Why Nepal Gets More Number of American EDV VISA Lottery Every Year

3. Due to poor country:

The Nepal is rich in resources but poor in economic scale that determines the economic condition of Nepal and Nepalese. The report says that Nepal is the poor country but the Nepalese are rich.  I think it is happened due to the remittances and they do not have any their open productive firms. The home and country are moving by the expectation and hope of the remittances.  And it’s also the one reasons to import the number of Nepalese in America. To provide the job and makes the country more strong,  American has given the number of DV for the Nepalese.

Nepalese are poor in nature because they are not employed. Many of the youth are wasting their sweat and utilizing their body like the machines in foreign lands. It the fate to say, the Nepal have made their position very down as they were re-known for a powerful and strong nation in the ancient times. Nepal has many potentialities but due to un-utilization, it is going day by day declines. Nepal is the country of brave warriors and strong people who have made the win of all the people of the world.  Nepalese are mostly depend upon the import of the goods from the India and all the goods are imported by the industry as raw material from the India. It’s the black thought of Nepalese politicians that have made the Nepal and Nepalese as the beggar.

Fighting with the siblings was the best part of the childhood

The Nepalese are like the behaviors and having like that is the cause of the bad politician’s Nepalese politicians are busy in decorating their house and wife but they have no any feel of Nepalese how they are living and surviving their life. All the Nepalese are depended upon the agriculture but the land needs water for growth and production of the crops of high quality. The absence of water in time makes the crop damaged and, the land become unproductive which makes the expenditure more than income.

 4. Available of skilled manpower in cheap rate:

This might be the one reason the Nepal got more visa than others. There is much-skilled manpower not getting the better salary and they are picked by the American government to makes their utilize and providing the best salary than Nepal but not the best salary in comparative to America. The rate highly differences in percentage if we comparison between two countries in accordance to manpower. Nepalese are very much talented in a study and they have a creative mind. so they are adopted soon by the American country for their own country development. America is high in technology and fast in communication that has conducted the transmission of goods and services fast.

unskilled manpower in Nepal

All the youth of Nepal looked in the queue while there is the announcement of EDV. It is all due to not getting the proper job and proper salary of their interest. The person interest can be only bought by giving the services liked by him. America is known as the new world of the earth. So the youth seems dreams to visit and looks the  America with nude and near eyes.


 5. Rejection of EDV came in news:

The newly elected president of America Donald Trump has brought the new rule of avoiding the EDV and they have made the people of the world in the pit. The people of the world started to abuse and scold but the elected president have right to take a decision. So it’s has become the great viral news, the America have rejected all the EDV  and closed the doors of Muslim too.  Nepalese are very sad with the listening of that types of news.

donald trump american president
Donald Trump – american president

The news has hurt the many hearts of Nepalese.  And many of the refugee are also kicked out by the American new government. The five thousand people used to get the EDV every year but let the future strategy of newly elected president either he will keep IT OR KICK OUT THIS RULES. It is in suspense.

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