Nepal Election Results — Which Party Will Win in Election 2017 in Nepal?


Nepali congress:

This is the first and rooted party of Nepal that have rooted their branches and man in every locality from urban to rural. This party has firstly established by  Matrika Prasad Koirala and then after, it is going on. This party has given many prime minister and uncountable minister. This party has established with the motto of making the country more Loaktantrik and enrichment but seeing the Nepal presently, it is not reached up as suspected and expected. This party is in Nepal by pointing their flag since the king rule and at that time, there are not the production of many parties as it exists now.

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The congress has joined all the people hands and raising the voice for all and everyone equality. The Nepali congress has also made the union of students that is called the Nepal student union that is lead and instructed by the Nepali congress. Nepali congress has also brought the change in the country and has made the country from here. The great president that is Girija Prasad Koirala has also made and tried to make the country to unite that the major issue is presently going in Madhesh for the different country as they have the mentality and raising the voice and thought that they are colonized.  This party has made the influences on every citizen of the country because it is one of the recognized and established a party.

Nepali Congress Party Flag

The Nepali congress is only the party who can make and implemented the rule. But it is accused over them is that this party runs according to the instruction of India.  The great literature and prime minister B.P.Koirala was also one of the recognized and one of the powerful prime minister of their own time. The Nepalese have also faith over them and due to the propagation of the party, it can be expected almost ninety-nine percent that, it will bring the majority in the vote. And we can also imagine by seeing the past election result how the Nepali congress have acquired the majority of the representatives in the past constitutional election. So there is strong and hard imagination that the Nepali congress will again do magic which will change the government by getting the victory in majority place.

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The Nepal congress has also made the countrymen more faithful toward them. There are good market and strategy of the Congress that will give them victory. But the fixed and sure result cannot be published earlier before the election made. The election will say the actual victory action and voting drama that was conducted in the election. The party has propagation and started the leading in every place and part of the country and to their leader too for making the people understanding and motivation to give the vote in the tree symbol, it is the symbol of the Nepal congress ‘’green tree of mango’’.

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 Nepal communist party (Maoist):

This is also one of the established parties of Nepal as it has returned and gets the post and position of government after returning from the forest war.   The Maoist have not made the country much development and have hurt the people heart at the time of war while they are fighting with the government having underground. They have done fight and war with the government for ten years by living in the forest. They have made their own army and started fighting with the Nepal government. At that time, GIRJA  PRASAD  KOIRALA were the prime minister and he had tried many to stop the war and assault made by them. the continuous trying have given the success and finally, the Maoist have come in government and they have surrender all the weapons and guns.

UCPN Maoist flag

They have also admitted the many armies in Nepal army. The great party which was known as the criminal party but now it has adopted the recognized position. Because these party run in the principle of communist of china the great communist leader that is MAO SHEUNG. He was the great leader and given the birth of communist and ant its principle. The communist or Maoist of Nepal have also walked in their principles. So they have done ten years war. After coming in the government, they also come in the election battle and it’s unbelievable after getting the result.


The party has achieved the highest number of voter and representatives and made the country more powerful. The president of  Maoist  PUSHPA KAMAL DAHAL become the prime minister of that time and presently is also the. The great dream was sawn be their party but has not achieved and done anything. This party can be also expected by seeing their past result and role towards the country and countrymen. The party has always thought about the countrymen and country but the Nepalese politics has gone like the game of circus. Here no one is the lion and even who treat himself as the lion then he can be the lion of the circus.

The party has good vision and the many people who have fought and hold the flag of this party for bringing the revolution in the country are more in the target for achieving the vote. There are many people who have made their life standard and also lies many people who have become the victims. So the imagination for the victory of this party is also the same as the Nepali congress. As we can expect that it have also the high probability of getting the high number of the voter. There are many people who doing good comment about the present prime minister and also many people who are appreciating the present prime minister that he is also the president of the Maoist.

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This party has also made the groups and team of YCL that is youth communist league for promoting the party. This party has the announcement and vision of making all the people of country equal, there should not be the poor and rich, the gap should be cut off.  Market and infrastructures should be all controlled by the government.

Madhesi forum:

This is the Madhesh centralized party raising the voice for the benefit of Madhesh but now has made the alliances to one of the aboriginal voice raising party and now became the national party. This party has made the country more strategic and helpful too for taking the decision and making the country and countrymen equally division of the rights. The party is now working for the rights and responsibility of Madhesh. The party has many things to do but not getting the position to take off their land because the party like the congress and the UML have made them insulted.

Sanghiya Samajwadi Forum Nepal

And another thing that should be evaluated is the party of  Nepal are all racing to get the governmental power but no one is doing the better for the nation. This party has also large hope to get the victory in this election because we already know the former prime minister K.P. Sharma Oli have insulted and made the great teasing to the people of Madhesh and also the marcher of the great Aandolan. He was the prime minister while the Aandolan was in starting, he treated the criminal for making those types of incident and murderer of the fifty-four youth who had lost their life in the Aandolan. So, the people of Madhesh and Terai are in the angry mood and scolding the parties which have not mention the rights of Madhesh.

When is the local election in Nepal  2017 (2074 BS)? – Answer – Local Election in Nepal will be 2017 May 14 (2074 Baishakh 31)

The party of national have also not tried or want to mention and declared the rights in the constitution, to the people of Terai for what they are fighting and begging for. It can be imagined that the Madhesi people have fully made their mood to vote in a Madhesi party because they want to get their rights and equality seat in every sector of the nation. The Madhesi have not gotten the equality rights in many sectors that have made the Madhesi power very back. There is also the domination and discrimination made by the white face to the black false as the black face are Madhesi.

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The Madhesi are one for the great state and high populated are having a large number of a voter, so it can be expected that the victory might fall in the MADHESI side. The victory if gotten by the Madhesi party then there will be the great gladness and light of candles and crackers will be burst in the home ground of the Terai. The Madhesi are treated as the goats of the shed because they don’t have taken part in any nation activities because they think Madhesi are very poor in any adventurous works, which is totally false.

So the expectation can be done, the victory will be on the side of the Madhesi party as it has also does alliance that helps them to acquired a large number of seats.

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Nepal Election Results — Which Party Will Win in Election 2017 in Nepal?


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