Need of Peace in Nepal : Peace Process in Nepal

1. Monitoring the management of arms and armed personnel of the Nepal army and Maoist army.
2. Assisting in the monitoring of ceasefire.
3. Providing technical support for the conduct of the election of a Constituent Assembly in a free and fair atmosphere.

The main distinction between a political mission and other peacekeeping mission lies in the fact that the former has a very limited political mandate to undertake. In case of peacekeeping mission, there will be armed peacekeepers whose mandate may include even use of force under certain circumstances. UN personnel deployed under a political mission as UNMIN are unarmed.

The successful ending of People’ II in April 2006 indeed opened up the avenue for launching peace process in Nepal. In accordance with the mandate, UNMIN assisted in managing and monitoring the armies along with their weapons by cantoning the members of PLA in seven main camps and 21 satellite camps. Although one of the important tasks of holding Constituent Assembly Election is over, the more crucial part of integration, supervision and rehabilitation of the Maoist Army is yet to be completed. In spite of the above mentioned activities, the UNMIN was also criticized for performing routine job only, failing in mobilizing and cooperating political parties, failing in developing contact with the ordinary people, coming in touch with the top leadership of major parties only but pressurize less on them. The UNMIN returned on 15 January 2011.

Need of Peace in Nepal : Peace Process in Nepal

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