Nepal – A Country is Called the Land of Temples

This post is about country Nepal, a south Asian country.  नेपाललाई किन मन्दिरहरुको देश भनिन्छ ? This post is providing the questions like which country is called the Land of Temples? Which country is known as the land of temples?

Yes, Nepal is known as the country of land of temples. Nepal is called the land of temples. Here we have some facts about knowing the recognition in the globe. Let’s ready to know the reasons to say Nepal is a country of the land of temples.

We all know that Nepal is a country of Lord Buddha’s  birthplace. Because Lumbini is located in Nepal. We all know that Nepal is a country of Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world. There are many things that are recognition of Nepal. But now we are going to talk about another recognition in the world that is Nepal is a land of temples.

Nepal – Some facts about a Country Nepal

The Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal is locked by Tibet towards North and by India towards East, south and west. So, this is realized as a land locked country, since a longtime. Although there was a religious (mostly Hinduism) conformity since thousands of years.

Let’s have a look about some facts about country Nepal. It helps you to prove the Nepal is a country of land of temples.

Nepal is divided into Development regions. The name of 5 development regions are as follows:

1.    Eastern Development region
2.     Mid Development region
3.     Mid Western Development region
4. Western Development region
5. Far Western Development region


Likewise, Nepali is divided into 14 zones as Administrative division. Like the zones, there are 75 districts in Nepal under these 14 zones. There are more than 4000 Village development Committees under these 75 districts.

Total number of Zones in Nepal: – 14
Total number of Districts in Nepal: – 75
Total number of Village development Committees in Nepal: – 4000 (Approx.)
Landscape of Nepal

Landscape of country Nepal is from east to west.
Climate and Temperature of Nepal

Climate and Temperature of Nepal are on average 5°c to 30°c.
Total Population – 26.4 Million
Altitude – 66m. to 8848 m.
Official Language -Language Script Other Languages. 70 types of dialects and local languages
Ok, these are some facts about country Nepal.

Which country is called the Land of Temples?

Which country is known as the Land of temples?

Nepal – A Country is Called the Land of Temples

If you visit the temples of Nepal around Palace Square, the magnificence of their exquisite architecture and art arouses a kind of internal wonder in us. You will get more than 100 temples around the Palace square only. If you visit the Kathmandu Durbar Square, you will get more than 200 small and big temples around the square only.

If you visit the Pashupatinath temples of Nepal, you will see more than 100 big and small temples inside and around the Pashupatinath temple area. Likewise If you visit the Swayambhunath temple of Nepal, you will get more than 50 temples inside and around the Swayambhunath Stupa area.


Likewise If you go to the Lalitpur Durbar Square or Patan Durbar Sqare, you will be wondered to see the hundreds of temple of Hindus God and Goddess. Last but not least, Likewise If you visit the Bhkatpur Durbar Square of Nepal, you will get more than 100 temples inside and around the Bhaktapur Durbar Square area.

I have visited most of parts of Nepal during some years. I have seen thousands of temple in Nepal.

In ancient time, say, some decades years back, there are more numbers of temples than the households in Kathmandu valley.

At this time, I normally  have a habit of  drawing contemplative ideas from foreign friends. They tell me that our temples and shrines are really valuable and very beautiful. The iconography, the temple architecture, images of Gods and Goddesses, the meaning of shrines   and  the  secrets   of religious  disciplines are  really interesting for research, according to their version. But the only problem is to maintain all these world heritages or national heritage  sites.

This  is  the main  serious  task for Nepalese society, in their opinion. Not only the temples and shrines of God and Goddesses but also the customs, behaviour, life style and the attitude of the Nepalese people are also unique in the sense that they cannot see them in other parts of the world.

Really a foreigner comers enjoy the diversity of Nepal in such a way that a visitor comes to Nepal not to see a new town, a big family doing modernized work, university and the city of new activities, but to have to visit recognition of Shiva, Vishnu, including religions of different communities under the cool shade of the Himalayas and to hills with warm sun light.

They feel better relaxation with the panoramic  view  of  Nepal   with   a  large  number  of rural communities which are scattered everywhere. They know the Nepalese societies have no uncountable wants to make their life always unsatisfied. They always have the satisfaction with limited wants. These rural poor are very rich in wisdom and noble pride.

They made this country a land of temples or a Iand of festivals. Most of the people, more than 80%, depend upon the old agricultural system. They produce a little amount of good crops, fruits and other edible things. In leisure time from agricultural work, they go to the temple to pray or to worship the gods and goddesses. They realize that they have 330 million gods as the herald of the sanatan culture.

Sanatan, meaning Universal, is the word that can be used synonymously with the ultimate  of Hinduism.  The  word  “Hindu”  is  very  closed connected to Hindustan rather than with Nepali or Nepal, the visitor can try to understand the Nepal’s lifestyle, beliefs and the method of worship. This is the ancient value of Nepalese religious philosophy that has been handed down from the past.

Ram janaki Vivah Panchami "Janakpur Nepal"
Activities Inside the Ram Janaki Mandir, Janakpur, Nepal
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