Makalu – Barun National Park and Conservation Area



This is the only park surrounded by conservation area. The park was established in 2049 B.S. (1992 A.D.) in the heart of the eastern Himalayan as the first park and conservation area to include and adjacent inhabited conservation area as a buffer. Its area is spread over the altitude of about 435 meters to the summit of Mt. Makalu (8463 m.). The total area of this park is 1500 sq. km. this park is spread Sankhuwasahbaha and Solukhumbu districts of Sagarmatha zone. River Arun in the Sagarmatha national Park in the west, Chomolangma Natural Reserve of china in the north and Saune Danda (Hills) in the south lie in this region. Barun valley treasures some of the last remaining pristine forest and alpine meadows of Nepal. This park is 435 meter above sea level, This also called the park of rare vegetation and animals. Various kinds of rhododendron flowers are found here.

Most of its park are remote and covered with snow. The park contains two small settlement and seasonal (mobile) holding in high pastures. It has steep land topography. This park is the storehouse of various types of living creatures, rare herbs and useful vegetation. Various kinds of religiously important juniper, perfumed shrubs and delicate wil flowers are found here. Gobresalla, Thingresala, Bhojpatra, rhododendron, Arkkhauli, Phirphire, Purbeli champa are found in the coniferous forests of hilly belt.

The area of Makalu-Barun conservation is 830 squ. Kms. Various kinds fo wild flowers and platns are found here. There are hundreds of species of Sungabha flowers, 48 species of wild rose and 25 species of flowering vegetation out of total 30 species found in Nepal. Birds and animal of different species are found here. This is the habitat of some endangered wild animals like red panda, musk deer, ghoral, Himali thar, polar leopard etc. it is estimated that about 400 species of birds including 16 scarce species are also found here.

Communities of Rai, Sherpa, and Shingsawa (Bhotia) farmers are living around the park.

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