Other Terms or Names of Bhai Tika

There are several local names of Bhai Tika, the beautiful Nepali  festival that flourishes, making happiness, cherishes and strengthen the sanctity of pious bond shared between a daju bhai (brothers) and didi bahini (sisters).

These local names of Bhai Tika reflect the differences in the cultural or tradition scenario in the various geographical places where the bhai Tika festival is celebrated.

At some locations, Bhai Tika celebrations all over the Nepal is the spirit of the festival. Brothers and sister (Daju Bhai and Didi Bahini) all over the south Asian country Nepal eagerly await to meet the siblings and share the sweetness of their relationship between brothers and sisters.

As we all know that Bhai Tika is celebrated 5th day or say last day of the Tihar or dipawali or diwali festival of Hindu, falls on the Ashoj or Kartik.

Other Terms or Names of Bhai Tika

Get the alternative names of bhai tika, the last day of tihar festival of Nepal. These are the names and terms used for bhai tika festival.

  1. Bhai Phota
  2. Bhai Dooj
  3. Bhai Duj
  4. Bhau Dooj
  5. Bhau Duj
  6. Bhardutiya
  7. Bhaiduitya
  8. Bhaiya dooj
  9. Bhaiya Duj
  10. Bhathru Dwithiya
  11. Bhatri Ditya
  12. Bhaubeej/ Bhav Bij
  13. Yamadwitheya

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