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Benefits of a national anthem

Before we jump into the topic, we should know what a national anthem is. What exactly is a national anthem? Why do we need it? What is its use? These are some of the general questions that everyone should know.

Well, the national anthem is a national song, a patriotic song that represents or sums up everything about a nation and its citizens, their histories and tradition. This is what a national anthem is. A song which defines a country and its citizens.

A song which gives an introduction to a nation and its citizens.  A national song which holds so much significance to their respective nations.  National anthems are generally played during different, festival, occasions and events.

It has now come up lively in the sporting events as well. We can often see the players singing their national anthem in the field before the game.

Every nation has their own different national anthems. We all sing our national anthem with pride and respect. It is just like the national flags, we never disrespect the national anthem we never should.

So now let’s bring back our topic, benefits of a national anthem. Well, we just cannot point out the specific benefits of a national anthem. However, we can just try to generalize it. There are certainly some of the benefits of a national anthem.

Helps to unite the citizens.

Generally, we can say that a national anthem helps to unite the citizens. A national anthem makes everyone come together and sing it with pride. However, it helps to develop a unity amongst the citizens.


Introduction of a nation, its citizens, and their tradition.

A national anthem is a definition of a country and its citizens. It helps to introduce a nation to its citizens and their traditions. A representation of what a particular country is all about.

Help to understand culture and tradition

A national anthem sumps up and represents a culture and tradition of a nation in a single song. So the national anthem might help them to understand their culture and tradition or just provides an idea of their culture.

Ignite patriotism

Well generally, its one of the purpose of a national anthem but it can still be considered as one of the benefits of the national anthem. A national anthem is one strong patriotic song of any particular nation.

We can often find people singing their national anthems together with full pride and respect it might also help to ignite patriotism within its citizens.

So a national anthem holds a great significance. It is one of the representations of a particular nation. We can often see the sports players singing the national anthem before the game in the field.

The fans who come up to watch their game sings the anthem along with them as well.They sing with all pride and respect. This shows how many bonds a national anthem can create among its citizens.

So there is no doubt that a national anthem holds a great significance for each and every country and their respective citizens.

An Essay on National Anthem Song Of Nepal

The National  Anthem  of  Nepal  was  written  by poet  Pradeep  Kumar  Rai  and  the music  was  composed  by Amber  Gurung.  The  National  Anthem  means  ‘Made  up  of  hundred  flowers’  as  said  in  nepali ‘Sayau  thunga  phool  ka  hami.’


The National  Anthem  of  Nepal  has  captured  the  true  essence  of  the  nation.  Pradeep  Kumar  Rai(also known as  Byakul  Maila) has written  it so  beautifully  by  defining   the  various  culture, religion, tradition followed by different people, natural  geography  of   Nepal, land  topography  and  the  land  of  brave  Gurkhas.

Nepal  is  rich  in  natural  resources  and  it  is  the  most  amazing  place to  travel.  The  national  anthem  simply  praises  the  Nepalese  sovereignty ,unity ,courage,  pride,  scenic  beauty, the progress  of Nepalese  people  and  the  country  with  peace  and  respect.

Generally, a  patriotic  song  sung  by  people  to  represent  the  progress  that  the  country  has  been  doing  and  the  various  wars  that  it  has  been  into  and  realm  the  creation  of  the  nation  is lastly  stated  as  National  Anthem. Hence, National  Anthem  speaks  about  the  country  and  its  citizens  in  general.

The  National  Anthem  of  Nepal  represents  Nepal  as  one  of  the  most  beautiful  place and  peaceful  country  in  the  world. The  use  of  National  Anthem  in  different  sectors  like Sports, School  Assembly, Cinemas, Diplomatic  visits,  radio  and  television  sectors,  the parliamentary  meetings, national  holidays  like democracy  day, independence day, republic day, court  and  the inauguration  of  programs  needs  the  presence  of  playing  or  singing  national  anthem.

The  national  anthem  should  be  played  in  sports  events  whether  it  is  occasionally  or  internationally.  Having  played  the  national  anthem  during  the  beginning  of  game  helps  to  motivate  the  players  in  building  up  their  confidence  and  motivating  them  towards  winning  the  match.

Likewise  at  the  school  assembly,  the  national  anthem  provides  patriotism  inside  the  students.  It  also  makes  the  students  proud  of  their  country.  Also singing  the  national  anthem  at  the  cinemas  is  common  in  our  country  as  it helps  to  motivate  the  citizens  to  support  the  national  movie  industries.

During  the  diplomatic  visits, singing  national  anthem  helps  in  giving  highly  respects  for  the  both  of  the  nations  for  establishing  cordial  relations  between  them.  In  radio  and  television  stations  the  national  anthem  must  be layed  before  starting  any  function  or  program  as  it  reflects  the  national  pride.

It  is  mandatory  to  sing  or  play  the  national  anthem  before  the  parliamentary  meetings  as  the  parliamentary  meeting s  are  started  only  by  singing  or  playing  the  national  anthem.  Playing  the  national  anthem  during  the  national  holidays  helps  to  ignite  the  sense  of  patriotism  in  the  citizens.

In  court,  the  national  anthem  is  played  to  respect  the  Nepalese  laws  and  policies.  Many  annual  programs  or  functions  only  start  after  playing  the  national  anthem. Thus, these  are  only  mentioned  to  unite  people  and  build  a  sense  of  patriotism  in  them.

A  country’s  National  Anthem depicts  the  nation.  It  doesnot  evoke  violence  but  it  invokes  the  sense  of  freedom  and  patriotism  and  has  a  positive  impact  on  the  citizens.  It  makes  the  citizens  more  humble  and  positive  towards  the  nation.


National  Anthem  inspires  feelings  and  loyalty,  devotion  and  create  a  sense  of  pride  towards  the  culture  and  identity.  National  Anthem  is  used  to  create  peace  and  harmony  in   the  country. Precisely  what  is  a  national  anthem  afterall?

National  anthem  is  a  national  song,  a  patriotic  song  that  gives  introduction  to  a  nation  or  its  citizens.  It  also  represents  the  histories  and  traditions  of  the  nations. National  anthems  are  never  disrespected  and  we  never  should  disrespect   the  national  anthem.

We  should  sing  the  national  anthem  with  pride  and  respect.  a  national  anthem  holds  so  much  significance  to  its  nation .  However, national  anthem  helps  to  develop  unity  among  each  other.  We  should  also  generalize  the  specific  benefits  of  national  anthem  and  try  respecting  in  every  way  we  can  and  we  should  sing  it  with  pride.

A national  anthem  is  a  definition  of  a country.  Thus a representation  of  a  country  is  what  national  anthem  is all  about.  National  anthem helps  to  understand  the  culture  and  tradition and  sums  up  all  the  cultural  and  traditional  values  in  a  single  song.

National  anthem  helps  to  ignite  the  patriotism  among  the  citizens  and  building  up  a  good  relation  among  themselves  as  well.  Every  country  has  its  own national  anthem.  National  anthem  is  sung  before  all  the  formal  programmes.

Every  country  has  its  own  national  anthem  in  their  own  language.  Our  national  anthem  is  written  in  Nepali  language.  A  patriotic  person  values  the  national  anthem  in  every  way  possible  and  respects   it  with  his  own  heart.

National  anthem   of Nepal has a cultural background as  a garland of Nepalese  race.  National anthem explodes national pride in  people  and  unite  the  whole  country  by  motivating  the  people  to  do  good  for  the  whole  nation. National anthem  also  has  the  struggle  of  people  as  its  historical  background.

The  National  Anthem  celebrates  the  unity  and  strength  among  the  people  who  follow  the  nation  with  pride  and  sincerity. Nepal’s  National  anthem has  the  first  line  expressed  as  the  one  feeling  that  comes  from  different  cultural  background  each  with  different  vibrant  and  thoughts  for  the  country.

We  should  be  proud  of  our  national  anthem  for  how  the  beautiful  words  has  a  strong  meaning  and  it  should  be  respected  by  all.

The  national  anthem  imposes  the  independency  and  the  progression  that  the   nation  has  been  doing  and  the  verses  composed  in  the  national  anthem  says  ‘Long  Live  Nepal’.  There  are  altogether  47  words  in  the  national  anthem and  all  the  words  and  stanzas  describe  the  Nepalese  sovereignty.

The   national  anthem  was  adopted  on  3rd  of   August,2007.  The  national  anthem  represents  Nationality  as  an  important  aspect  for  respecting  and  encouraging  the  youths  towards  the  nation.  The   National  anthem  needs  to  be  sung   everyday  for  a  good  verse  of  nationality  to  build  up  the  citizens  in  a  good  way.

This  newly  adopted  national  anthem  includes  even the  poorest  people  across  the  nation  who  have  helped  in  building  up  the   nation  into  a  whole.  Lastly, the  national  anthem  plays  a  great  role  in  existing  the  nationality  and  respect  among  the  people.  Hence  it  should  be  respected.

Writers: Mazida Bunu, Rijhan Maharjan & Asha Gautam

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