Life Insurance Companies in Nepal


List of Life Insurance Companies in Nepal

Here is name list of Life Insurance Companies in Nepal. Insurance Companies in Nepal are playing vital roles to collect money in the state. Nepal has many nationalized and private Insurance Companies. There are 15 Life Insurance Companies of Nepal. There are enlisted 15 lists of licensed Life Insurance Companies of Nepal.

These are top Life Insurance Companies of Nepal. These are not only top 10 life insurance companies in Nepal. These are not only the top 5 Life Insurance Companies of Nepal. It may include the best Life Insurance Companies of Nepal.

Human life is full of risks and uncertainty. Each and every step of life is full of risks. We can not eliminate risk. However, we can make provision for financial security against risk. Insurance is the means to get financial security against risk.

Insurance is a way of reducing the uncertainty of the occurrence of an event. Insurance is an investment, from which we get a return only when a certain loss occurred from the predetermined incident.

“Insurance has been defined as a plan by which a large number of people have associated themselves and transfer to shoulders of all, risks to attach individuals. J.H. Magee”

Insurance plays a very important role in the modern economy. It provides financial security of life and property of the business and private owners. The insurance helps the business owner labor, as well as people, feel security against future unexpected risks.

Insurance has a wide scope in the modern world. There are varieties of insurance policy available in Nepal to secure different types of risks. There is generally two types of life insurance provided by insurance companies in Nepal. One is life insurance and another is nonlife insurance. check here List of Life Insurance Companies in Nepal


The life insurance business that has a nearly six-decade-old history in Nepal has witnessed significant growth in recent years. Rastriya Beema Sansthan provides both life and non-life insurance services.

The main challenge of Life Insurance Companies in Nepal is to make aware the people about the importance of life insurance. Why should people be insured? Life Insurance Companies in Nepal is very fair and the Government Authorized Institution always monitors all the insurance companies in Nepal.

Here is the List of Life Insurance Companies in Nepal. If you have not got insurance, compare life insurance companies and get life insurance in one of them.

These are the American life insurance company limited (Alico), Asian life insurance company, Gurans life insurance company limited. Life insurance Corporation (Nepal) limited. National life insurance Company limited. Nepal life insurance Company limited.

NLG insurance company limited. Prime life insurance Company limited. Rastriya Beema Sansthan. Surya life insurance Company limited. All the detail with List of Life Insurance Companies in Nepal based on name, year established, head office, fax no. phone no. links etc are given below: Here is the name List of Life Insurance Companies in Nepal.

Name list of Life Insurance Companies in Nepal

1. American life insurance company limited (Alico)

2. Asian life insurance company

3. Gurans life insurance company limited.

4. Life insurance corporation (Nepal) limited.

5. National life insurance company limited.

6. Nepal life insurance company limited.

7. Prime life insurance company limited.

8. Rastriya Beema Sansthan

9. Surya life insurance company limited.

10. I.M.E. Life Insurance Company Limited
श्री आइ.एम.ई लाइफ इन्स्योरेन्स कम्पनी लिमिटेड

11. Jyoti Life Insurance Company Limited
श्री ज्योति लाईफ इन्स्योरेन्स कम्पनी लिमिटेड

12. Union Life Insurance Company Limited
श्री यूनियन लाइफ इन्स्योरेन्स कम्पनी लिमिटेड

13. Sun Nepal Life Insurance Company Limited
श्री सन नेपाल लाइफ इन्स्योरेन्स कम्पनी लिमिटेड


14. Reliance Life Insurance Limited
श्री रिलायन्स लाइफ इन्स्योरेन्स लिमिटेड

15. Reliable Nepal Life Insurance Limited
श्री रिलायबल नेपाल लाइफ इन्स्योरेन्स लिमिटेड

16. Union Life Insurance Company

                     Life Insurance Companies Of Nepal

Human life is full of risk. So, humans want to make insurance to get relief from such risk. Insurance is a way which provides security to the person and his property.

It is the shifting of the risk of insured to the insurer in consideration of a nominal cost called Premium. It provides financial protection against any specific risks. The insurance business is operated in Nepal as per the provision of Insurance act 2049.

Life insurance is the insurance made to protect from the financial crisis which may incur after the death and inability of person. It is a contract in which insured promises to pay a uniform rate of premium at the fixed interval against which the insurer agrees to pay the fixed amount on the happening of the event which may be the death of insured or the expiry of a certain number of years.

This contract can be described as ‘contingent contract’ because the loss of life cannot be compensated but only a specified amount of money is paid of insured dies. It also provides protection to the family of insured who dies early.

An individual can generate income from the amount of insurance at the time of inability as well it helps in managing the fund for the education and marriage of children and to establish the industries. It is assumed that life insurance comprises 80% of the total insurance business performed in the world.


  • Insurance is made with the purpose of long-term saving which is known as endowment life insurance. This policy is issued for a fixed period of time i.e. 15 years, 20 years, 25 years, etc.
  • Insurance is made with a plan to provide financial aid to the claimants of the insured after his death in lump sump known as whole life insurance. After the death of the insured, there is no need to pay the premium by the dependent of the insured.
  • Insurance is made in the term that the amount of premium will be paid for a certain period to manage the amount for the education and marriage of children.
  • It is short-term insurance made unless the loan is repaid. Premium is very much nominal.

In Nepal, many life insurance companies are opened and are in the way of opening as well. Today, we will provide you the full information about the life insurance companies of Nepal. In Nepal, there are altogether 15 life insurance companies which are;

  1. American Life Insurance Company;

American Life Insurance Company is a recognized and well-established American insurance company. In Nepal, it has commenced its life insurance services from 5th December 2001 after the formal incorporation with insurance board.

It is the first foreign organization to receive a license to offer life and accident insurance in Nepal. The American insurance company has branches globally in over 50 countries. According to the report of 2012, This Company has over four hundred thousand customers in Nepal.

On November 2010, American Life Insurance Company became the part of Met life which is the leading innovator and a recognized leader in protection, planning and savings solutions all over the world.

The head office of the company is situated in Narayani complex 2nd and 3rd floor, Pulchowk, Lalitpur. It has 2 branches in Kathmandu and other branches in Butwal, Pokhara, Chitwan, Biratnagar, and Birtamod. 22 staffs are involved to provide reliable life insurance services to customers in Nepal.

2Asian Life Insurance Company;

Asian Life Insurance Company is one of the well known and leading life insurance company of Nepal. On 27th February 2008, this life insurance company has got an operating license as per the insurance Act 2049. It has commenced the operations on April 3rd, 2008.

After 6 years in Nepalese life insurance business, Asian Life Insurance Company became the first life insurance company to receive the license for operation from Beema Samiti. The authorized capital of this insurance company is Rs. 1000 million. Out of which 521.29 million is paid currently up with 70% by the promoter and the remaining 30% by the general public).


There are 68 promoters of the company among 6 are institutional and the remaining 62 are individual promoters. Among the institutional promoters, there include reputed finance and development banks of Nepal. The major institutional promoters:

  • Mahalaxmi Finance Limited,
  • Birgunj H & B Development Bank Ltd,
  • Kathmandu (Former Himchuli Bikash Bank Ltd and Birgunj Finance Limited)
  • Malika Development Bank Limited,
  • Dhangadi Guheshwori Merchant Bank and Finance Company Limited,
  • Lalitpur Synergy Development Bank
  • Butwal (Former Butwal Finance Ltd.)

The board of directors and other individual investors comprises of members who are

Leaders in other professions and business, i.e. banks, insurance companies, financial institutions, private enterprises, etc. and some of the investors are from reputed position holders of ex-government services.

More than 1% of populations of Nepal are the customers of this company with a sale of 313,468 policies within the first 2 years and 3 months of its operation. The company has a strong manifestation in its existing markets with more than 40,000 dedicated agents.

It has 23 branches and 67 sub-branches in places such as Kathmandu, Banepa, Narayanghat, Butwal, Dhangadi, Doti, Surkhet, Mahendranagar, Damak, Dharan, Biratnagar, Nepalgunj, Pokhara, Janakpur, Lahan, Hetauda, Balaji, and Tikapur.

3. Gurans Life Insurance Company;

The gurans life insurance company is the life insurance company established and registered under the insurance Act 2049 and company Act 2063 B.S. as a public limited company.

On 18th of Chaitra  2064, Gurans life insurance company receive the license to operate the life insurance business. This company is promoted by 19 promoters such as Sunrise bank limited, Dugar Group along with a group of diverse and renowned Industrialists, Businessmen and legal professionals. It is the only insurance company promoted by Legal professionals and commercial bank.

Its head office is situated in Tinkune, Kathmandu. The total authorized capital of Gurans life insurance company is 55 crore. Among which, te paid up and issued capital is Rs. 55 crore, 70% of capital has been holding by promoters and 30% has been allotted to the public through IPO.

The total shareholders of this company are more than 26,000. Also, the company made a reinsurance agreement with Scor Global Life Se, Singapore.

Members of the Board of directors are;

  • Chairman; Mr. Vivek Dugar
  • Director; Mr. Vishal Tatar, Mr. Shiva Bahadur Shrestha, Mr. Apachh Kumar Yadav, Mr. Rishi Kumar Gadiya, Mr. Megha Raj Poudel, Mr. Shambhu Prasad Subedi
  1. National Life Insurance Company;

The National Life Insurance Company Limited is one of the nation- life insurance companies in Nepal which is registered under Beema Samiti Nepal (Insurance Board of Nepal). National Life Insurance Company was established in 2044 under the Nepal Company Act 1964 and the insurance Act 1968 of Nepal.

The head office of the company is situated in Lazimpat, Kathmandu. The objective of National Life Insurance Company Limited is to meet up growing insurance requirements of the country. National Life Insurance Company Ltd has 75 branches in all over Nepal.

This company is providing different types of life insurance facilities to customers with the involvement of hundreds of staffs and experienced professionals.

The shareholder structure comprises of;

  • Nepalese Promoters 45%
  • Foreign Collaborator 10%
  • Financial Institution Rastriya Banijya Bank 10%
  • Public Shareholders 35%

The services provided by Nepal Life insurance company are;

  • Baideshik Rojgar Jeevan Beema
  • Pension Plan
  • Jeevan Amrit (Endowment cum whole life)
  • The traditional whole life policy
  • Saral Amrit (Term Insurance)
  • Annuity Plan
  • Kamal Amrit Plan (Term Policy)
  • Traditional Term Plan

The members of the board of directors are;

  • Chairperson; Mrs. Prema Rajya Laxmi Singh
  • Director; Mr. Rajeev B. Shah, Mr. Dambar Bahadur Malla, Mr. Kuldeep Sharan Singh, Mr. Kiran Kumar Shrestha, Mr. Lila mani Neupane, Miss. Bhawani Rana

5. Rastriya Beema Sansthan Nepal;

Rastriya Beema Company Limited is a  public limited company (RBCL) owned by the government which is formed under the decision of Government of Nepal. It is a separate general insurance business of Rastrya Beema Sansthan(RBS) by mobilizing internal resources of Nepal.

The company has been successfully providing returns as per the planned goals and objectives of Nepal Government in this tenure till the day. Also, the company is contributing revenue without modulating any additional liability on the government. The company has spread the skilled manpower in the insurance sector & has identified itself as an incredible insurance company.


  • To utilize internal resources and capital for national development.
  • To check millstone of expenses of foreign currency.
  • To Minimize the risk of property damage through the insurance business

Also, this Corporation has been successfully providing returns as per the goals and objectives set forth by the Government of Nepal.

The members of the Board of directors are;

  • Chairman; Kamal Kumar Shrestha
  • Board Member; Shreelal Poudyal (Deputy Secretary, Ministry of finance)
  • Board member; Mr. Shivaram Timilsina Chief Manager, NB Ltd
  • Board member; Mr. Om Krishna Shrestha (Deputy Chief Officer, EPF)
  • Board member; Dr. Balaram Pathak
  • Board member; Bir Bikram Rayamajhi (CEO, RBCL)
  • Board member; Mr. Krishna Mani Acharya (Company Secretary, RBCL)
  1. Nepal Life Insurance Company Limited;

The Nepal Life Insurance Company Ltd is one of the authorized and foremost life insurance companies in Nepal which is registered under Beema Samiti Nepal (Insurance Board of Nepal) and company act. NLIC Nepal is a short form of Nepal Life insurance company.

Nepal Life Insurance Company was established under the Insurance Act 2049 and Company Act 2053. Nepal life insurance Company is the third life insurance Company of Nepal. On 2058/01/04, it commenced its operations with an authorized capital of Rs. 250 million as a joint stock company.

Out of Rs. 250 million, 200 million investments belong to promoters while remaining Rs. 50 million was collected by the issue of shares to the public. A group of well-known businesspersons and business houses of Nepal are the promoters of Nepal Life insurance company.

After the inauguration on 2058-1-21, this company is serving various life insurance facilities to its customers all over the country.

The Nepal life company has assured itself with well-known and reputed reinsurance company “Hannover Re Life Reinsurance Company”, Germany for conventional policies and “SCOR Global Life”, France for Term Assurance Foreign Expatriate policies.

In the company, there are altogether 48 administrative staffs working. The company has also extended several branches all over the country. The head office of Nepal Life Insurance Company Limited Nepal is located in Kathmandu.

Branches of this insurance company are  Kathmandu branch, Mahendranagar branch, Dhangadi branch, Janakpur branch, Chandranighapur branch, Banepa branch, Birgunj branch, Balaju branch, Biratnagar branch, Lahan branch, Phidim branch, Naxal branch, Dharan branch, Rajbiraj sub-branch, Therathum sub-branch, Ilam sub-branch, Damak sub-branch, Lalitpur branch, Nuwakot branch, Bhaktapur sub-branch,  Khadichour sub-branch, Narayanghat branch, Hetauda branch, Gorkha sub-branch, Kawasaki sub-branch, Lamjung sub-branch, Birtamod branch, Urlabari branch etc. The website of Nepal Life Insurance Company Limited Nepal is

  1. Prime Life Insurance Company;

Prime Life Insurance Company Limited is the leading insurance company in Nepal. It was initiated by Khetan Group and promoted by Nepal’s leading and highly prominent business groups having widely diversified business interests and expertise. In June 2007, the company was incorporated as a public limited company.

In the first full year of its operation, it has earned the net profit of Rs. 56.75 million which is the unprecedented achievement in Nepali life insurance industry. It has collected the premium amount of 8,45 million. The paid-up capital of the company is Rs. 500 million.

The promoters hold 70 percent of Share and 30 percent of shareholding is offered to the general public. Laxmi Bank Limited, one of the leading commercial banks in Nepal which is one of the major promoters with a 15 percent stake. Within one year of commencement of our business, the company planned to offer the equity shares to the general public.

It a been providing it’s innovative and excellent services with opening 105 networks of representations including Branches and Sub-branches all over the country. Prime Life Insurance Company is one of the fastest growing life insurance companies with increment in premium, quality of business, customer service and assurance of good returns.


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