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All about Nepal engineering college: – It is one of the main engineering colleges in Nepal. Its main campus is located in Bhaktapur, Changunarayan. Nepal Engineering College, popularly known as NEC, was founded as a private sector non-profit institution in 1994. 

Reaching a broader section of Nepalese students, and making quality technical education accessible to the masses and affordable. In the later years, this pioneering example set by NEC led to the establishment of a number of private-sector engineering colleges in the country.

NEC is committed to maintaining its long-established reputation as “an institution concerned with quality and academic freedom,” yet another example to follow for others. Since its inception, NEC has been constantly engaged in designing, upgrading and standardizing academic curricula and offering engineering, technology and allied disciplines Bachelor and Master’s level courses.

NEC intends to continue this initiative by offering more innovative and applied for courses in emerging and established areas in the coming days. Initiated with limited physical and educational resources, NEC has now grown into an institution with resources comparable to any reputable institution in the country and region.

Built-in 228 Ropani of land in Changunarayan VDC in Bhaktapur, the physical infrastructure and educational resources provide the atmosphere of nature and the ideal learning environment. NEC currently offers both Bachelor and Master’s degree programs. All Bachelor-level courses are ongoing at the Changunarayan main campus and at the NEC-Center for Postgraduate Studies in Pulchowk, Lalitpur, Masters level courses.

Nepal Engineering College NEC
Nepal Engineering College (NEC)


NEC’s vision is to evolve as the center of higher learning, excelling in academics, as three integrated college functions through ongoing engagement in education, research and outreach. The mission of NEC includes in approaching the stated vision:

1. Provide the best opportunities and learning environment for the youth to help them achieve high academic standard, scientific temper, technical and professional skills, and life skills.

2. Train and develop young people as a total person, willing to serve society and people in order to alleviate their suffering and improve their quality of life.

3. Inculcate the values in order to appreciate the need for ethical standards in personal, social and public life, to become leaders, to be a voice for influencing society and nation, and to maintain just social order.

It was established in 1994 as a non-profit social academic institute by a group of visionary Nepalese eminent professionals, academics, managers and industrialists who realized the need for an institution to serve the higher educational needs in engineering, technology and management, reaching out to a wider section of Nepalese youth and making quality education accessible and affordable.

Their goal was to produce technically skilled graduates of engineering ready to contribute to the country’s accelerated social and economic growth. In the later years, this pioneering example set by NEC led to the establishment in the country of a number of engineering colleges.

NEC is committed to maintaining its long-established reputation as ‘ an institution concerned with quality education and academic freedom, ‘ once again an example to be followed by others.

Since its establishment, NEC has been engaged in the design, upgrading, and standardization of academic curriculum and delivery of engineering, technology, and related disciplines courses at the Bachelor and Masters Level.

NEC intends to continue this initiative by offering more innovative and applied for courses in emerging and established areas in the coming days. NEC has succeeded in setting up his own “brand” in doing so. I was initiated with limited physical and educational resources, and NEC has now become an institution with learning resources comparable to any reputable institution in the country and region.

Built on 210 Ropanies of land at the Changunarayan lap in Bhaktapur, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, right next to the Manohara Riverbank, the physical infrastructure, and instructional resources provide an ideal learning environment.

NEC currently offers Civil Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Civil and Rural Engineering and Civil Engineering courses for B.E. holders. (Bachelor of Engineering) Bachelor of Architecture, Bachelor of Architecture, Degree of Bachelor in Construction Management (CM), Natural Resources Management (NRM), Interdisciplinary Background Water Resources Management (IWRM), and Transportation Engineering and Management (TEAM), Arch (Bachelor of Architecture).

The B.E. Civil for Diploma Holders course is organized at NEC-BDH Mahalaxmi Sadan in Lalitpur and all postgraduate courses are held at NEC-Postgraduate Studies Center (NEC-CPS) in Prayag Pokhari, Lagankhel, and Lalitpur.

Planned activities of Nepal engineering collage

1. Building a student center in two years.

2. Operation at the NEC premises of a clinic with a certified physician.

4. College24-hour ambulance service Allocate and implement Rs. 10 million annual laboratory update budget.

5. Implementation of the college’s e-library.


1.  Preparing and implementing policies, plans and programs for the smooth functioning of the engineering profession.

2. Set engineering education standards and standards in Nepal.

3. To grant permission and approval to conduct engineering training to those engineering colleges and institutions those comply with the required standards and standards and to honor their degrees and certificates.

4) Monitoring and inspecting the quality of engineering education provided by the universities and institutions of engineering.

5) To establish the necessary qualifications for the practice of the engineering profession and to register its name in the Council.

6) To remove their name from the Engineering Council’s registration if the code of ethics is found to be in breach.


The vision of NEC is to make the engineering profession more efficient by mobilizing it more systematically and scientifically and by registering the engineers according to their skills.

NEC’s engineering courses

Bachelor in Civil Engineering

Bachelor in Electrical Engineering

Bachelor in Electronics, Communication and Information Engineering

Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering

Bachelor in Computer Engineering

Bachelor in Agriculture Engineering

Bachelor in Industrial Engineering

Bachelor in Geometrics Engineering

Bachelor in Automobile Engineering

Bachelor in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Bachelor in Electronics and Communication Engineering

Bachelor of Hydropower Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology (BE.IT)

Bachelor in Aerospace Engineering

Bachelor of Civil and Rural Engineering

Bachelor of Software Engineering

BE in Geometric and Land Resources Management

Bachelor in Biomedical Engineering

Undergraduate tuition and fees

Undergraduate tuition and fees: Domestic tuition: 74,000 NPR (2012), International tuition: 1,250 USD (2012)

Nepal engineering college website

Contact Address of Nepal Engineering College

Nepal Engineering College 
(An ISO Certified Engineering College)
Changunarayan, Bhaktapur, Nepal.
Phone: +(977)015221006 
Fax : +(977)015221001 
G.P.O. Box: 10210, Kathmandu, Nepal 
Email: [email protected]

Author: Anil Sharma