20 Latest Facilities, Services & Offers for Customers of Ncell Nepal

13. Notify me:

Where it is not available on the network or you are busy in calling then you get notification of that tried calls or the person whom you want to call has become free and is in the shadow of a network. This service is useful for all the customer, mostly who lives in the back area where it is not available on the network.


This service makes the bridge between the two deals and relatives who they were want to call. If you activate this service then they get the sums of notification that the person is in now in a network. This service also charges some amount of rupees two for week exclusive tax. To activate this service by typing ‘a’ and send SMS to 9944. This service itself goes deactivate at the end of the week.

14. Call forwarding:

This is the service of intelligence. Because this service makes you the informed about all the information and news by missing of calls. When you are busy or out of contact, or your mobile is switched off or you are talking to another one, at that time if the another call came then you can forward all those calls to your next mobile or to next phone. Following are the process of doing this service:


If you are not able to receive the phone then dial **61+97798047…..#
If your mobile phone is switched off or you are out of network then dial **62+97798047…..#
If number is busy then dial **67*977980……#
If you want to forward all these calls then dial **21+97798047….#
You are charged some amount according to the service used by you.


15. Call waiting:

This service gives the information of the another call that is coming on your phone while you are talking to any other. If the another call came then you can listen to the beep tone. For using this service to all calls dial *43# and for deactivating all service in all calls then dial*43#

If you want to know that this service is either activated in my mobile or not then you can dial*#43#

16. Night call:


This service can be used only in a night from 10 pm to six am at only the rate of 0.69 paisa. This service is available for the prepaid customer only. And for another customer, this service is automatically activated. For activating this service dial*1006#. You can activate this service free.

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