100 Facts about Tourism in Nepal That Most of You May Not Know


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Want to visit Nepal? Do you have a plan for visiting Nepal in coming days? Or are you travelling in Nepal nowadays. if yes, you may be far from these information and knowledge about tourism in Nepal.

Nepal Tour – 100 Facts about Tourism in Nepal That Most of You May Not Know

1. Tourism is known as the main source of earning foreign currency in the context of our country.

2. The human main resource are related to tourism are the vehicles to the economic development.

3. Tourism also owns its job.

4. This professional provides a lot of opportunities of the worker/ employment (job) that becomes substantial to reduce poverty in a country.

5. Nepal is one of them, of the best destination for many internal and external tourists as it has many beautiful things, places, and sports likely to be visited.

6. If the longer, they stay, the better we become economically.

7. We know that Nepalese citizen show respect, courtesy, hospitality, to the tourists thinking that “ Guest are our Gods”.

8. Every citizens concept or mind and soul have “ Atithi Devi Vaba” in our country.

9. Nepal, a beautiful country celebrates special year as “ Visit Nepal Year” to increase the number of the tourists in Nepal.

10. Travels have to help improve our problems – solving its skill is known as Traveler.

11. Studies show that currency ( note / money) spends on travel makes you happier than money when spends on material goods/tools.

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12. Benefits of travels are got more experience significant drops (one picture describes one thousand words).

13. Travel promotes overall brain health or mind power.

14. Couples of travels together makes more reported increased feeling of intimacy.

15. Travels takes and makes our mind more creative.

worlds highest lake tilicho lake

16. More importantly is speaking, tourism has caused extension of the hotel management in Nepal where many people are employed.

17. Even though the people of Hilly and Mountain region have get certain kind of works, as the helper , guide, trekkers, and so on.

18. Our country is the most diverse country in the world.

19. Do not follow where the path may lead, Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

20. More than 1000 people are come to visit the Pashupatinath temple in per day.

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