Nataraja, The Lord Of The Dance, Is The Most Famous Avtar Of Lord Shiva

Everything about dancing Shiva Nataraja: – Every human being always wonders as how the existence came into being! Is the whole of the universe made of energy particles that abide by the rules of matter and energy? Or is it still impossible to know the intrinsic nature of the universe and existence in its entirety?

There are a lot of philosophies attached to these questions with no perfect answer and yet there have come sages and saints who have clearly expressed that everything is as simple as it is complex in nature. It is all about feeling this wonderful cosmos dance within yourself.

What does cosmic dance means?

One of the mythological testimonies apparently says that the dance of Shiva created the universe and the equal dance in an exclusive shape can wreck it as well.

Dance, here, is a form of electricity that vibrated at some point of the cosmos when Shiva have become the “Nataraja” the preliminary word “nata” refers to bounce and the next phrase raja method lord. So, Shiva is also called the dancing lord.

Nataraja Dancing Shiva Statue Image

Nataraja Dancing Shiva Statue Image

In yogic technology, it’s far believed that the complete of cosmos exists on the lap of Shiva (Shiva is equal to nothingness, which is why its miles known as “that which isn’t”).

Moreover, the Nataraja shape of Shiva denotes the cyclic nature of the cosmos and it additionally indicates how the whole of the universe is in the form of a dance, an ecstatic dance.

The universe appears to be an unattainable random chaotic phenomenon that can’t be defined with the aid of good judgment or with a highbrow information. This is fantastically expressed by using carl Jung who once said that “in all chaos, there is a cosmos, in all disease a mystery order”.


Therefore, even though existence appears to be unintentional, erratic, unsystematic and arbitrary, a close and deeper observe it feels that it’s miles more systematic and planned than whatever else we could ever find out.

Similarly, the cosmic dance of Shiva is sacred and in absolute geometry, not just mere random actions of the body, but a perfect dance with the aid of a perfect dancer.

Scientists the world over, additionally postulate that the entire of life is nothing but the dance of strength debris in distinctive forms. For this reason, corresponding to this introduction with a superlative dance shape that is mystical, transcendent and stunning in its nature.

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This thrilled as well as blissful dance, done by the overjoyed and comfortable dancer lord Shiva, is known as Lasya and Tandav, one associated with the advent of the sector and the latter associated with the destruction of all the matters that face up to the evolution of a being to a better opportunity.

The statue of Nataraja is described in many Hindu textbooks. Additionally, the chola dynasty had constructed a bronze sculpture of this form of Shiva with specific info and preparations taken from the diverse Hindu texts, which now stands at the la county museum of artwork.

What does Nataraja pose symbolize?

The Nataraja pose of lord Shiva has the following vital features and attributes:

The Nataraja pose of lord Shiva has the following vital features and attributes:

  1. This artwork shows Shiva standing on his left leg and uplifting his proper one with appreciate to the natya shastra pose at the same time as dancing in severe ecstasy.
  2. In his left hand on the lower back, he holds Agni (fireplace) representing the forces of advent as well as destruction, the front hand is in the elephant hand mode also known as the Gajahasta mudra or inside the stick hand mode also known as the Dandahasta mudra.
  3. The hand within the front is wrapped round with a snake which depicts Abhaya or fearlessness and the other hand on the again holds the Damaru, within the Damaruhasta mudra, which denotes time and rhythm.
  4. The alternative frame parts of Shiva inside the Nataraja pose just like the arms, neck, face, ankles, head, ear lobes, and so on. Is embellished with symbolic objects that have their very own significance.
  5. Shiva, on this position, is likewise visible with three eyes representing the solar, the moon and the other 1 eye is the attention of wisdom. He is also visible smiling, portraying that despite being on this colossal active shape, he is still calm and blissed out from the internal.
  6. He is proven status on a lotus pedestal and is surrounded by using a circle of flame which symbolises the cosmos. This arch of flames is also referred to as parba mandala which, in Hindu mythology, represents the cyclic existence of life which creates and consumes the entirety.
  7. The statue also suggests Shiva lifting his left leg, and balancing himself on his right one over a dwarf demon Apasmara purusha who symbolises lack of knowledge and evil. Accordingly, crushing down the word “lack of information is bliss” that’s regularly used to solace oneself and others around. However, you cannot ignore your existence, right?

The magnificent cosmic dance performed by lord Shiva is supposed to be the basis as well as foundation of energy from where it all started. It signifies the rhythm of life that one needs to flow with to know the cosmos, to know the ultimate and to know oneself from the core.

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Also, it has been repeatedly said by many yogis that life, the self, and the cosmos are a part of the same design and that it is only about discovering the dance, flow, and rhythm of life which can tie everyone with the help of ultimate cosmos power.

By Saugat Thapa