Communication between people nowadays has become more easy and fast to share ideas and views. The passing of time is making the man changes too according to the technology and lifestyle. People of the present have become more passionate about the new product, new technology, and new brands. The value of money is going decreased day by day. And the passion and hobby of people are going increased day by day. People wants to enjoy the life fully.

They want to share their new achievement and happiness to the people. The sharing of ideas and views among the people makes man proudly in the eye of people and neighbors. The great competitors don’t take rest in the race of achieving big and something great. So is the new age of people, they want a new product in the market, demand new facilities in the product and wish new offer in the products.

All facilities of Ncell for a customer can be defined as the new offer for a customer. As we know that the Ncell is the old and very lovable telecommunication company of Nepal. At early time, Ncell has started on the name of Mero Mobile, later on, it became famous as Ncell after the new founder. Ncell is only the sim company which have touched about 80% of mobile and serving the service to 80% of people of Nepal. As it is the old company, Ncell launched many facilities and offer for their customer even every week and every month.

Ncell sim is carried by all the lower, medium, and high-class people. But according to the report, Ncell sim is mostly carried by the lower and higher class people and very few by higher class people. The facilities of Ncell have unlimited and services is also very fast. To know the more information about any disturbance and offer, you can call Ncell customer number i.e. 9005 and you can ask and share your question. And lastly, you get the response or information from customer help desk. Ncell is proving the fast service to their user by opening the customer service center all over the Nepal. Its head office is located in the Baneshowr, ktm, Krishna tower.

But nowadays this Ncell company has bought by the Japanese company, but organizing in the partnership of Nepalese too. The Ncell user is satisfied by the company as it provides and launches new offer time to time. Ncell also provides different job vacancy for Nepalese.

20 Ncell Nepal Latest Facilities, Services & Offers for Customers and Users

Let us talk the facilities of Ncell that is providing to the users:

1. Double money return (Dobbar paisa back):

It is the latest facilities of Ncell for their users. This offer means that the users get double after spending the money. If the customer spends Rs. 10 then they will get Rs. 20 in return. This festival has made the user comfortable and less expenditure. The user always doesn’t have money in their pocket to recharge. So this offer has made the customer some relief for buying recharge. Everyone wants to earn much but spends too little. They want to save more. But this offer has one criticism that this offer ends on every night at 12’o clock. As this offer provides great happy to the customer, the company should extract this offer some boundary.



This offer is valid for only 12 hours. As if you spend Rs. 10 then you get Rs. 20 in return, but you have to spend this all 20 rupees up to twelve o clock at night. If you fail to spend, the money goes wastes and offer ends and starts for another day when you spend again at talking or spending by using a net. This offer simply says that spend as you can and we will give you double return on the base of your spending. This offer is freely activated after dialing 17124. The bonus balance can be spent by calling, SMS, or using the internet. This offer is valid for the certain period that is from 2073/6/13 to 2073/9/13. So hurry up for taking the more and more benefit of this offer. But remember the great thing that this offer can be used by the prepaid customer only. The company has given approval for the prepaid customer only.

2. Caller ring back tone (CRBT) :

This is the oldest facilities of Ncell but also very famous. This offer means the tone that rings at the time of incoming the calls. The song or the dialogues or some love story rings while calling to someone if he or she had activated the caller ring back tone service. This service is opened mostly by some high-class people. But it has no limitation that only high people can take this service. Some love dialogues and film song which became famous in the market, that are given as the caller ring back tone.


This service charges Rs.13 rupees for activation for one month only. If you keep continuing this service then every month your amount is deducted. Once you activate this service you can’t deactivate in one monthly. If you do so you have to pay for one month. But this offer provides entertainment and enjoyment for a customer.

3. Missed call notification:

This offer makes the user knowing the invisible events and information early. This offer gives the notification to the users that someone is calling you or wants to call you. It signifies and gives the user information when someone wants to call someone, but due to some disturbance and network problem call is not available. At that time the missed call notification arrives in the called users to whom they want to call so that they know that he or she wants to call me. It also means that the person is in danger or in some problem so that they can call to him and make the sweet talk to their owners. The company charges Rs. 2 for the week. This offer of a company is also very fruitful to the customer. If you want to activate this service for the month then you have to spend more than rupees 8. This amount does not include tax.


For activating this service type ‘a’ and send SMS to 9191. And to deactivate this service ,if you feeling uncomfortable then dial ##002#. But this service is fully free for the postpaid customer.

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