Why Nepal Gets More Number of American EDV VISA Lottery Every Year


Why Nepal Gets More Number of DV Visa Lottery?

Nepal is the root of peace and harmony that rectifies the relationship between two country that is America and Nepal. The world knows the America is the powerful country of the world and he is also treated the hero of the world in every sector leading their economic scale. The Nepal is only their followers and they are the leaders of the world. Nepal has made the harmonious relationship with America. America is the country who leads all the nation with same circularity and distances. Nepal is rich in many sectors and resources but due to using of improper technology and unused of available resources, the country is creeping like the snake. The man can run very fast if he is single and they can’t run or travel fast in groups due to collaboration.

It’s the difference between tow icons. According to the government of both country, America has adopted and implemented their constitutional law strictly but Nepal even does not have the permanent constitutional law and moving with the help of past constitution. There are many defaults that make the country backward and like the person walking with help of sticks. Nepal has become lame and moving with help of Indian sticks. It’s the relation between two countries that made the relationship more flexible or more contrast or tight.

DV Lottery America USA

The relational bonds are treated as the symbolic identification of friendship between two countries that makes the people of both countries franker and easy to share their products and platform. The relationship makes the country stronger and near to make and deal with the development of country between two countries. And the same thing or contract have made with the Nepal, and it’s also the reason to adopt the more Nepalese in America. The much Nepalese are working as the permit and many are living as the permanent and pure  American citizen because they have got the green card which is treated and valued as the citizenship.

Nepal is famous in the world and the Nepalese are never alleged nature and they know their responsibility and duty to be permitted and acted. The responsibility given to the Nepalese are easily completed by the Nepalese. There might be the many reasons for the country of Nepal getting the Nepal more DV visa. Nepal is the small country having many and unlimited resources. As we know that there are many water resources, herbs, and shrubs that make the Nepal more and extra strong. And the great thing is the Nepal is rich in water resources from the world listed in the second position.

dv lottery visa application form
dv lottery visa application form

The main reasons to help someone insert some greediness and self-benefit for joining the bonds. The clearance and the actual meaning is not been leaked out about the electronic visa for getting too much than another country. It might be the positive attitude toward the Nepal as it has the great and made the respectable image all over the world h having the light of peace and a great peak of the world.

Moreover, there are many reasons for giving the Nepalese more DV visa might bet  the following reasons:

Why Nepal Gets More Number of DV VISA Lottery

1. Honesty nature of Nepalese:

As Nepal is honest in their fulfilling the responsibility the same one kids the citizens of Nepal. Nepalese are very conscious about their personality and prestige that reflects their identity and my image. The man is known for their behavior and if the behavior is good then relevantly the nature will be the good. The goodness lies in personal thought and attitude.  The good behavior guy or person have the knowledge of everything that made him or her valuable and respectable. Nepalese a have made the good image in the eyes of American and have gotten the position in their eyesight.



National flag of Nepal
National flag of Nepal

The Nepalese are famous for their creativity and responsibility that the works gave on their head.  The person who makes the man greater is their behavior and nature to deal with anyone and everyone. Some of the people are educated but they don’t have even the speaking skill to deal and make the or construct the bridge of two edges.  Nepalese have the high image all over the world and is know by the world due to their roots. And we know that Nepal is the country of Everest and Gautam Buddha that shows our pride and us Nepalese have made our position with positive appreciation in the mind of the world. The man of Nepal is positive in nature and the works are done by them is also positive because we initially know that the positive mind never does the negative works and negative mind never does the positive works. It can be only possible if the man has both positive attitudes that Nepalese holds.

facebook profile picture with Nepali flag application

The Nepalese are very cool in nature has an ability to handle in temper and temptation. There is much manpower who does not have the capacity of maintaining their intensity and mentality in pressure and difficulties to deal with. But Nepalese are perfect in all the conditions and fitted up in every environment. Nepal is also famous for skilled manpower. Nepalese are fitted up in every situation if there any change occurs. The Nepalese are respected them as the brothers. Nepalese have the very positive mind and they don’t have negativity and loot mentality and bandit attitude.   Nature should be affordable and liked by everyone and the same action is performed by the Nepalese making the satisfied to everyone. If the Nepalese have got any job then they perform with their full efforts and also finished with full responsibility. Nepalese can be flexible and nude at a night but not in duty time.

Nepalese have the habits of living the life freely but they are not the careless people that damage the work. Nature determines the person mentality and attitude in different subjects and after determining we have to conclude but in a case of Nepalese it might be the wrong thought if you determine the people with attitude. The Nepalese are honest in nature and very much cooperative in nature.

2. Avoid in illegal activities:

America is very conscious about the people who are illegal mentality like the terror thoughts. America is one of the powerful country holding the largest number of weapons and many attacking instruments for war. The country has many powerful vessels and pigment that can even destroy the world in one second like the atom bomb.  Nepalese are disconnected with those types of bombing and blasting activities. Nepalese only know to work and fulfill their responsibility. they know bitterly about their duties and rights. The man is treated as the wise species having the minds and ability to differences between the right and wrong. Nepalese have not participated any terrorist attack that was addressed in America many times. Nepalese visit America due to earning and learning and mostly visit is done with the motive of earning a lot.

dv lottery photo design
dv lottery photo Sample

Nepalese are very conscious about the money earning and they are busy in earning money and thinking the way from where the money came. Nepalese are mostly dedicated for working a lot and making the morning a lot. If any the Nepalese have made any terrorist  assault then it might become the big issue and the prestige of Nepal but these types of activities are never performed by the Nepalese in other lands native. The Nepalese think for themselves, their country prestige and the prestige of their family. The person or the boys or girls who had come to America are not the rich people all are they poor and came here to get the education and morning with the together moment and moving times.

illegal activities
illegal activities

So, the Nepalese are like the variable which can be changed and trapped in any criminal case. Nepalese are very creative and very understanding they know the right and wrong. So you can also see that there are many people living in America and there were many assaults also happened but not by any Nepalese. They all are Syrian’s and other country people mostly the Muslim. The person who has not any sources and arts in their hands are mostly become the terrorist and they have engaged in the destroying nature.


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