Is Nepal a Friendly Country – Write Your Feedback After Visiting Nepal


Is Nepal a friendly country?

Nepal is also called the small country but the people of Nepal are of large hearts. Nepal is the country of friends and family as it is located between two countries of great light and weight India and China.

The country has many things scarce but the people of Nepal are always working and surviving their life with cheerful behaviors. The governments are only half concentrated to the people but the people of Nepal are liberal and they are mostly devoted to their works.

Nepalese is treated as the best friendship country because the people of Nepal are all normal and sensitive. The cultural and festival are also celebrated by exchanging the religious friends or with the great occasion made by the all of the religions.

Due to the liberal heart of Nepalese, there are not any kinds of social and religious protest among the people.  Both of the religions have good coordination and harmonious relationship of sharing views and fees.


The person of all castes and religions also seem very excited about their festival and any occasions. Mostly the people of the remote area and back warded are have misconception and mischief in their language which is very few in number.

But due to the highly increment in education, the message of humanity and construction of eco-friendly society campaign is going on rapid. People are getting the knowledge and making the other’s  understands the humanity and relationship.

Many places are now have freed from the social discrimination which used to seen in past. People have conservative minds and they think the man are also of different social and norms having the different thought about the man with everyone.


In the 21st century, this concept has vanished and the message and knowledge of humanity and all the men are the children of god have understood by many people. Those are not connected with this message are even today behaving like the earlier century.

People of today have many borders and methods for getting the knowledge and observing the goods and man. The man can be told by their face if you have the vision of looking and considering and evaluating capacity.  The person has their own ability to make the life comfortable or fill with the difficulty.

The main theme everybody has to understand is sometimes even the eyes makes mistake and get the betrayed. Sometimes ’’ the white hen lays black eggs’’, means the person who is the honesty and express and presents themselves as the honest may be the great fraud and betrayer.

The person can’t be evaluated in one diagnosis. So the person is truly renown and recognizes when we get connected and do any behavioral activities with them. A person can’t hide their originality even after the millions trying.

The lord Gautam Buddha has told that the sun. the moon and the truth can’t hide. To make the projects clear, we have to be confidence on our statement with the power of self-esteem that gives you the power to fight with rationality and discrimination and domination.

In order to verify the above question that the Nepal is friendly country or not, we can know details  by following proving the yes remarks that the Nepal is fully the friendly country:

The presence of purified hearts:

Nepal doesn’t have any heard the news of bad and illegal activities are conducted by the Nepalese in abroad. So we can easily know and say that the Nepalese people are very mush friendly.

There are many people who are purified and believes in helping to the people if they are in need as we are the human and we all are equal. There is much thought of the people who believe them any religions and traditions teaches them many things but the one thing which every religion teach with their devotee is to help and treat all the human beings as the children of the God.

Nepalese boys and the youth are also very much thinkable and they collect the money to distribute for the child of orphan and streets.

The news is heard many times that the school children have made the groups and rule to collect and deposit some of the amounts in the account from the cutting off breakfast rupees provided by their parents.

This types of thought and ideas are the motivated and exciting message and terms which make the man and the country the favorable environment to live and get easily adjust. Nepalese are mostly the high family backgrounds and performs the big transaction in the market and those who are not connected with the market means to say and know that, the family members from her or his have gone out of the country for earning.

The foreign earning have also made the people living standard high and ignition which have made the glimpse on the face and smelled environment. The people of every age groups have the common thought to help and save the environment and people.

There are many people who don’t believe and not interested in helping but the society rules and regulation have made them obligation to do and walk according to the rule and instruction of society.

Educated existence:

The Nepal is developing country but in terms other infrastructural development, it shows that the education sector is developing at rapid speed. Nepalese have made the great platform to spread the education chain from urban to rural and helping to this projects and thought, the government have also supported with their thought and providing the budget more on the education sector.


Education is the most parts and we can also tell it as the backbone of the country and people for making the country develop and friendly. If the education garden is hidden from every family and every child then the light and is spread all over the country which makes the promotion of every sector with unlimited sources of services and statics.

Country has high availability of youth but they are in the race of going outside of the country to take and in search of the better job and tasty salary with their manpower and parts inside them, So the government is also taking the step to make the barriers to stop all the outgoing youth and provide the job in the own country by industrialization and invention and investing the great amounts in many infrastructures.


The investment in infrastructures and youth never gave the milky return but we can’t expect the return of watery only the calcium the milk. Because the youth are treated as the backbone and main operator of the infrastructure which can make the mobilize and penalize all the infrastructure in their own way to give it’s and promote it with better design and dreams.

A large number of Hindu residence:

The world know about the nature and behavior of the Hindu if they have the deal and then feels. The Hindu are very honest and clear in behaviors. Hindu are mostly the great helper and catalyst of the human who raises the voices of humanity and makes the part of the humanitarian program which is beneficial to all the human beings.

The human is treated as the part of the God as there are beliefs in the Hindu epic. The Hindu epic tells the behavior that how should the life of Hindu be spent and how should they do behave with any strangers and nonstrangers. Moreover, Hindu are the like the honest stamped and they are always away from the harmful and illegal activities even that fear by the God to do the illegal activities which are disliked by the God.

The  god have not said that the men of every caste is different but the people on the earth have made their own beliefs and though there is saying in the Hindu epic than,’’ God is one and you all are my children,  I have given you the life and I will  also take your life’’  by the God Shree Krishna.

The Hindu clearly know and reminds the golden statement of Krishna and they deal with the people and animal with this action and thoughts. In Nepal, as there is present of many Hindu, it is very same from any angle and attitude if you are any cast and want to live in Nepal.

the most thing to live in Nepal s that there should be government approval and permission granted that make you the breathing really because the government is very strict if you have the home illegally then the home can be distracted and broken by the governmental dozers e if the order is permitted.

To maintain and fulfill also the desire of the God, Hindu men, and Hindu women very much help in nature which is seen in the world. The Hindu man is respected for their talents and behaviors to which he or she got learned from her or his religious.

The Hindu culture told the person to respects the guests like the god and behave the people and creatures of the worlds as the part of the God. So there is no confusion, that the Nepal is a friendly country where there is about 100 % of people are living Hindu.

Governmental strictness:

The law is made for making the quarreled and harmful man in the prison and makes him or her the honest. The law of the Nepal is very strict and don’t give any compromise if anyone deals with the discrimination and dominating with anyone.

The governments of Nepal don’t value the discrimination and domination of them people which are held between to person or to the community. Man of every group are treated equally and they are equally punished too if they have a mad etc mistake and if proved that the involvement in criminal activities.

The person of Nepal are very much law supporter and those who are black thought then it is also the law who get trap them I and punished according to the crime types and classification. Now, the government has opened the law of residing the people from abroad can also buy and sell the home in the Nepal land.

Person of today are freed and they want to do the activities according to themselves without anyone’s intervention. But they do not know that the positive works give the positive result and negative works give the negative result.  Nepalese are different from the other and they are mostly concentrated on their works for the survival.

There are much Nepalese who are even living in dark home and dark atmosphere. So fulfillment of all their basic needs, there are many people of every class and government have helped. We can see the great natural slides occurred in 2015 that is the greatest earthquake which has taken the life of many people.

The Nepal is divided into three regions that are Terai, Pahad, and Himal. And we have seen that the people of Terai and Pahad have helped the victims according to their level. There are many people of foreign have also help by collecting the funds for the victim Nepalese. These all are the lights of example and improvement that the Nepal is the friendly country.

The presence of helping minds thought and hands in large number:

Nepal is a small country but consists the many people of great heart whom the helping behaviors and thought can’t be measured in the machine. The people are helping with their own desires not on the pressure and forcefully. There are many Ngo’s and Ingo’s which are working for the reduction of thought among the people.

Their gap between the person of every thought and religion can be filled up by putting the bridge and harmonious coordination. The government and many great and richest people have organized many cultural programs, sports, and concerts for the exchanging of people of all castes and religions.

These types of events make the people convinces and motivated for the humanity society and supportive to the friendly environment. The thought of the person is the main components to change the society, nations and the world. So there are many programs which are working on incremental of the friendly formation.


Jitendra Sahayogee

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