Nepal Child Adoptions – 10 Steps Must Follow When You Are Up For Adopting a Child


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Mother’s day has recently been celebrated by so many people in this world. How blessed are the people to celebrate this day with their mothers? I think it goes both ways when I say celebrating mother’s day. A woman is not a mother until and unless she bears a child. And also a child cannot celebrate mother’s day when he/ she does not have a mother.

Mother’s Day is a festival to tell the mother of the family that you have loved her ever since and you will always love her. The festival is celebrated in the month of March and May. The season does not really matter when you love her the most. It supplements comparative festivals respecting relatives, for example, Father’s Day, Siblings Day, and Grandparents Day. The modern Mother’s day started in the United States, at the activity of Ann Reeves Jarvis in the mid-twentieth century. This isn’t (straightforwardly) identified with the numerous conventional festivals of moms and parenthood that have existed all around the world.

The reason I talk about mother’s day is that there are some women who have been married for a very long time and cannot bear a baby. How bad it sounds when women who have the capability to bear a child cannot conceive a child. She is regarded as a bad omen in some society of Nepal. Sometimes, the condition becomes so worst that some mother in laws tells her son to marry another woman so that the family continues. Women not supporting women. Yes, we are in such world where technology has taken place of a human being but the most intelligent social animals- the human is still having narrowed mind.

After continuous research and different theories that have developed, the concept of adoption has finally come into play. You bear the responsibility of another child as if that is your own child. There are so many children that are not getting what they actually deserve. They eventually lack education and cannot become a good person. They start getting into drugs and criminal activities. And that is how it starts.

The world becomes a bad place because of a child who was always deprived of love. That is why people should start adopting a child and give him all the love and support you can. Yes, the child might not be your blood, may not have your face, but it will certainly have your characters and your teachings. There are so many stories of how a woman is treated badly because she cannot bear a child and there are so many stories of a child who has been treated badly because he or she does not have a mother or might not have the good qualities of how a decent person should always have. The two individual facing a problem that can be solved by one step- by becoming as one family, by being adopted!!

Adoption is a boon to some people where a man takes on the responsibility of the child rearing of another, from that individual’s natural or lawful parent or guardians, and, in this manner, for all time exchanges all responsibilities, alongside filiation, from the real parents. This thing is totally different from bearing a child for sympathy or any self-benefits. The process of adoption is a change that everyone eventually accepts, all things considered, requires societal acknowledgment, either through lawful or religious endorse. To be honest, the process of adoption has been the boon for some of the parents who are trying so hard to conceive yet they are unsuccessful to do anything well.


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Present day frameworks of selection, emerging in the twentieth century, have a tendency to be represented by extensive statutes and directions. While the process of adoption developed in the United States, types of the training showed up all through history. The Code of Hammurabi, for instance, subtle elements the privileges of adopters and the duties of embraced people finally. The act of selection in antiquated Rome is all around reported in the Codex Justinianus.  Uniquely not the same as the cutting edge time frame, antiquated appropriation hones put accentuation on the political and monetary interests of the adopter, giving a lawful apparatus that fortified political ties between rich families and made male beneficiaries to oversee estates.

The utilization of selection by the gentry is all around archived; a large number of Rome’s sovereigns were received, children. Adrogation was a sort of Roman reception which required the aggregator to be no less than 60 years of age.  Baby appropriation amid Antiquity seems uncommon. Deserted youngsters were regularly gotten for subjection and made a critical rate out of the Empire’s slave supply. Roman lawful records demonstrate that foundlings were every so often taken in by families and brought up as a child or little girl.

Other antiquated human advancements, outstandingly India and China, utilized some type of selection too. Proof recommends the objective of this training was to guarantee the progression of social and religious practices; as opposed to the Western thought of broadening family lines. In antiquated India, auxiliary sonship, unmistakably criticized by the Rigveda, proceeded, in a constrained and profoundly ceremonial frame, so an adopter may have the vital funerary rituals performed by a son. China had a comparable thought of appropriation with guys embraced exclusively to play out the obligations of precursor worship.

There are different forms of adoptions and some of them are open and closed adoption!

Open adoption: Open adoption permits distinguishing data to be conveyed amongst supportive and natural guardians and, maybe, cooperation amongst kinfolk and the embraced person. Rarely, it is the outgrowth of laws that keep up an adoptee’s entitlement to unaltered birth testaments and additionally appropriation records, however, such access isn’t widespread (it is conceivable in a couple of purviews—including the UK and six states in the United States.

Open adoption can be a casual game plan subject to end by new parents who have sole care over the youngster. In a few locales, the natural and new parents may go into a lawfully enforceable and official assertion concerning the appearance, trade of data or other communication seeing the child. As of February 2009, 24 U.S. states permitted legitimately enforceable open selection contract assertions to be incorporated into the reception finalization.

Closed adoption: The act of closed adoption (otherwise known as private or mystery adoption), which has not been the standard for a large portion of current history, seals all distinguishing data, keeping up it as mystery and avoiding revelation of the new parents’, natural families’, and adoptees’ characters. By and by, a shut appropriation may permit the transmittal of non-distinguishing data, for example, restorative history and religious and ethnic background.

Today, because of the place of refuge laws go by some U.S. states, mystery reception is seeing the reestablished impact. In alleged “place of refuge” states, newborn children can be left, namelessly, at clinics, fire offices, or police headquarters inside a couple of days of birth, a training censured by some appropriation backing associations as being retrograde and dangerous. Closed adoption, the absence of medicinal history and the broken string of family congruity can detrimentally affect an adoptee’s mental and physical wellbeing. The absence of receptiveness, genuineness and family associations in selection can be hindering to the mental prosperity of adoptees and of their relatives.

After knowing about the basic of adoption, I will now tell you the process of how a child can be adopted! The process of adoption can be beautiful and surprising for everyone too. All you have to do is have some courage and accept the plans and criticism that might come along. Remember that adoption is more than worshipping God and only speaking of good deeds and doing none. Adoption is helping a life to find the true purpose of life. The people involved are emotionally attached to this process. So much to think about and so much to decide on what to do and what not to do. Yes, the feeling is common and it comes in waves and hits you! What if the child does not like me or what if the adopted child turns out to be bad just like in the movies. Do not get me wrong but this stuff really happens.

Let me tell you a story so personal that I know most of the details. Our family is really small and we share almost everything. We gather up at the dining table and talk about all the possible things that we could have done and what we should not have and you know stuff like that. So, my uncle was almost 40 years old and he had always been busy with his works. It is safe to say that he really did not have any time for anything except for his work. My grandmother was really worried him now. Because all the works he does were nothing if he did not have a family. She needed to see the child of her younger son and that was really not possible until he got married! So days had passed and my uncle was not in the mood to get married. So the days had passed and finally after 2 years, he got a girl and he married. But the story does not end here.

The story begins here! So they were both really in works and carrying out business, fulfilling families need and time had really slipped out of hand. She was in her 40s and my uncle was 45 now! My grandmother went crazy about this because there was no hope for a child to be conceived and no hope to see her younger son’s family. She was really upset about this. So out of all this chaos, my uncles’ best friend had been a great support. He suggested my uncle adopt a child so that all the efforts he had carried on his business will come into use and if grandmother accepted this, then the family will be happy again! So my uncle and my aunt had a really long discussion on what to do and what not to!

They agreed that they would adopt a child, raise the child and become a happy family. My aunt was more than stressed. She was emotionally stressed because she is a woman at the end of the day and she wanted a child. So everybody agreed but the decision was up to that one person- my grandmother! My grandmother has always been supportive and always been a step ahead of everyone from her generation. So she said yes! That was the happiest moment, especially for my uncle and aunt. After this, my uncle had consulted some experts and organization who could have helped them with child adoption. And finally, after all the legal documents that had been done, we have bought our little girl home.

When we proposed for adoption, a 2 months old child was given to the Institute for adoption. We never wanted a specific gender, we just wanted someone who could be there for my uncle and aunt in their old age. And we found her!  My aunt was more than happy along with my grandmother who could see that her son and daughter in law were actually happy for the child. We named her Angel because she was a boon to my uncle and aunt! She is now 4 years old and she has brought luck and happiness to my family! My uncle has been suggesting everyone who has been facing the problem of child conception and he has started a program in his office to aware people about child adoption.

Nepal Child Adoptions – 10 Steps Must follow when you are up for adopting a child

So if you want to know more about child adoption then you can follow us through:

There are 10 steps that you must follow when you are up for adopting a child-

1. Do your research first!


And when I say or quote” do your research first”, I mean that you should carry on your job and learn before you take the responsibility of the child. There are also some fraud companies that actually does child trafficking and might “Sell” you the child without you being informed! So when the investigation comes you might get into trouble. Do your research, get the best adoption firm and tell them what your problem is and why do you want a child. The firms are really strict because they are giving their child up for adoption and they do not want any risk.

As an adopting parent, you need to focus on some factors first. Some of them might be:


a. Domestic or international adoption:

The talk is simple here. If you belong to a particular country and you adopt a child for that country then the cost is minimal and that is termed as domestic adoption. But if you want a child of another country of origin, then the cost becomes higher for the formalities and that is termed as international adoption. I have a huge problem with this category, I mean why cannot a childless parent just get the child, why would they need a certain country of origin?

b. Younger or an adult?

This category is for people who want a child of certain age. There are people who want a baby so that the child does not know whether he or she has been adopted or not or for other reasons. There are also people or parents who want an adult child because of their own age or other reasons. Whatever the reason can be, the parents should disclose it to the concerned people.

c. Private or foster?

Private adoption is legally concerned when a person is given all the responsibility of the child. Foster care is when a child has been abused or been left alone because of the parents who are ill or dead.

d. Open, semi, closed:

Open adoption is said to be done when the adopting parents and the birth parents share all the information of the child. This is mainly done during the pregnancy when everything is shared between the parents and nothing is left hidden.

Semi adoption is said to be done when the adopting parents and birth parents share information but do not disclose their identity

Closed adoption is done when no information is shared between the adopting parents and the birth parents.

2. The cost-

Yes, you should be aware of all the hidden charges that you do when you are adopting a child. When you choose the kind of adoption you wish to seek after, it is critical to get a strong comprehension of the costs associated with the procedure. The cost of selection changes relying upon the kind of appropriation you pick, the adoption proficient you pick, the state you live in, the express the Birth Mother lives in, and what the Birth Mother’s pregnancy-related costs may be. Standard charges regularly incorporate (yet are not restricted to): your appropriation expert’s charges, advertising costs related in accomplishing your most noteworthy possibility conceivable in achieving potential Birth Mothers, Birth Mother pregnancy-related costs, home study costs, travel and legitimate costs.

Adoption Network Law Center works intimately with Adopting Parents to enable you to receive your financial plan and accomplish your objective in building or growing your family through selection.

3. The experts:

While looking into different adoption experts, it is imperative for you to comprehend that not all elements give similar administrations in a similar way. Some handle the whole appropriation process, helping you through each progression, while others may just deal with specific parts of it. It is vital that you ask every selection proficient you are verifying to give you an exact format of ALL the costs you will bring about while working with them (regardless of whether those expenses are a piece of their administrations or not). At the end of the day, since Adoption Professional #1’s charges are $20,000 and Adoption Professional #2’s expenses are $30,000 does not really mean Adoption Professional #1 would be the slightest costly choice at last (as there might be different expenses not secured by #1’s administrations).

Make sure to comprehend the contrasts between an adoption office, law focus, and facilitator. Each has advantages and disadvantages of their own and are controlled in an unexpected way. Amid this progression of the procedure, you ought to do your examination, realize what you need, require and expect our of your reception travel, make inquiries and look out for any noticeable signs and dangers amid the reviewing procedure. A few inquiries you’ll need to ask a selection proficient include:

  1. What sort of youngsters does the element put (ages, foundations, and so on.)?
  2. What number of youngsters has the element put in every one of a previous couple of years?
  3. How does the substance discover Birth, Parents?
  4. What criteria does the element use to coordinate Birth Parents with Adoptive Parents?
  5. To what extent, by and large, is the holdup time?
  6. What is the home study and what does it require?
  7. What amount does a finished appropriation cost — altogether and each part?

Imagine a scenario where the selection doesn’t work out and is there any budgetary security gave.

4. Work with the best

After you pick the Adoption Professional you will work with, the time has come to truly start the basis in your selection travel. Your reception expert will request that you round out what appears like an overwhelming measure of printed material (a.k.a. a selection application or survey). This application procedure will have the capacity to guarantee that you meet every one of the necessities to receive before proceeding onward the subsequent stages in the selection procedure. Here is the place you will make your reception design, which is fundamentally similar to building a plan of what your appropriation trip should resemble, mulling over your particular needs, inclinations, and restrictions. You will likewise be making your Adoptive Parent profile, which will be seen by and dispersed to potential Birth Parents. ANLC makes your profile for you in-house, however other selection experts may expect you to either construct your own particular or work with an outside element to do as such.

5. Do your homework:

Each Adopting Parent must finish a home study with a specific end goal to embrace a kid. Regardless of which appropriation proficient, you pick, a home study is directed by a social specialist authorized in your state. The reason for the home study is to instruct you, the Adopting Family, and set you up for the reception. The home study additionally assesses the ability of an Adoptive Family to guarantee they are appropriate to embrace a youngster.

This progression of the appropriation procedure includes the social specialist completely assembling data about the Adopting Parents by going to them at their home, meeting their family, and guaranteeing that the Adopting Parents will give a solid domain to any child or infant or baby. Inquiries that a society will ask to relate to a family foundation, training, work, connections, accounts, and earlier child-rearing encounters. An effective home study brings about an official endorsement for the reception to advance. At times, the social laborer may feel that a supportive situation isn’t to the greatest advantage of the child or infant or baby or family.

6. The best mother for your child:

Contingent upon the sort of appropriation you have picked, you will probably either have the capacity to see a rundown of holding up youngsters (if embracing a more established child or infant or baby) or Birth Parents will choose you out of a rundown of Adoptive Family profiles to receive their infant (in the event that you are embracing a newborn child). Once a Birth Parent chooses you, this appropriation opportunity is introduced to the Adoptive Family (i.e. you) who is then given the decision to acknowledge or dismiss the appropriation opportunity.

On the off chance that acknowledged, the appropriation procedure proceeds onward to the subsequent stages of the procedure before the arrangement of your infant. Usually for a Birth Mother to need to become more acquainted with the Adoptive Parents, so she can feel more certain about the family she’s picked and the life she has imagined for her unborn child or infant or baby. These days, most appropriation experts, including ANLC, energize receptiveness in these selection connections so everybody included can feel certain they are settling on a choice that is best for each side of the selected set of three.

7. Get ready!

Get ready because the time is finally here. Prior to the introduction of your infant, you should consider home planning for your new kid. This implies doing everything required to make another home protected, inviting, and agreeable for another youngster. What home readiness involves can fluctuate contingent on the Adoptive Family, yet there are a couple of regular prerequisites that every single supportive family can get ready:

  1. Kid Friendly Environment: A child­-accommodating home is one that is spotless, precise, and free of plain grown-up stuff, for example, writing, movies, pictures, and enrichment that are wrong for youngsters to see or be near. This is likewise reached out to kid security safety measures taken in the washroom, around stairs if the home has them, storm cellars, lofts, and different rooms where a kid could harm themselves.
  2. Legitimate Supplies: Healthy sustenance, important toiletries, solutions, utensils, and furniture required and intended for kids are an extraordinary method to set up your home for your coming youngster. Obviously, the provisions you buy ought to mirror the age of the kid you’re receiving.

This is additionally the progression of the process where you would, for the most part, tell your nearby family and companions that you are receiving. It is imperative that you, and also those you share your selection with, comprehend that there are sure contrasts between sharing this news as opposed to sharing news about a pregnancy. For instance, some might be enticed to toss you an infant shower. Nonetheless, it is exhorted that you continue with alert, as the reception isn’t last nor secure until the point when the conclusion step. Moreover, you ought to set yourself up for the different kinds of inquiries and responses you will get when sharing your appropriation news.

8. Birth

You will get a telephone call informing you that either the Birth Mother has started giving birth or your child or infant or baby has been conceived. Contingent upon your selection design with the Birth Mother, you might have the capacity to be in doctor’s facility room or sitting tight space for your infant’s introduction to the world. It is vital that you know about what occurs at the clinic previously, amid and after the birth. The ANLC group will guarantee that everything at the healing facility goes as easily as would be prudent, with the goal that you can appreciate the minute you’ve been long sitting tight to hold: your valuable child in your arms.

9. Bring the child home

On the off chance that you are bringing your infant home from another state, you should finish the ICPC (“Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children”) process. Keeping in mind the end goal to legitimately take a youngster starting with one state then to the next, you should agree to the ICPC necessities. This can take somewhere in the range of 8-14 days after birth. When you can bring your kid home, your selection expert (or outsider lawyer) will start the way toward requesting of for your appropriation. When this appeal to is submitted to the court and all vital authoritative documents have been marked and put together without anyone else, the Birth Parents and all gatherings included, it would then be able to by endorsed or denied by the court.

10. The post sessions:

You did it! You’ve achieved the last advance in the appropriation procedure. Gratefully, this is the least demanding advance. A conclusion hearing lawfully finishes the selection procedure and more often than not happens inside 6 to a year after the child or infant or baby is put in your home. Your social laborer or lawyer will tell you of the date and time. The procedure keeps going around 10 to 30 minutes and regularly incorporates you, your embraced youngster, your family’s attorney, and the social specialist who put the kid (assuming any). At this hearing, you, the new parent, are given changeless legitimate guardianship of the received youngster. Toward the finish of the conclusion hearing, you are what ANLC calls, “an eternity family!”If you have any inquiries concerning the selection procedure or how to embrace a child, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us so we can answer the greater part of your appropriation related inquiries and kick you off on your reception travel!


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