the temples of Nepal, there might be happening these types of activities in secrecy and privacy. Regarding Hindu ethics and cultures, there is banned and prohibition of nonvegetarian food. It is not allowed to make the God fed. According to the Hindu myths, there is no any rules and saying that the nonvegetarian foods can be fed to the God. And no even without and Prasad the worshipping ceremony can be attained.

There might happen a lot of tension and burden while celebrating and creating some occasions of groupings. The celebration which is celebrated in groups that mold the occasion more shining. The Nepal is not the country of Hindu only but it’s the country of multi-language and multi-religion country moving by making the unity in diversity adopting the same feeling of nationality. The nation is recognized by the inside story whatever their lies and which types of substances and features the country absorbs.

There are many formalities to make the proving of inside story and among them, one of the most specific and recognized particular is culture and tradition which has given our identity.the country which does not have an identity is life the dog without tail containing not the identity. The identity is mentioned and grasp by the culture and the lifestyles and traditional continuing system and pattern of living and expressing scheme. A person who has not any identity are not respected anywhere and the country does not have any identity are not even treated as the country. The Nepal is recognized for culture and tradition to that the people of this country hold and celebrate.

Relating to temple information, I  suspect the wrong understanding have you injected, The Hindu temples are like the palace of God where the God and their Statue is highly decorated and kept. The man is herbivorous in nature not carnivorous in nature but also due to the taste, they are always hunger to taste the difference. The difference taste is only getting if try to eat more and eat differently.  So there are many black people visiting and moving in a white dress makes you confusion to recognized.

dashain healthy life man eating and drinking beer picture

A Man eating meat and drinking

In the temples of Nepal, there is also governmental rules to not allowed the meat to worship and fasten the God. The god is also like our parents who have given the beautiful world and beautiful figure but there is an installment of many viri of negative thought and behaviors that id hampering the man due to their poisonous negativity. There is the habitat of many religious people like Muslim and Christian in the least number. The rule and the thing which is given to god for worshipping, that the same things are not gifted to the God of the statue of the Muslim. And similarly, the things or substances which are gifted to the Hindu is fully gifted in the Christian. So there are many small and large story that is making the difference of many fluttering butterflies to makes the project success by the combination of all people’s hands.

The hand should be bonded in same chain and track for the completion of any heavy project.the long journey is only started by the single steps and that continuous single steps will reach you on the summit of success. The success is the destination and the stars that make you shine and make you recognized in the eyes of the world. The world is like the mirror and you are the player of this earth so, it depends upon your vision and mission to grasp it. It’s you who change the nation and it’s you who change the world and it is only possible if you change yourself.  There are the living of different society of people living in different parts of the country and there may be some temples where these types of illegal activities are performed in secrecy.


But giving and the not Vegetarian food in the temple is illegal by the law of Nepal. If anyone caught doing this, means they will be tolerated and punished hard. First, you have to know that the local society of people will not allow them to do these types of meaningless and harmful activities w that will ruin the identity of Hindu. Because the local and Hindu people are very much commitment and devoted on their temple and religion if these types of activities get expose then this will become the matter of taking or giving life means the great issue of accident or murder. The temple is like the heaven where the people who are very in tension get relief and breathe the oxygen of peaceful and joyful.

All pain got damages and flowed by the air and become the lighter by gaining the power and spirituality power to fight with life and the obstacles that will be the barriers to moving the road to handle them. The problem will only enlarge if the solution is not currently afforded and applied. The solution hands will b never face the problem because the man who follows the strategy of prevention is better than cure will never become the victims of any disease who will kill their life. The temple has never done these types of activities for the worshipping and the message is leaked or released by anyone is totally based upon the misunderstanding. The all temple have is structured by one saint that operated all the worshipping pattern and trend.


The local is helping them for every day worshipping. And the saints who live in temple and worshipping is fully vegetarian. So if the society knows about the real coverage of that saints then he will be quiet and swept by the society. The society will not be generous and have patience if the saints do or behave badly with any human beings and do any harmful works regarding the prestige of society. The society is active in nature and always kept the one eyes of the action and activities performed by them. It’s the good formulae and tradition that every person or every family should contribute their help and crops or grains for the saints life and food that makes then energetic to conduct. All the systems are conducted with very consciousness to be fit up and processed up.

The worshipping is also the identity of Hindu that signifies the glory and glimpse of the religion and country. The country can also feel pride and prestigious if these types of activities get the tag of immortal.

Temples is the place of God where the people connectivity exist with internal heart and faith. Man is living on the earth with their blessing only. Not even the leaves blow up and grow up without the wish of God. So, the person who thinks negative and hating words about the God, then I think he or she is like the mad or lunatic. The person who believes on stone as the God then the stones will be the God and  God also exists in the stone.

In the context of Nepal, the many Hindu are celebrating and compelling the festival with great rapture and friction, people use to celebrate with the eternity hands and pure intensity. A person can’t avoid the happiness if it comes after a long gap of times. A person is busy and has not the time to tale rest too for only getting the happy by earning the wealth and other else. It depends upon the thought of the person who wants to earn money or name. there are three class of people who think about the fame and are busy and spend life in the flowing of that matter or substances. For happiness, you have to only change the world. The change will only be possible if the matter fully occurs and implemented according to say. Poor people are in the search of wealth only and they think the wealth is everything and they become the hunger of it.

lots of taruwa Pakoda recipe dish Nepali Indian Mithila

lot s of taruwa Pakoda recipe for the feast

Similarly, the middle man thought and search happiness in both name and wealth. So these types of people get to engage in both personal and social works. And the rest one who falls under the high class who thinks about the name and fame only. They think the wealthy are like the sweat which goes worthless. The person thought and, characteristics and behavior are the most determining thing which the persona is recognized for. Man will die one day and left the world but there is someone who left the world but they still left and stamp their pictures and views in people mind and some falls in garbage group, they come like the rat-like the thief and goes it away like it too. So, the birth should be the history and the death should be like the history.

If you born poor, it’s not your mistakes but if you die poor, it’s your great mistake. Man are the variables which change according to the situation if they have the not the adventure. The adventure is only committed if they are from the committed society. Along with long and brief description, we should also know about the tradition and culture of religious rules that are conducted and describes the attribute of the country and countrymen.  In accordance of temple and trekking, it’s totally different but in the case of temples, there is much more history inside the coverage. The man where get delighted after visiting here and feels the man of purity and washes all the sin of their lives and become free from the sin. It’s the daily work performed by the people for getting the relief from the greedy world and tension infected world.

The world has got infected and they do not have any sense to prevent it or purify it. The campaign for purifying it for filter and making the good word of the temple is possible only in Nepal because the person of Nepal is very much devoted to the temple and it represents the identity and eternity of Hindu. There is not the chance of having and serving the non-vegetarian food in the temple in any occasion first you have to know that, it ‘s not allowed to conduct any program for any works in the ground or territory of the temple. If it is conducted for various reasons, then they are previously informed not to involve the non-vegetarian in terms in temple and function. This information is remittance earlier for further dealing. If the organizer doesn’t accept, the matter will be closed here and the organizer should search another door of ground for completion and function with great joy and systematic and under the blessing and shadow of the God.

The god palace is a temple where the person or any beggar get the relief from any thing negativity. The man gets the peace and satisfaction by going and visiting the temple and the Hindu are very much conscious to fasten and gifted the fruits or sweets to the God. There is mostly the feeding of fruits and sweets in large number to make happy to their lovely and likely God. In moral, we can conclude that there is nothing perfect and nothing imperfect, it depends upon our looking eyes how we look and observes the matter and events.

Some see the flower in the garden only and some see pins of flower only. So in fact, there is not popular of not- vegetarian food popular in the temple.