20 Latest Facilities, Services & Offers for Customers of Ncell Nepal

8. Data pack :

Ncell is providing the different data packs of daily weekly and monthly. The customer can take all these facilities according to the demand. The daily data pack is valid for one day only, and the monthly data pack is valid for one month. You can choose any one whatever is your choice. The internet user can buy and use the internet facilities in the cheap rate. To buy the data pack dial *17123# and the option came like this :


1. 1-day pack
2. 3-day pack
3. Facebook pack
4. 7-day pack (weekly pack)
5. Unlimited pack

It depends on upon your choice whatever you want to use. After choosing any one options, again the next options came, then again choose anyone and then get the net and use it.

9. Ncell sapati:

This is the most used offer by the customer. And this offer makes the customer relief of recharging at the time of emergency. It avoids the delay Service of seeking the recharge. This offer has made the man dependable at the time of emergency. So mostly the people take this service when the balance ends. The present people have not depended on the recharge. The person can take the saapti at the way while the balance ends at the time of talking. The company charges rupees 2.49 after providing this service.



The company only provides Rs 20 and the amount is deducted in the next recharge. You can also take the Ncell saapti when your balance is less than rupees two. This service had the extra factors than another Ncell service. In the comparison to other Ncell service, this service is more beneficial for the customer. But there is one grievance from the customer that the service charge is too much. As we see in the present situation this offer is somehow less in use due the upcoming of double money back return offer.

10. Purchasing of smartphones:

The company also sells the smartphone of Samsung, apples which have the high price in the market. The company sells those high-class smartphone in cheap rate. The price of apple smartphones is very high in the market because apple is the high brand company of the world. The Samsung smartphones are also high and expensive. Ncell sells the branded mobiles in cheapest rate and gives the facilities of ncell.


The company sells it by giving the Ncell sim and bonus balance, half of the price of smartphones. Apple’s and Samsung mobiles are mostly sold by the customer service center of Ncell. The profit is earned by giving of service with the sale of mobile phones. In the every customer service center, there is kept the service of purchasing and buying of smartphones. In every sale of smartphones, company gifts some t-shirt or any watches.

The customer also feels comfortable and easy to purchase the high class and expensive smartphone in cheap rate from the one of the reliable company. The customer gets extra facilities if he or she purchase the smartphones in the Ncell service center. The customer gets the bonus balance of more than 10000 rupees and gets data pack for the internet and also the number of SMS and MMS. The customer also free from the more charging of money in the shop. The greatest telecommunication company of Nepal is always in the path of satisfying their customer by providing more and more offers and service.

11. Unstructured supplementary service data (USSD) :


This offer is started for the exchanging of data between customer and operator. You can also achieve this service by dialing *900#. Then the service menu comes.

12. Bonus in recharge :

Ncell gives many facilities to their customer. This is also the greatest offer to the customer of Ncell. The bonus is received after recharging the cards of 100. You can’t get the bonus in fifty rupees recharge. The bonus facilities are given in only in recharge of more than fifty that mean starting of hundred. Rupees 10 is given balance after doing the recharge of hundred. Rupees 20 is given bonus after the recharge of rupees two hundred.



Rupees fifty is given bonus balance after doing the recharge of five hundred. And rupees hundred is given the bonus balance after doing the recharge of thousand . The bonus balance has to spend in the first week of doing recharge. The bonus balance depends on upon the time period of using the Ncell sim. If you are using this sim from the establishment of a company then you will get more balance than the new customer. The company has differentiated the customers according to the age of the sim card. The balance and the different new offers are mostly given to the old users.

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