Nepal Election Results — Which Party Will Win in Election 2017 in Nepal?

Nepal Election Results — Which Party Will Win in Election 2017 in Nepal?

Nepal is in the mood of making and doing an election for the benefit of Nepal and Nepalese too. The countrymen are waiting for eight years to have the better constitution and better government that will lead the change in the mode and means of Nepal development.  The country has kept the patience for six years, it’s not less but also the political leader have not any regret instead they are enjoying and involving in the party and function to make the life more colorful and enjoying.

There are many parties which are taking part in this election but there is one incidence that some for the political parties are against it. The Madhesh centralized party is against the election and they are raising their voice in the parliament to make this legalized and implemented, that the government has done contract with them ago. But according to the mood of the different party, we can make the imagination of election that it will be addressed anyhow for the benefit of the country.

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The Nepal have forgotten their way to move in the path of development. The Nepalese track is not getting the better support and better subsidies by the external people and a foreign country. The country has also missed the opportunity to increase the scale of Industrialization and mechanization along with modernization. The development is only possible after doing all these things in randomly for making the country strong and more solid.


The agreement which is done and formatted in the dance bar by watching the girls dance, can acquire the real values and set a goal in the time. The goal needs some period of time to make it outcome according to the strategy if it is implemented and the works are going continuously. But in the context of Nepal, there seems the change in works and projects because of the government change in every nine months. The contractor and investor also depressed to invest more because they don’t achieve even the principal amount, the amount of profit should get wastes.

The party of Nepal can’t be exactly told because there are increment and decrement of the party in Nepal. The party is being moved to the animal and groups of mental there are many parties that take part in the election.

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Some for the party only see in the election, then after, they got vanished and looped.  The party which can make the government change I can be counted on hands. But if we talk about the aggregate amount the party existing in Nepal are more than twenty. There are many parties which come at the time for election only not at all day and all time. But the parties which make the system changes are only a few of them. At ago, there are only two are three parties but now it has been being segmented into the various party.

nepal elections people
Nepal election

There is mostly the leading party which has achieved the great vote and appreciation in the first constitutional election at 2064  is Maoist, but they get peeled and slept in the next election but also acquired the third party position. Nepal is lead by the congress party, they are treated as the hero because they always achieved the high number of seats in the election.

Nepal Election Results — Which Party Will Win in Election 2017 in Nepal?

Let’s talk about the major parties that are expected to win in this election:

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