Name list of All the Class ‘C’ Finance Companies in Nepal

Finance Companies in Nepal: – Finance Companies are licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank in ‘Class C’. Finance Companies in Nepal are also playing vital roles in the development of the economic status of Nepal.

Nepal has many nationalized and private finance companies. There are 79 finance companies licensed by NRB in Nepal.

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All the detail of Finance companies in Nepal on the basis of name, year established head offices, paid-up capital are given below:

Name list of All the Class ‘C’ Finance Companies in Nepal

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Finance Companies in Nepal

Financial institutions are companies that provide financial services and advice to their clients. The financial laws of the government authority generally regulated the financial institutions.

Probably the most important financial service provided by financial institutions is to act as financial intermediaries. Most financial institutions are regulated by the government. It also focuses on managing financial transactions, such as investments, loans, and deposits.

Conventionally, financial institutions are made up of organizations such as banks, trust companies, insurance companies, and investment agents. Almost everyone deals with a financial institution on a regular basis. Today we are here with the class ‘C’ financial institutions of Nepal. Check them out;

  1. Nepal Finance Limited

Nepal finance limited is the first private sector financial company in Nepal stabilized in 2049 B.S. Until then, Nepal finance limited has been known as the most mature financial company in Nepal offering its products to its clients.

As the Trend setter in the market, Nepal finance limited has started to innovate some of the first products launched in Nepal, such as the rental purchase, Margin Lending, which became very famous later and has been synonymous in the market today.

It is the leading Finance which has some of the most advanced and technically developed deposit schemes with various account types, which has been very popular for many years and was enthusiastically adopted in the market.

It provides services to our country to send foreign currency which is just one more step for people living outside Nepal to send their money from anywhere in the world.

Nepal Finance Limited (NEFINSCO) has offered various products and services to its valued customer such as Sadharan Bachat, Jestha Nagarik Bachat, Karmachari Bachat, Share Dhani Bachat, Nari Bachat, Bal Bachat, Teacher’s Bachat, Doctor’s Bachat, Premium Bachat, High Yeild Bachat , Demand Deposit, Premium Demand Deposit, High Yeild Demand Deposit, High Yeild Demand Deposit under your savings schemes, Commercial capital loan, Fixed asset loan, Home loan, Rent purchase, Consortium loan, Margin loan, Guarantee Bank, Import / Export Loan, Project Financing, invoice discount facilities under suppliers Credit under its loan schemes and fixed accounts for three months, six months, nine months, one year and two to five years respectively with various rates of high and attractive interest.

  1. Nepal Share Markets and finance Ltd

Nepal Share Markets & Finance Ltd. offers banking services in Nepal. It offers fixed and savings deposits, debit cards, loans, remittance services and lockers. The company has ATMs in various places such as Besisahar, Putalisadak, Newroad, Nayabazar, and Thapathali.

Nepal Share Markets & Finance Ltd. is based in Kathmandu, Nepal. The company has branches in different parts of country such as Putalisadak, Kathmandu, Pokhara, Panauti, Baneshwor, Narayangadh, Gongabu, Beni, Nayabazar, Attariya and Besisahar, Nepal.

Established in Kartik 3, 2050 BS, the company is promoted by a group of highly committed and innovative entrepreneurs and is managed by a group of experienced professional managers, along with a host of young energetic employees.

With its headquarters in Putalisadak, the company has about ten branches, five within the valley and five outside the valley. All Nepal Share Markets & Financial Limited branches are interconnected with each other and their customers can do business from any of the branches, regardless of which bank the account was opened with their Any Branch Banking Services (ABBS) facility.

Furthermore, the network is online and gives you access to your account from any of the Bank’s branches. The products and services that Nepal Share Markets offers are deposits, loans, EMI calculators, remittances, lockers, cards and ATMs.

  1. Goodwill Finance Limited

Goodwill Finance Limited is the leading provider of financial solutions with a unique combination of dedication and perfect execution. With the vision of providing the best financial services for success, Goodwill Finance Limited started its operation as a financial institution under the license of the Nepal Rastra Bank in 1995.

It is a limited company established under the Financial Companies Act 2042, in 2051 BS. The Authorized Capital of the company is Rupees 1,000,000,000 / – and the Issued Capital is 800,000,000.

The developer owns 51% of the paid-in capital and the general public the remaining 49%. The company’s shares are listed on the Nepal Stock Exchange Limited (NEPSE).

With the corporate office based in Hattisar, Kamalpokhari, Kathmandu, they are known for their financial stability and excellent customer services. The institution is a continuously growing company and currently the branches are spread over Dillibazar, Indrachowk, Lalitpur, Bakhtapur, Butwal, Birtamode, Itahari, Dang, Nepalgunj, Illam, Phidim, Tripureshwor, Dhangadhi, Bardibas and Nawalpur.

To fulfill its mission, vision and objective, the company has presented various products and services such as a savings deposit (savings account, zero balance savings account, recurring deposit), fixed deposit and Glad benefit account under its deposit and loan schemes such as Housing loan, Rent Purchase Loan, Gold Loan, Business Loan, Industrial Loan, Education Loan, Fixed Deposit Loan, Government Bond Loan, Bank Guarantee and Margin Loan are offered along with services like ABBS, Remittances , Transfer of funds, Locker facilities and cheque clearing.

  1. Lalitpur Finance Co. Ltd

Lalitpur Finance Limited is the first private sector financial company in the Lalitpur district. Established under the Financial Companies Act 2042 and the Companies Law 2053, it has been performing its functions effectively under the guidance of the Nepal Rastra Bank (Central Bank).

The company’s financial result reflects its strong strength. The company was listed on the Nepal Stock Exchange on September 18, 1998 (2055/06/02). It provides the diversified financial services where speed, creativity and responsiveness are the keys to the success.

The products and services offered by Lalitpur Finance Limited include Term Deposit, Savings Deposit, Super Savings Deposit, Bal Bachat Deposit and Mahila Khutruke Deposit under its deposit scheme and Home Financing and Real Estate Loan, Asset Financing, Finance Personal and Term Financing, Term Loan and Industrial Loan, Consumer Loan, Private Sector Loan and Loan Against Shares under their loan schemes.


The institution has collaborated with Western Union Money Transfer, Remitron Service, Xpress Money Service, Instant Cash Service, Money Gram and Nepal Remit to provide remittance service to their clients. As well, other services are Market Maker for government securities, loans against government securities, Merchat banking activities, etc.

  1. United Finance Co. Ltd

United Finance Limited started its operation as National Level Finance Company in 2051. It has started with its registered office in Durbarmarga, Kathmandu. It is promoted by prominent entrepreneurs from Nepal.

The company has brought various attractive products and services under its deposit and loan scheme, such as fixed deposits, normal savings account, United Flexi Saving, new special deposit, Anubhani Jeeban Mudhati Khata, Anubabhi Jeevan Bachat, Naba Nari Bachat Khata, Komal Jeevan Bachat Khata and Revised Deposit Rates under the Deposit Accounts and Home Loans, Home Equity, SMEs, Contract Purchase, Stock Loan and Revised Loan Rate under the loan schemes.

The Durbar Marg, Kathmandu-based company has six branches across the country so that its customers have easy access to its products and services. In addition, it plans to extend its branch networks with the convenience of its valued customers and clients in mind.

  1. Progressive finance Co. ltd

Progressive Finance Limited is a corporation registered at 14th Ashwin, 2051 under the Companies Act, 2021 BS. It is a class C licensed financial institution under the Nepal Rastra Bank 2062 31’1 ’Act. Located in the heart of Kathmandu – Pako, Newroad, they started the operations from the 14th Falgun 2052 BS.

The name was changed to Progressive Finance Limited from Merchant Finance Limited in 2067 following the approval of the company’s Annual General Meeting, Nepal Rastra Bank and the Company’s Registrar’s office.

When made public on Shrawan 28, 2064, they issued 120,000 shares for the initial public offering. Later, with the reissue of 59.01,000 right shares in the ratio of 1: 2.81, as of now they have reached the total paid-in capital of Rs. 80,01,00,000 on date 15 of Baishakh 2076.

Its cooperative branch is in Tinkune, Kathmandu. Its main branch is in Pako, New Road, Kathmandu. Other branches are located in Pokhara, Banepa, Sabaila (Dhanusha), Chhireshwarnath (Dhanusa), (Malangwa) Sarlahi and (Patan Sundhara) Lalitpur. Its extension counters are located in Tinkune (Kathmandu), Lagankhel, Pulchowk (Lalitpur), Thimi (Bhaktapur).

It provides the services such as fixed deposit, savings deposit, and various loans such as rental purchase loans, home loans, real estate loans, personal loans, business loans, industrial loans, educational loans, foreign employment loans, loans for stocks, loans for private sectors, Bipanna Barga Thok Karja, Productive sector, Wholesale loan, Business service loan, Miscellaneous loan.

  1. Janaki Finance co. Limited

Janaki Finance Company Limited was established in 2052 B.S. It has been providing excellent services to its valued clients for 24 years. From start to date, the motto of finance has been towards better and easier customer service.

The company has started its service with paid capital Rs. 6 millions. Now the company has been able to increase the paid-in capital amounted to Rs. 600.41 million. Profit, equity, deposit collection and investments are trending upward. It has been able to maintain sufficient liquidity ratios.

It is also successful in providing regular dividends to the shareholder. The share capital of the finance company comprises 51% of the promoters and 49% of the public. Janaki Finance Company has been awarded a high income tax paid in the Janakpur area.

Janaki Finance Company Limited (JFCL) provides NCHL IPS services for all branches. IPS (Interbank Payment System) helps you make funds transfers to and from Janaki Finance Company Limited (JFCL) to any member bank of Nepal Clearing House Limited (NCHL). Janaki Finance Company Limited (JFCL) has implemented the latest version of mobile banking called Janaki Smart App.

Its improved version of mobile banking that can work both in SMS mode and on the Internet. The customer can get a wide range of services from the Janaki smart app. Janaki Finance Company Limited (JFCL) has a wide range of remittance services for its clients.

It provides the services such as  fixed deposit, savings deposit, call deposit, current deposit, home loan, education loan, agriculture loan, rental purchase loan, business loan, industrial loan, the personal loan, the land development loan, the tourist promotion loan, the private loan, the loan against FDR. Its head office is located at Bhanu Chowk-2, Janakpardhan.

  1. Pokhara finance limited

Pokhara Finance Limited was established in 2053 B.S. Currently, the company has an authorized capital of NPR 1.5 billion, an issued capital of NPR 917.28 million and a paid-in capital of NPR 917.28 million. Its head office is located at Newroad, Pokhara-9, Kaski.

The company is 51% owned and 49% of the shares are owned by the general public. The company is among the oldest financial companies currently operating in Nepal.

The products and services provided by the pokhara finance limited are Fixed Deposit, Bal Bachat,, Karmachari Bachat, Sainik Bachat, Byapari Bachat, Sunaulo Bachat Gorkha Bachat, Nari Bachat, Jeshtha Nagarik Bachat, NPR 5 Bachat / Share Bachat, Sadharan Bachat, Sharedhani Saving, Bachat financial and institutional institution under its savings and deposit schemes and Rent purchase loan, Personal home loan, Personal loan / Mortgage loan / Home loan, Commercial loan / working capital, Term loan (Business, Industrial , Education, Health, Tourism, Hydroelectricity, Social, Agriculture, Employment Abroad and Loan of Shares), Real Estate Loan, Private Sector Loan, Loan against POFIL fixed deposit and Consortium Loan under its loan and advance schemes.

The company, together with these, also offers remittance services and banking services by SMS. The finance company has three branches in Sabahagriha Chowk – Pokhara, Sundhara – Kathmandu and Bhimkali Patan – Pokhara.

  1. Multipurpose Finance Co. Ltd.

Multipurpose Finance Company Limited (MPFL) is a district C-class finance company operating in the Saptari district of eastern Nepal. It was established in March, 1998. The Rajbiraj-based company is promoted by local individual promoters from different professions.

MPFL’s share capital is distributed among developers and public shareholders in a ratio of 60:40. Its capital shares are listed on the Nepal Stock Exchange. Mr. Ajit Kumar Mishra is the Executive Director of the company.

As of mid-July 2018, MPFL had a market share of approximately 0.30% of deposits and 0.34% in terms of the industry credit portfolio of Nepalese financial companies.

For fiscal year 2018, MPFL reported a net profit of NPR 6 million on an asset basis of NPR 276 million in mid-July 2018 versus a net profit of ~ NPR 7 million during fiscal year 2017 on an asset basis of NPR 223 million as of mid-July 2017. MPFL’s CRAR was 27.54% and gross NPLs were 4.63% in mid-July 2018. In terms of technology platforms, MPFL uses Micro software Banker.

  1. Shrijana Finance Ltd

Srijana Finance Limited was established on 26 Mangsir 2057 with the aim of providing competitive and modern banking services in the financial sector in Nepal.

The company always focuses on building an internal system powered by sound technology to meet changing customer needs that enhance high comfort and value. for well-known Purbanchal businesses. Srijana Finance Limited now operates under the “Banking and Financial Institutions Act 2063” SEC47.

The services provided are electronic check clearing, interbank payment system, blocked amount backed application, remittance services, ABBS services, smart banking, ATM service, as well as savings deposit and fixed deposit.

Srijana Finance offers its valued clients a variety of loans to suit their needs. At Srijana Finance you will surely find a loan product that is intended for you.

The loan provided are Commercial loan, personal loan, mortgage loan, mortgage loan, recurring loan, purchase loan, health loan, loan against shares, loan for foreign employees, educational loan, term loan, agricultural loan, Bipanna Barga loan, FD loan.

  1. Samriddhi finance company Ltd

Samriddhi Finance Company Limited (SFCL) was established as the country’s 49th financial institution in 2057 BS. The company were promoted by renowned entrepreneurs, industrialists and professionals with high experience and qualifications in their respective fields.

The company is committed to customer deposit security, confidentiality, professionalism, transparency, good governance, and solid business growth. The paid-in capital of the organization is 180 million.

The headquarters of this organization is located in Hetauda-1, Makwanpur as well branches are located  in Kathmandu Putalistak and Nepalgunj Road, Amarpath Butwal.

It provides services such as ABBS, check verification, mobile banking, remittance services, NCHL IPS, savings account, fixed deposit. It provides the personal loan, the educational loan, the commercial loan, the home loan, the stock loan, the rental purchase loan and the private sector loan. The office is located in Putalisadak, Kathmandu.

  1. Mercantile capital, banking and financing co. Limited

World Merchant Banking & Finance Limited (WMBFL) has started banking and financial operation in Hetauda as the country’s 49th financial institution. The company is promoted by renowned businessmen, industrialists and professionals.

Mr. Neer Shankar Shrestha is the Chairman of the Board of Directors and has eight other directors. WMBFL’s administrative responsibility has been entrusted to a team of young, enthusiastic and professional bankers with extensive experience.

WMBFL has a strong commitment to customer deposit security, confidentiality, professionalism, transparency, good governance, and strong business growth.

With the help of banking software and a team of professional bankers, they can guarantee the delivery of a reliable and quality service to their clients. WMBFL strives to break free from traditional banking to give the banking business a whole new meaning.

Believe in continuous creativity and innovation in your business services, it works and sets the goal on new banking standards and will be heading into the form of a bank in the very near future.

WMBFL’s paid-in capital is 181,920,000. The central office of mercantile capital, banking and financing co. Ltd is located in Battisputali, Kathmandu. The branches are located in Pokhara, Butwal, Kathmandu, Birgunj, Nepalgunj, Itahari and Jhapa.

  1. Crystal Finance Ltd

Crystal Financial Services PVT LTD is a non-governmental company, incorporated on February 3, 1994. It is a private non-public company and is classified as a ‘limited company by shares’.

The authorized capital of the company is Rs 2.0 lakhs and it has a paid-in capital of 1.0% which is Rs 0.02 lakhs. Crystal Financial Services Pvt Ltd is primarily in the Finance business for the past 26 years and currently, the company’s operations are on strike.

The company is registered with the Chandigarh Registry Office (Chandigarh). The head of crystal finance Ltd is Bag Durbar, Kathmandu, Nepal.

  1. Guheswori Merchant banking and finance Ltd

The fundamental mission is to facilitate financing which is the slogan of Guheswori Merchant banking and finance Ltd.  Basically, the institution is focusing on people who have not yet had the ease of banking.

They are educating people about what banking is and how they can obtain banking facilities and improve their standard of living. The institution is promoted by locally renowned businessmen, businessmen, educators, intellectuals, bankers, and former bureaucrats.

Guheswori Merchant banking and finance Ltd offers the services which are mobile banking, remittances, NCHL service, secure deposit box, C-ASBA, main facilities, electronic banking. The loans provided are: shared loan, mortgage loan, rental purchase loan, personal loan, real estate loan, commercial loan, agricultural loan, miscellaneous loan.

The head office is in Pulchowk, Harihar Bhawan, Lalitpur. The other branches are in Chahabil, Hetauda, ​​Birgunj, Jhapa, Bara, Damak, Janakpur, Chitwan, Bhairahwa, Butwal, Rautahat, New road (Kathmandu), Tangal (Lalitpur), Khaireni, Morang.

  1. ICFC finance Ltd

ICFC Finance Limited, registered in 2003 under the Companies Act 2053 and the Banking and Finance Ordinance, 2060 began operations from July 17, 2004. It is the institution based in Bhatbhateni, Kathmandu, Nepal. ICFC has been promoted primarily to meet the financial needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

Through the branches of ICFC Finance Limited across the country offers various banking services and products through its branches. Some banking services have remittances, SCT UPI debit card, commercial banking, SMS banking, installation of lockers, payment of utility bills, Sct MoCo, MBanking, discount stores, etc.

Deposit account : Yuva Bachat, Nari Bachat, Fixed Deposit, ASBA, Savings Account, Jumbo Savings, Gold Savings, Ketaketi Bachat, Senior Citizen Savings, Zero Savings Account and ICFC Super Savings.

Loan and Advances: Easy Business Loan, Fixed Loan, Deposit Loan, Counter Stock, Rent to Buy Loan and Home Loan

This financial company has 8 branches (including the central office branch) within the Kathmandu Valley. This financial financing covers 3 districts of Nepal. The districts covered are Kavre, Kathmandu and Rupandehi, respectively. The branches outside the valley are Bhairahwa, Butwal, Chitwan, Syanja, Kapilbastu, Banepa. There are 8 ATMs within the valley and 9 ATMs outside the valley.

  1. City express finance company limited

The city’s express finance company limited is a “C” class national level finance company. It was incorporated under Company Law 2063 as a national class C financial institution licensed by the Nepal Rastra Bank, and has the support of the country’s team of personalities, groups, bankers, economists, accredited public accountants and renowned people.

They have excelled in their business/career field with very good integrity and social standing.

The insitution offer different savings schemes to choose from. Attractive interest rates are offered with different savings schemes. The interest rate of the savings scheme varies from 6.5% to 8%. Similar to deposit accounts, they also provide you with a fixed deposit service.

Interest rates range from 8.75% to 9.75%. The fixed deposit service can take 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years and more. The insitutio also provide loan facilities to the clients.

The interest rate varies from 12% to 15% depending on the types of loan and criteria. If you are our client and have a fixed deposit here in the company, you are entitled to the loan against the fixed deposit service.

It provides services such as NCHL service, electronic check clearing, connection ips, interbank payment system, and remittance services as well. The head office is located at the Shree Kingsway Tower, Ghantaghar, Durbarmarg, Kathmandu, Nepal.

  1. Manjushree Limited Financial Institution

Manjushree is a class ‘C’ financial institution which is licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank. It was established in 28 Ashoj 2064 as a nationwide financial company.

The vision of the company is to become the country’s leading financial institution known for its expertise and services to provide you with superior financial solutions. The company stands as one of the largest financial companies in the country with a paid-up capital of NRs 114 million.

Through its head office and two branches, the company has been providing products and services such as Demand Deposit, Investor Savings, Normal Savings, Plus Savings, Balloon Savings, Fixed Deposits, Structured Fixed Deposit, Special Fixed Deposit, Children saving, Nari saving, Student Saving and Mahotsav Saving under their savings and deposit schemes and Home Loan, Home Equity Loan, Loan Against Share, Auto / Hire Purchase Loan, Personal and Family Loan, Educational Loan, Term Loan and Business Loan under of their loan schemes.

It also offers services such as electronic banking, SMS banking, debit card and ATM.

The head office is in the Omkar ‘Second Floor’ building, Naya Baneshwor, Kathmandu. Other branches are located in Narayanghad (Chitwan), New Road (Kathmandu), Butwal, Dhangadi, Itahari, Biratnagar, Nepalgunj, Dharan, Pokhara, Birgunj.

  1. Reliance Finance Limited;

Reliance Finance Limited is a class “C” financial institution, incorporated in 2066 B.S. it is licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank, to perform financial services in the country. It started operations in the 18th Mangshir 2066 as the 84th Nepal Finance Company under Law 2063 of the Bank and Financial Institution (BAFIA).

The Company’s registered office is in Province-3, Metropolitan City of Kathmandu, District No. 28, in Pradarsani. Marg, BJ Bhawan. The company has its branches in Dharmapath (New Road), Pokhara (Kaski), Narayangarh (Chitwan), Besisahar (Lamjung), Janagal (Kavre), Arughat (Gorkha), Charali (Jhapa), Imadol (Lalitpur), Gorkha Bazaar ( Gorkha) and Manigram (Rupandehi)

Reliance finance limited offers services such as the Connect-IPS system, ABBS, debit card, remittances, electronic check clearing, C-ASBA, interbank payment system, SMS banking and SCT MoCo service.

It provides the fixed deposit service and the savings deposit service. It provides various loan facilities to our valued clients, such as rental purchase loan, home loan, real estate loan, educational loan, shared loan, fixed deposit loan and more.

  1. Gorkha Finance Limited;

Gurkhas Finance Limited was established in 2051 B.S. It has been providing excellent service to its valued customer for 23 years. From start to date, the motto of finance has been towards better and easier customer service. The company has started its service from the paid capital Rs. 2 million rupees. Now, the company has been able to increase the capital disbursed by NRS 86.79 crore.

Profit, equity, deposit raising, and investment are trending upward. The company can also comply with the rules and regulations of regulatory bodies. It has been able to maintain sufficient liquidity ratios. It is also successful in providing regular dividends to the shareholder.

It offers Nari Bachat, Jestha Nagarik, Bal Bachat, Gurkha pension. It provides services such as electronic banking, debit card, remittances, mobile banking. The head office is in the Head Office: Charkhal, Dillibazar, Kathmandu. They have 17 branches outside the Kathmandu Valley.

  1. Shree investment and finance co. Limited

Shree Investment & Finance Co Ltd. (SIFCO) was incorporated in 1994 (2051 BS) by a group of eminent Kathmandu entrepreneurs, such as a Financial Services Company and a Commercial Bank under the Nepal Financial Company Law, 1985 and the Nepal Company. Law of 1964.

The Company has been authorized by Nepal Rastra Bank as a class “C” financial institution to carry out financial services and commercial banking activities in the country. The company began operations on 2051-03-22 B.S with an authorized share capital of Rs. 6400 Lakh, issued capital of Rs.2000 Lakh and paid-in capital of Rs.1008 Lakh.

In keeping with growth objectives, the company has continued to increase its capital base. Today, the company has an authorized share capital of 1 Arba, the issued capital is 81 Crore and the paid-in capital is 81 Crore.

Currently, the Company has 13 branches located in and outside the Kathmandu Valley. The company also plans to spread geographically to other parts of the country in the near future.

Today, SIFCO has grown prominently over the years, from fixed, recurring, and savings deposits to loans and advances. SIFCO has itself achieved a niche position in Nepal’s financial sector, while firmly adhering to a policy of prudence and caution, the company has been at the forefront of introducing various innovative products and services.

Shree Investment & Finance offers fixed and savings accounts, commercial finance, personal home loans, real estate loans, purchase of residential / flat buildings, construction of residential / apartment buildings, construction of commercial complexes, purchase of residential land / planning and development of land, rental purchase, educational loan, loan against stocks and bonds, government bonds, short-term financing for working capital, private sector, foreign employment, bridge financing, consortium financing, non-fund limits (issuance of guarantees), money transfer, ECC Service, SMS Alert Service, CASBA.

The head office is in Dilli Bazar, Kathmandu, Nepal. Other branches are located in Biratnagar, Bhairahwa, Taulihawa, odari (Kapilbastu), Rajahar, Danda, Harkapur (Nawalparasi), Salyan, Rukum, Budanilakantha (Kathmandu), Imadol (Lalitpur), Chabahil (Kathmandu).

  1. Central finance Limited

Central Finance Limited (CFL), was incorporated as a corporation, on April 14, 1996. It was established according to the Financial Companies Law of 2042 B.S. and the Companies Law 2053. It began its operations from April 14, 1997 upon obtaining the operating license of the Nepal Rastra Bank.

Central Finance Limited plans to become a strong and reputable institution in the Nepalese financial sector by providing preferred products and services and ensuring attractive and substantial returns for shareholders with the help of experienced staff.

As foreseen by the declared mission, Central Finance Limited [CFL] has been actively participating to meet the demand for short, medium and long-term financing for the industrial, commercial, agricultural, services, tourism and infrastructure sectors and other services to the offer various banking services. facilities.

It mobilizes its sources in the form of fixed, savings, and other short-term deposits at competitive interest rates.

It offers services such as remittances, SMS banking, Connect IPS, SCT UPI debit card, savings account, fixed deposit account. It offers loans such as education loans, home loans, personal loans, commercial loans, installment loans, agricultural loans, Mrgin loans, real estate loans, loans against FDR, loans against gold, loans for obsolete sectors, margin loans, working capital / OD loans.

The head office is in Kupandol, Kathmandu. Other branches located in Bardaghat, Butwal, Chabahil, Bhaktapur, Simara, Narayanghad, Bardibas, Sindhuli and Gongabu (Kathmandu). ATMs are located in Bhaktapur, Simara (Bara), Sindhuli, Gongabu (Kathmandu).

  1. Best Limited Finance Company

Best Finance Company Ltd. (BFC) is the emerging name in the country’s banks and financial industry, with the new vision, mission and values ​​to lead to a new height by providing the best financial services and ultimately contributing to the Nepalese economy.

The BFC is incorporated under the Company Act, 2063 and duly authorized by Nepal Rastra Bank (the Central Bank of Nepal) as a class “C” financial institution under the Banks and Financial Institutions Act, 2073. The company was established as then General Finance Ltd in 2052 BS in accordance with the laws in force at that time.

The name was changed to the new “Best Finance Company Ltd.” in order to address changes in the company to operate smoothly and efficiently in a new environment. It is one of the oldest financial companies in Nepal with 32 historical years.

It offers services such as Home saving, Saving Griha Laxmi, Senior citizen shaving, shareholder Savings, Child Savings, General Savings, Sadharan Bachat, Super Savings, NRN Savings, Call Deposit, Recurring Savings, Personal Savings / Talab Bachat Khata, Fixed Deposit.

Loans provided by Best Finance Company Limited are rental purchase loans, personal loans (O / D, term), private sector (individual / institutional), shared loan, industrial loan (overdraft / term), loan against FD, professional loan , small loan Commercial loan, mortgage loan, demand loan, agricultural loan, overdraft loan (business), gold loan, real estate loan, consortium loan.

Other services provided by the institution are the ABBS service, the connection IPS, the installation of lockers, the remittance service, SMS banking, electronic banking and debit card. The head office is at Best Finance Company Ltd., Kamaladi, Kathmandu -1.

Source: Nepal Rastra Bank

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