100 Facts about Tourism in Nepal That Most of You May Not Know

52. Museums in Kathmandu have rich in collections of archaeological, historical and artistic important and galleries display as the art work of the past and at present.

53. The Nepal Himalayan has been an attraction to many people, be they saints, philosophers, researchers or more adventures.

54. Our Nepal is rich in natural beauty and culture riches is to walk through them.

55. Either way we are in for an experience for a long lifetime.

56. Along with jungle of rhododendron, small mountain villages, birds , spices of animals, temples, isolated hamlets, breathtaking landscapes.

57. In Nepal is a paradise for lovely birds as we get 646 species among them almost 500 hundreds species are found in Kathmandu valley along.

58. Rafting is the one of the best ways to explore the typical cross section of natural as well as ethno-culture heritage of Nepal.

59. In Nepal there are nor than 6000 rivers, which offer excellent rafting or canoeing experience.

60. The Government has opened sections of 10 rivers for commercial rafting.

61. The Trisuliriver is one of the most popular of Nepal’s raftable rivers.

62. The Karnali river provides most of the challenging rapits in the world.

63. The best way of exploration the Kathmandu valley is on a mountain bike.

64. Mountain bike offers an environment sound way of exploring this magnificent country in the world.

65. At present late, Rock climbing has become a popular sports in Kathmandu Valley, which offers some really terrific places for rock climbing in.

66. Nepal comes under the world according to land 69 in position.

67. The temple where Nepalese Goddess Sita married to Lord Rama in Nepal is known sa the place of Kanaki Mandir ( temple)

68. In Nepal, one of the most famous temple is can be called Pashupati Nath.

69. Buddhism is the largest minority religion.

beautiful views of Rara lake Mugu Nepal Images
Beautiful views of Rara lake Mugu Nepal Images

70. Another prominent Buddhist site is Swayambhu Nath is known as also “ Monkey temple”.

71. Chillikot is in hilly as the famous place for sightseeing and also an ancient palace of a King.

72. Muktinath is a sacred place for Hindus as well as Buddhist also , it is located in Muktinath valley, Mustang.

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100 facts about tourism in nepal
10 interesting facts about tourism in nepal

73. Nepal is an agriculture country, So, most of the visitors come to visit it.

74. In 2007, the total number of international tourists was 705 or 526 that in the list, that should be increase 37.2% in previous year for compare.


75. Foreign visitors came to visit Nepal in 2008 stayed in the counter for an average of 11.78 days.

76. The tea capital of Nepal is Illam , it is one of the tourism hotpots in Eastern of Nepal.

77. In Chitwan National Parks has only the international Elephant polo.

78. Dang district is a sacred place for Hindus and other religions.

79. Nepal has more capacity to attract 1 million foreign tourists in next year.

80. Mount Everest and Himalayan as seen from space.

81. Given the facts of the earthquake has only affects two present of the total people of tourists areas.

82. Here is not any doubt to loss of life & fallen homes in villages and children sitting outside the school, without proper food, water, and sanitation should be taken place at the time of earthquake & it rebuilds nowadays.

83. Visitors come in Nepal not only to see mountains, but learn cultures, traditional, etc.

84. Tourism those who are willing to come to Nepal should be directly and positively affect change for the better attitude.

85. All together there are 65 districts have saved to visit and for stay purpose and making fun and enjoy from 75 districts and 14 zones.

86. There is no any trouble to communicate with cell phone, internet, and face book etc, you can easily communicate with ourrelative families, friends or others person all around the world.

87. 97% hospitals and clinics are safe in earthquake that should be helped the travelers.

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100 facts about tourism in nepal
10 interesting facts about tourism in nepal

88. There are many international airport and national airport to visit .

89. In Nepal has TEN National Park only one of them ( Langtang National Park) is affected other 9 National Park are safe to visit or stay for travelers.

90. Some tourists say mountaineering Mt. Everest’s is biggest problems.

91. Some says Mountaineering industry has been seen 90 Pc drop.

92. Some fear guided mountaineering’s increasing popularity is also it’s main biggest problem in our country.

93. The exploitation or discrimination of children and women are wide-spread in our country.

94. Local tourism involves residents of the given country travelling only within this country.

95. We know the sociology subject is studied about travel which knows about the culture values underpinning these distinctions & their internal relationship of them.

96. Our country is comes under 2nd position in water sources so many visit to see our country.

97. Traveler comes here to visit Janki Temple in order to Sita was born in that place ( Sita Goddess is famous for all-round)

98. We should have the more opportunity to immerse in the local culture throughout both the projects and adventures or truly experience of people that makes the country so special.

Writer: Binod Mahato

Author: Jitendra Sahayogee

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