National Heroes / Personalities / Luminaries of Nepal

10. Motiram Bhatta: national luminaries of Nepal

  • Birth: 1923 BS
  • Place of Birth: Kathmandu
  • Death: 1953 BS

Contributions of Motiram Bhatta: Motiram Bhatta is known as the ‘Yuba Kabi’ which means the youth poet. He was the one who introduced Bhanubhakta to Nepalese society. He collected the poems written by Bhanubhakta and published them.

Motiram Bhatta has written many poems and Gajals in the Nepali language. He established the printing press in Nepal. He printed the Rarrtayari written by Bhanubhakta and made them available to the Qommoti popple. He died at an early age of 30.

moti-ram-bhatta name of national heroes luminaries personalities of Nepal pictures photosAlthough Motiram Bhatta died young at the age of 30, he left a number of praise-worthy works. Credit goes to Motiram for introducing and popularizing Bhanu Bhakta Acharya’s works. He also identified Bhanubhakta as being the first poet of Nepal; literature. Motiram is also known as Yuba Kabi (the young poet). He is also refuse to as a Shringgarik Kabi for his highly sensuous love poems.

He not only made Bhanubhakta Acharya popular but also served the Nepali literature significantly. He collected the works of Bhanubhakta and published them. He also wrote Bhanubhakta’s biography, gajals, poems, stories and essays and made Nepali literature rich. He was the one to introduce ‘Gajal’ in Nepali literature.

11. King Tribhuvan: national luminaries of Nepal

Birth: 1963 BS

Place of Birth: Kathmandu


Death: 2011 BS

Contributions of King Tribhuvan: He played a very active role to end the Rana rule in Nepal. He risked his life and throne and fled to Delhi to support Anti-Rana Movement. He returned to Nepal on 7th Falgun 2007 BS after the end of Rana Rule.

He is believed to have played a crucial role in the inception of Prajaparishad, the first political party of Nepal. He took part in the democratic movement against the Rana regime. He is credited with introducing democracy in Nepal.

In short, before king Tribhuwan, there was autocratic Rana rule in Nepal. He played a vital role in ending the Rana regime. He joined hands to overthrow the Ranas. He is also known as father of democracy.

12. Shankhadhar Shakha: national personalities of Nepal

sankhadhar-sakhwa name of national heroes luminaries personalities of Nepal pictures photosSankhadhar Sakhwa was the founder of Nepal Sambat. It is said that Sankhadhar freed the people of Kathmandu from their debt during the rule of Raghav Dev.

It is believed that Shankadhar Shakhwa made the country debt-free by paying of people’s debt from his personal means or effort. He was a businessperson and a social worker. It is said that he collected gold from the sand from Bishnumati River and earned money.

He was the founder of Nepal Sambat, which was started on 20 Oct 879 (1/2 Kartik 936BS). He was a businessman and social worker. According to another belief, he was a great merchant in Tibet, where he earned sufficient money and paid off the debt of country and people.

It is said that he collected gold from the sand of Bishnumati River and paid off the peoples debt during the rule of Raghav Dev and a new era started to commemorate this event. To mark such an occasion of freedom, a new era of Nepal Sambat was introduced in 937 BS during the reign of king Raghabdev. Sankhadhar Sakhwa’s name was included in the list of “National Heroes” from 1999 AD.

13. Kirat Mahaguru Falgunanda: national personalities of Nepal
  • Birth: 1942 BS
  • Place of Birth: Ham
  • Death: 2005 BS

Contributions of Kirat Mahaguru falgunanda: He is renowned as Mahaguru (the great teacher) especially among the Limbus. He is remembered for his outstanding socio-cultural and religious messages in the Limbu ethnicity. His one message is practice no animal sacrifice, since this sacrifice (taboo) raises social expenditures on celebrations; like birth, wedding and funeral.

His further messages are: eliminate social orthodoxies, run the school for children, give literacy and awareness to children through their mother tongue. He stressed on education because he believed that it brings knowledge and washes one’s heart clean, which leads to emancipation that helps to realize God. In his philosophy, there can be no better friend than love and non-violence.

falgunanda name of national heroes luminaries personalities of Nepal pictures photosHe was born in Ilam in 1942 BS. The great Chumlung (assembly) of Kirats was called by him in 1988 BS. He was against the use of alcohol and animal sacrifice in religious shrines. He urged the Kirat people to get educated and not to discriminate between a son and daughter. He died in 2005 BS at the age of 63. He was declared national luminary on 16th Mangsir 2066 BS.

14. Prithvi Narayan Shah: national luminaries of Nepal

  • Birth: 1779 BS
  • Place of Birth: Gorkha
  • Death: 1831 BS

Contributions of Prithvi Narayan Shah: He was the king of Gorkha. During his rule, Nepal was divided into small kingdoms called baise and cause Rajya. At the same time, British were ruling in India and wanted to conquer Nepal. Prithvi Narayan Shah unified all the small kingdoms and made Nepal a strong kingdom. So he is called the founder of Modern Nepal. He saved Nepal from British invasion.

Prithvi_Narayan_Shah name of national heroes luminaries personalities of Nepal pictures photosPrithvi Narayan Shah unified the then-divided nation of Nepal. Therefore, he is considered to be the founder of modern Nepal. He spent his entire life for the country. mainly building a unified and larger nation. Originally, the king of Gorkha, Prithvi Narayan Shah annexed small principalities into one sovereign state.

He extended Nepal’s territory toward the east, and his successors extended it to Kumaun in the west. His heart was filled with patriotism. He was a brave warrior and a skilled organizer, he was equally farsighted and industrious.

always dreamt of a greater, prosperous and glorious country. He protected the nation from the East India Company. His policies and ideas about nationality, self-reliance, and foreign relations a collected in the book called Dibyopadesh (the great teaching). More about King Prithivi Narayan Shah

15. Araniko: national luminaries of Nepal

Araniko’s real name was Balabahu. He is also known as Balabahu. He was a great architect and genius of his time. At the age of 27, in 1243AD, at the invitation of the Chinese Emperor Kublai Khan, he lead a team of 80 architects to build a Golden Stupa in Tibet.

In fourteen century BS, he led a group of 80 artists to China on the invitation of a Chinese emperor, Kublai Khan. Under his leadership, several monasteries of pagoda style were built in Tibet. Being highly impressed by his skill, he was invited to the palace of Emperor Kublai Khan in Beijing.

He built many temples and monuments in Tibet and China. He built a number of pagoda style monasteries, stupas, temples and houses in China and made China rich in art and architecture. Among them. Sweta Pagoda (the white pagoda) of Beijing is the most famous one.


He helped spread Nepali culture and architecture in China as well as in East Asia. He settled down in China. Among his works, the White Pagoda and the archway of Yung Tai can still be seen in China. He was given the title of Ming hoi (talent of far excellence). Chinese people fondly called him “Araniko” (meaning womanly face) and Minghoi (meaning talented and skilled person).

16. Pasang Lhamu Sherpa: Nepali national heroes of Nepal

pasang lhyamu sherpa name of national heroes luminaries personalities of Nepal pictures photos

Birth: 2018 BS

Place of Birth: Solukhumbu

Death: 2050 BS

Contributions: She is the first Nepalese women to have climbed the summit of Mt. Sagarmatha (Mt. Everest). She climbed it on 10th Baisakh 2050 BS. She died while returning from the summit of Sagarmatha. She proved that Nepalese women also can do a great and brave work. She encouraged all the Nepalese women to be brave. She spread the name and fame of our country in the world.

She is the first Nepalese woman to climb Mount Everest in 2050 BS. She did it on 10th Baisakh 2050 BS. She was buried by an avalanche and died on her way back from the summit.

Her life is an extraordinary example of courage and determination. Unfortunately, she died caught in an avalanche while descending from the summit. She displayed an uncommon bravery and has become an inspiration for Nepali women name and fame of our country in the world.

She is a true model of dedication and commitment. Her life inspires all Nepali women to undertake great challenges and risks in life.

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