20 Latest Facilities, Services & Offers for Customers of Ncell Nepal

17. Sms at ten paisa:

This is the new service launched by the ncell in which you can send your SMS at only 10 paisa. The above amount does not include tax. For activating this service dial *17119# and follow the given instructions. For once dial D1 and for automatic activation dial d only and send to 17119.


For starting this service you have to pay rupees 2 exclusive the tax. From above-given instructions, you can start your service according to your choice. And the great thing is that this service can be used only in ncell users. For another sim, users company charges according to their rule. This service is better for the girlfriend and boyfriend who is in the relationship. This service has brought the new happiness in the relationship of lovers. More gossips and more sharings become easy for the lovers. It has made the bridge of transporting the talk.

Relationship holders share their views and gossips indirectly through SMS. The way of forming the good relationship goes success and bring the lights on the service. because nowadays most of the youth are in the relationship. They mostly used the ncell sim. So that this service has spread the smell on the relationship of gold for the lovers.

18. International calls:

If are traveling abroad or you are in abroad then you can try this service. This service will make you touched with your parents and home. This service enables you to carry your cell phone with your cell number even you are out of you home country. This service will bring the lights of happy in your away feelings. Many of the youth and people are away from their home and they are always in touched with their home and person. Ncell has now made the roaming convenient due to its global network which covers most places you wish to visit. Ncell is increasing their service day by day and touching the every cell phone with Ncell sim.



This service includes

GPRSroaming (data service)
To know the balance dial *101# or *901#
Balance top up: *102#recharge pin code#
(available only for postpaid advance customers)
Let’s know the method of calling
Ncell numbers – +977980/981/981*******
Other networks -+97798*******
Landline number -+977<city code> < phone number>
International number -+<country code><mobile number>

This service is very expensive for the lower class people but it is easy in comparison to international calls charge. But also if you want to activate this service then you have to visit a nearest Ncell service center and fill the roaming activation form and deposit rupees 10000. And this service will be activated for once a week only. If you want to take more benefit of this service then you have again deposit rupees ten thousand and then you will get this service. But if you are away from the reach of customer service center then you can try next other options that are also given below:

You can contact your respective account manager and follow the instructions for roaming activation. And if you want to extend your roaming service, apply similarly with the corresponding amount. Roaming service will automatically deactivate after the one week of activation or on expiry of the extension period.

Self-activation is available for international sim card like the country of India for Airtel India, country of Sri Lanka for dialog Sri Lanka, Malaysia for Telecom Malaysia, Bangladesh for Robi Bangladesh, for Cambodia of smart Cambodia.


This is the bundle of data service that you can purchase and use while you are in roaming. It helps you to control your roaming bills and reduce bills and reduce bill shocks on internet usage. For activating , different data pack are available like as for 25 MB pack you have to pay rupees 2500. For 50 MB pack, you have to pay rupees 4000 and for hundred MB pack you have to pay rupees 6000. All the above rates are exclusives of tax.


For activation of this service, you can dial *17129# select option 2 and follow the instruction given bit them. You can activate thus service before roaming or even when you are in roaming. This service will valid for only one month. If you want to use this service more then you can again activate this service by given instructions.


20. Ncell Roaming Reward:

Make calls while roaming and earn points which you can redeem for flights or hotel service. Ncell roaming reward gives one point per mile for each one minute of the outgoing call. Make sure to register before you roam.


Neighbor country call:

This service is currently launched by the company. And this service has made close the relationship of India and Nepal. Many Nepalese live in India and many Indian lives in Nepal. So there is difficult to talk due to the expensive charges. But this service has made the gossip long on the cell phone. People used to afraid before to call after seeing the roaming charge in international calls. But now with Ncell you can roam in India at the cheap and best rates. But remember this that this service is only applicable in Airtel networks. For the outgoing call to Nepal, the charge is 25 per minute. For outgoing calls in India, the charge is 25 per minute. For the incoming call, you have to pay rupees 25 per minute. But the incoming SMS is free. And for using the internet you have to pay Rs 500 per MB. You can activate by dialing *17127# and follow the instructions to activate the service.

These all are the service of the Ncell which are providing to the users. As it is the one of the reliable company of Nepal this company has no any comments. And the great this is that this company also participates in social work. The great example of the social responsibility forming is shown in the great earthquake of 2072. The company has sent the balance of rupees 20 in every customer. This help has made some relief in the pain of customer. The person is not the hunger of stomach but they are the hunger of good relationship and love.

The treatment in right time only gets right and cure result. If the game finished then there is not the meaning of doing exercise. So playing in time with true effort only makes some achievement. Ncell is touched with all types of people of business class and normal classes. The lifestyle of carrying the cell phone have changed due to the available of Ncell sim. If you see the past, the price of NTC sim was very expensive and only the V.I.P. used to carry the sim and cell phone. But after the establishment of Ncell, the price of the sim have become cheap and nowadays it is available in the price of rupees 50 and hundred only.

The price of NTC sim was very high more than thousand but due to the presentation of Ncell in the Nepalese market, the price of NTC sim has also become cheap. This sim is favorite for the students, farmers and normal class people as it serves the many services regarding the benefit to the customer. So all these are the service and facilities of Ncell user which will make them happy.

happy ncell user

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