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नेपालीमा मानव अंगहरुको नामावली

The human body is composed of many molecules, particles, cells, nerves, systems and finally the single muscular and boned body has been formed. It is the one of the god gift and God making process which is formed itself in the womb of the mother and comes out with shaded figure and shape.

Human is also known as a social animal because they have only some few difference between animal and social animal that having prudent but the animal does not have. Man is born different so they living the life differently. If we observe our body part, then sometimes we also get scared and stare about its existence.

There are also some of the parts which are not used but even exist. Different body parts are used more and while some are not used. Legs and hands are two parts which are used more in comparison to others actively. Besides, many organs are also performing their duty by installing constant.


Man is only completed having all the parts and organs processing their works and duty correctly. Otherwise, it may suffer from fumble and error may occur that we called disease. Here are some of the body parts which are described subsequently with its importance, uses, and reason of existences.

Internally and externally, there are many parts which are invisible from outside but also it exists and supports the human being for survival. For better understanding, the study of body parts and its structure and function of the living organism is known as ”Anatomy and Physiology”.

Clearly, anatomy especially studies the parts like bones, muscle, heart, tissue, whereas physiology deals with its living organism and process operating.

There are many components exist in a body like cells, tissue, which can be seen directly from our nude eyes but can be distracted its character and existence through a telescope. through the different process, a single human body is formed which study will make you obliged to believes the miracle of God for process eth human cycle from birth to death.  The description of body parts will make you more understand and informative about its existence and importance.

About Human Body

The human body is a very complex multicellular organism in which maintenance of life depends upon a vast number of physiological and biochemical activities. The study of the structure and function of the living organism is known as ‘Anatomy and Physiology’. Anatomy is the science of the structure of a living organism.

Human anatomy studies the form and structure of the human body and its various organs, for example, those of the bones, muscles, heart whereas Physiology is the science of the processes operating in a living organism. It studies the functions of the organism, the activities of its different organs, for example, the work of the muscles, heart, and brain. Anatomy and physiology are intimately connected; therefore, closely related.

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Plant and animal organisms are made up of cells. The cell is the smallest functional unit of an organism. Thus, a single cell organism is the simplest kind of organism that can exist independently. The cell of the body is too small to be seen with the naked eye, but when magnified using a microscope, different types of cells can be distinguished by their size and shape.

The cell consists of a plasma membrane in which there are a number of organelles floating in a watery fluid called cytoplasm, commonly used to describe protoplasm. The protoplasm of the cell is composed of a centrally placed body called the nucleus. The cytoplasm also contains mitochondria, Golgi apparatus, centrosome, and vacuole.

Human body develops from a single cell, called the zygote, which results from the fusion of the ovum and the spermatozoa. Thus, a single cell, the ‘fertilized ova’ forms the group of cells by division.

This group of cells which has the same physical characteristics tends to have similar specialized functions and a large number of cells that perform the same functions of described as a tissue. The tissues are classified according to the size, shape, and functions of these cells. There are four main types of tissues. Each of them has subdivision.

The tissues are:

(i) Epithelial tissue: This type of tissue provides covering and lining membranes for the fice surface inside and outside the body. The epithelial tissues are of various types such as simple, cubical, ciliated and stratified.

A) Connective tissue: This type of tissue joins other kinds of tissues or binds them or rapports them. They are of many kinds such as fibrous, adipose, elastic, bone, blood and cartilage.

(B) Muscular tissue: The movements of the body depend on them. These are discussed under a muscular system.

(C) Nervous tissue: These tissues receive and transmit nerve impulses to other cells. Nervous tissue is discussed under a nervous system.

Systems of the Human Body

As explained earlier, cells are of different kinds and are grouped together to form tissues. The tissues in their turn construct organs related to special functions. For our convenience, the organs may be grouped to form the system.


Each system contributes to one or more of the vital functions of the body and the functioning of each system is closely related to others. The body works as a whole with each individual cell which requires food and oxygen and gets rid of waste materials.

Altogether there are Ten systems in a human body. They are as follows:

  1. Skeletal System
  2. Circulatory System
  3. Reproductive System
  4. Muscular System
  5. Urinary System
  6. Lymphatic System.
  7. Digestive System
  8. Glandular System
  9. Respiratory System
  10. Nervous System

Name of Major 10 Parts of Body with Function

The human frame is an exceptional element. Together, the cells make up each a part of it. Human anatomy is the observer of ways it all works together. Cells come collectively to form tissues after which tissues, in turn, come collectively to form organs.

Each organ acts in a barely specific manner and has a special duty for the whole. Collectively, once they feature efficiently, they permit the body to function typically and for us to do all the first-rate matters that a human being can do. In overall, there are extra than 70 organs, and they’re all crucial, certainly crucial, in their personal manner. But, here you can find ten human body parts with function:-

1. Brain

This organ is the grasp of all of the moves and the organs of a human body. It’s far located within the head, normally close to the primary sensory organs for such senses as vision, hearing, stability, flavor, and smell.

In human beings, the biggest part of the mind incorporates 15–33 billion mind cells referred to as neurons. These neurons speak with each other by means of long fibers referred to as axons, carrying trains of sign pulses to distant elements of the mind or body targeting specific cells.

Its capabilities are:

• Information processing
• Notion
• Movement manipulate
• Arousal
• Homeostasis
• Motivation
• getting to know and memory

It is the centralized area of the human body which supply the message, information, oxygen, and everything to everybody parts. Man is treated as the impudent social animals due to it. Because of it, man has grown their intellectual power of making the identity more and more glorified.

It is presented in all the vertebrates and almost also in all the invertebrates.The cerebral cortex contains approximately 15–33 billion neurons, each connected by synapses to several thousand other neurons in the human body and runs the body parts.

The brain of human varies with man and animals. More than millions of tissues, veins are connected with its roots and serves the duty. Mostly, the brain is covered and placed in the skull and making the operation in the body.

2. Heart

Arterial blood (red, oxygen-loaded blood) flows from heart to every division of the body to present oxygen plus nutrients. The venous blood (blue, oxygen- dreadful blood) comes back from the body to the heart. The blood next travels via the lungs to change carbon dioxide to make perfect new oxygen.

The coronary heart is a pump, which moves the blood. The arteries and veins are the pipelines via which the blood flows. The lungs supply a place to exchange carbon dioxide for oxygen.

3. Lungs

Being an essential organ associated with respiration system, those lungs are positioned at either aspects of the heart. They are like air baggage. Breathing in expands them and respiration out contracts them. Their characteristic is to change oxygen with the carbon dioxide present in blood

4. Liver

As we know that liver in our body is working like the labor that provides the energy and enzymes as a supplement to the body for operating the nerves and systems in a good manner. The liver has main work of digesting food that we inhale it from the mouth.

The main work of food procession is done by it. If the liver is not performing well, then we suffered from many kinds of disease and first is Gastric, Cholera, Food poison, Diarrohoea, Dysentery and many more. According to doctor advice, they suggest you drink water for its good maintenance and making it strong that would not create an infection in it’s processing.

We heard mostly than drunkard who is habituated and addicted to drinking the wine, mostly dies by its infection and termination of processing. When liver damages, it’s also hard to implant due to many physical, economic problem. The main thing that we take inside should be to get outside by filtration and processing.

The liver does the same work silver provides the enzymes and energy by processing the food material that we take inside. As it is interior body parts, it should be in minds for its better treatment and let not be suffering from any kinds of illness. It is located in belly under the lungs.

More, it is only the glands that are found only in vertebrates, no other else. It is located in the upper right quadrant of the abdomen, below the diaphragm humans. The liver has a wide range of functions, including detoxification of various metabolites, protein synthesis, and the production of biochemicals necessary for digestion supports the body parts for movement. It is a muscular tube.

It’s miles an essential organ and lifestyles of a human without liver are subsequent to not possible. Concept generation has created a few brief term substitutes of the liver, however for a long time, research is still in the method.

Liver entertains many biochemical reactions that are essential for the function of a body and that why it continually better now not to drink an excessive amount of alcohol.

The liver has many functions:
• Detoxification of food
• Protein synthesis
• Hormone production
• Decomposition of crimson blood cells

5. Stomach

Playing a vital position within the digestive system, this organ lies between meals pipe and the small gut. It releases enzymes, acids and gastric juices which assist in digestion via breaking meals into smaller segments and changing them into breakable and adaptable natural substances.

6. Kidneys

These bean fashioned organs, placed within the abdominal cavity, are critical within the urinary gadget. They cope with the vital drinks within the body. You may say they work as water purifiers. They filter out the water gift within the water and the unwanted element is passed out in which as the desired element is regulated within the frame.

Now not best water, they act as the filter for cleaning blood additionally. Kidneys additionally maintain blood pressure thru preserving water stage and salts inside the body and also hold an acid-base balance required in the device. The kidney is approximately eleven–14 cm in the period, 6 cm wide and four cm thick.

7. Eyes

The eye is also most sensitive part of human body. A world is seen and feels only by our eyes. A man without eyes have to live the life in imprisonment and their life is trapped in darkness. People who do not have eyes are obliged to touch and feel the substances and beauty that exist on the earth. They do not take the real marrow of surviving or human being.

Sometimes, they also regret being survived such traumatic life where the emotion, promotion, and innovation have not any places to make them also one of eth superior human being. A world can be only felt, judged, and recognized by eyes.

Eyes play also many roles for doing some creative activities by observing the nature and creature. Eyes having man can do some great works and can innovate unspecific and unbelievable creation.  A person has to survive in misery due to stroking of trauma in every action and acts.  They cannot walk, do any other thing due to dependency.

Life becomes dependent and like a tree without fruits. Eyes are visual parts that observe the light and gives the person feeling of lightness. When we close our eyes, we feel the world is dark. eyes are only one organ of human body parts which neither grow big as age increases neither it becomes small.It have also the strong character of reusing it after the person dies within 24 hours.

Eyes are also different according to animals and other creatures but it remains the same size as a human being. Additionally, the color of eyes in human being also differs in red, blue, black, cat, dark red fade blue etc. In Nepali, it is called ”Aanka”.

Those spherical shaped organs paintings as a communication medium. What you see is transformed into electrochemical pulses that can be read via neurons (or the brain cells) produce the preferred motion. Although we can also take it with no consideration, seeing is one of the most complicated functions our bodies perform and it calls for the cooperation of many small and difficult elements.

The human eye features similar to a camera. Both gadgets acquire, awareness, and transmit mild thru a lens to create a photograph of the encircling surroundings. In order to see, we must have mild.

8. Intestines

An intestine is a prolonged, non-stop pipe walking from the abdomen to the anus. The most combination of nutrients plus water appears inside the intestines. The intestines contain the small intestine, large intestine, and rectum. The small gut is ready 20 ft long and about an inch in width. Its work is to immerse up a maximum of the nutrients from what we eat plus drink.

Soft tissue outlines the little intestine that is separated into the duodenum, jejunum, and ileum. The large gut is ready 5 ft long and approximately three inches in width. The colon absorbs the water from the wastes and creates stool. As soon as the stool enters to the rectum, then the nerve produces the advice to defecate.

The intestine is the internal body parts doing the duty of processing the foods material into blood, sperms, syrup, and stools other non-used components.The intestine is also sucked  with different other parts also. But its existence in the stomach only gives permission to make people survive because it filters all the foods and material that we put through mouth and converts into different needed factor.

The human body cannot be startup without its existence. It helps to observe the foods and expels the remaining wastes into urine and feces.  A person gets suffered due to its disturbance in processing like gastric and other more disease.Some people also feel from cancer when its disturbance get stayed for a long time.

Disposal of everything should be done properly and regularly, and it was done by its process. It is up to six meters long in terms of human body size. The food is passed through its funnel and processed into other component and filtered and participated into other things.

It helps to digest the food and abstracts the energy for giving eth body power and strength.The gastrointestinal tract contains thousands of different bacteria in their gut flora for keeping the intestine always in processing and correct mode to operate its works.

It is considerably shorter in the living body because of the intestines, which are tubes of smooth muscle tissue, maintain constant muscle tone, somewhat like a Slinky that maintains itself in a halfway-tense state but can relax in spots to allow for local distention, peristalsis, and so on, makes the body performance healthy.

9. The Veins

There are many nerves in our body which helps to facilitate the blood to all the parts of the body. It most action is done by carrying deoxygenated blood from the tissues back to the heart; exceptions are the pulmonary and umbilical veins, both of which carry oxygenated blood to the heart. It is presented throughout the body for passing the blood to its destination.Every vein has their own works and contributes in their own way.

Veins serve an essential feature within our bodies. While blood has been pumped with the aid of the coronary heart to diverse elements of the body, it needs to go back lower back to the coronary heart. In a metaphorical sense, veins are the return part of a round experience aircraft price ticket.

The veins serve the cause of turning in the blood, now bluish in coloration, lower back to the proper atrium (chamber) of our coronary heart. Within the heart, blood will acquire extra oxygen and put together to be pumped again out via arteries. This is a cycle that maintains so long as a person is residing. Veins can range significantly in length.

The largest vein inside the frame is known as the vena cava, that’s Latin for ‘hollow vein.’ There are sections of the vena cava, one under the heart and one above it. The phase of the coronary heart is referred to as the advanced vena cava and it returns blood from the top, neck, chest, and upper limbs again to the coronary heart.

You could do not forget this term by associating the word ‘advanced’ with ‘above. ‘The lower section is known as the inferior vena cava, and it returns blood from all different elements of the body returned to the coronary heart. Similar to the aforementioned instance, ‘inferior’ can be associated with ‘under.’ As we get further far away from the coronary heart and in the direction of extremities, veins department out and get smaller and smaller. The smallest veins are called venules.

10. The Pituitary

Weighing 0.5 grams, the pituitary gland resembles the dimensions of a pea. Resting in a bone hollow space, this small organ releases 9 styles of hormones, each functioning in a different way.

• Growth
• Blood stress
• Some aspects of pregnancy, childbirth and breast milk manufacturing
• Sex organ capabilities in each woman and men
• Thyroid gland function
• Conversion of food into electricity
• Water and osmolarity law inside the body
• Water balance through the control of re-absorption of water through the kidneys
• Temperature regulation
• Pain remedy

More 115 Human Body Parts Name with Desscription

11. Ring finger:

It is also one of the important parts of human being which exist in hands. The finger play main role for doing some complex work.likewise, for catching something or anywhere forhanging something easily. Consciously, it exist in fourth position in hands having the importance of second  ulnar finger, located between the middle finger and the little finger.

In other words, it is also called by digitusmedicinalis, the fourth finger, digitusannularis, digitusquartus, or digitus IV in anatomy. It is named differently in different language according to their language and words. In  Nepali, it is called by ”Anamika”,  and in  Arabic and Hebrew, the ring finger is called respectively – bansur (meaning “victory”) – and kmitsa (meaning “taking a handful”).

It values increases pricelessly  in wedding ceremony because this finger is also known as wedding ring finger. Mostly, we can see, than people wear the ring in ring finger, so it’s name also title on these story. In marriage ceremony, both bride and bridegroom put ring in each other ring finger, that gives the spark of trust and  unbreakable relationship.

In eastern and western culture, at the stage of marriage,both  worn the rings to ring finger of each other.That is why it is one of the valuable parts of human body.

12. Face:

This is the mirror of people and first part which is observed and seen by other people.Smiling in the face is one of eth great regions to make any other impress is said commonly.

This is the first door of the human body which have a very sensitive image and importance for its existence.People are distracted intelligent, black, handsome, smart by looking its face. A face can be also treated as the cover of the book which tells and gives some sense an inside story and subject vibration.Similarly, the face is also very stroking phase which is firstly analyzed the man by looking on its surface. Person’s face speaks many things.

And that is why some people were known and guess many things correct by reading the face.Face have such impression and expression of telling the reality and resistivity by its character. The face does not look good and handsome or beautiful only by its single representation but also by other supporting factors and parts.

A man is judged firstly either he or she is handsome, lazy, smart or beautiful respectively.The first expression or controversy is shown in the face when we express or kept it in multiple modes. It changes its shape, expression, feeling according to the behavior and activities. It is the identification parts for giving and making specific expression and identity as it is also called the central part of the human body.

A man is recognized by its face first and got respect and another thing thereafter.

13. LIPS:

It is also the visual parts of the body which add the emotions and expression to the face. Lips play a more crucial role in girls face.because the girls mostly care and deserve its uses.The beauty of the girls also depends upon the glare of lips. If the lips are incision hen it hampers and makes the beady dumb and awkward too.

The whole face becomes dim if it’s is not decorated beautifully. That is why the girls are mostly alert for shining it and decorating it with different lipstick to look good and attractive.In male also, it reflects its presentation as impressing and expressing components in the public or in the groups.

People face and expression also changes according to the lip’s color and expression. While laughing and weeping, lip’s plays supporting role. Some people smile has special effect other due to the combination and expression.

As it has a soft and smooth zone, it also used in showing love or expressing the feeling by doing its poses in a different manner. Due to that also it is treated as lips is a tactile sensory organ, and can be an erogenous zone when used in kissing and other acts of intimacy.Lips have also different size according to the human and animals too.Someone lips are too large while some lips is small depending on the body structure of them.  Lips have two tubes and are inter-dependent.


We all are familiar with hands in our daily work. We cannot terminate or organize any of the works without hands.  Hands are one of the most active organs of the body which existence also makes the people fulfillment of everything.  Most of our works are dependent upon our hand’s activities. Many of our works can be only processed and done by the use of help. We cannot operate anything without hands because in every machine and material it needs hands for its operation and uses.

A doctor, engineer. teacher and so on are in-completed in their professional career without having hands.People understand more and also provides meaning while expressing something by using the hands and is also effective and beneficial. Finger in the hand is used in every task either it is small or big.A man expression looks like a vacant and meaningless he wants to clarify some statement.

That is why, the action of hands by a singer in concert or singing a song, or by any professional are fully using it and taking its benefit. It contains mostly five fingers for making the forms of hands but sometimes, even six-fingered hands having man are shown, that is an exceptional case.Hands are also different in size, shape, and color but its size is totally different from animal and human being.animal have other size and nailed hands but a human has kept it in gentle order.

15. TOE:

It is also the expressive part of legs of the human body which helps to stand in gentle and smart order. It is the digits of the foot of tetrapod. It is also in different size according to the size of persons. Its size is small in child and gets increases serially with an increment of age.  If we inspect the t toe to human and animal, it has a large difference.

The animal toe is very much different than HUMAN BEING. Unguligrade animals are those that walk on hooves at the tips of their toes because It forgives support to performs their task in an easy manner.

Toes are also recommending the structure of foot as it has also connected to its stability. Toes are divided into groups having five toes in each leg.  In eastern culture, some women also wear ring in toes for passion and also for seeming cultured. It is flexible in nature helps to rotate the fingers.

When the toes have perfectly existed then it also helps to increase our standard level by giving thumbs up with shoes wearing.  Its history of saying and inspecting about it states old that is the  Old English term for toe is ta (plural tan).

This is a contraction of the and derives from Proto-Germanic taihwo (cognates: Old Norse ta, Old Frisian tane, Middle Dutch te, Dutch teen (perhaps originally a plural), Old High German Czech, German Zehe). Perhaps originally meaning “fingers” as well (many Proto-Indo-European language (PIE) languages still use one word to mean both fingers and toes), and thus from PIE root desk — “to show”.


Its appearance in the eyes increases the glow of eyes and expression of the person. It is more effective in the female because they also care it and treat it bitterly. They mostly kept it in thinner looks but boys do not care it. It is objected upper level of eyes making the eyes safety from dust particles, sweat,  water and other debris for preventing eyes damages and assault.

People make up it and removes the unwanted hair from eyebrow and keeps it in the right size that gives their look pretty.Mostly, it is existed to give security to eyes because we know that eyes are our most sensitive organs. The findings indicate the importance of eyebrows in providing clues to an individual’s identity that person mostly care about it.

17. Rib:

It is the standing support for surviving the human being. It presents in the human body have managed all the organs to live and performs their duty correctly. It is like the body cover where there is the placement of many organs inside and doing the better job.RIB  in the body means the people are surviving and doing the life more superior.

It is made of bones also called vertebral colony. It round shaped has tied all the parts like lungs, chest heart, and other parts enabling them to conduct their processing. In human, there are 24 ribs, in which the first seven set up ribs is called ”True ribs” which is directly attached to the sternum through the costal cartilage.

In comparison to an animal, there is a different number of rib attached in the body that depends upon the breed and nature of animal and species. In many creatures, there also seems its absence due to their body structure.

18. HAIR:

The face is lighted and highlighted brightly more by the presence of hair in the head. If the person who has not a hair in the head is like the grounds having not grass where you even feel bored and looks awkward.Hair represents the face expression and increases the brightness and glare of the face.

Now, the hair has become one of the most important needs for making an impression in the group or in the public.People even insult the person whose hair is cropped or permanently not grown. In the modern age, most of the youth are busy in romancing and enjoying with fashion.

That is why they colored it in different modes and cuts in various designs by watching some of the popular actors or celebrity.Their fashion and styles of keeping hair design chants others too kept like them.

Most of the old age person also cares it by coloring the white hair into black to show their puberty and age difference. Many youths cut the hair and design it differently that also shows the characters and their natures. Internationally, it has become the trend to keep the hair in different styles and some of the great actors, players are famous for doing so.

And one of them is great football star Ronaldo, who changes his hair design almost in very few day and their hairstyle become the fashion for their follower. They also try and some keep same hairstyles. That is why the hair keeping and styles explain the person personality, brightness, calm, puberty and reflects the mark in groups or public.

19  Armpit:

It is one of the most sensitive parts of the human body which is covered by clothes. It is also one of the reflecting things if it’s smell is bad.People sometimes also got insulted by its negative smelling. It is parts which should be cared and cleaned that will also help the person for increasing their smartness and furnished them as one of eth gentleman.

As it lies under the arms, it has been named armpit.It also grown up according to the heredity and genetics.Some of the eth people have some much appearance of hairs in it but some lack it. Similarly, in the comparison to female, it has also same effects on appearance.

But the girl is more alerts for its effect and growth, they cut or shaved and kept the armpit in cleanliness mode. Comparing eastern and western people, it looks more growth in eastern human being but in western people does not have so much growth of hairs in its pitch.

The underarm regions seem more important than the genital region for body odor which may be related to human bipedalism and keeps the body in balancing against too much hotness and coldness. It’s the most reflecting and revealing regions so the person  is more careful with its best treatment.Some person even gets tedious.It is revealed badly in black person and family in a white person. In Nepali, it is called ”Kaakhi”.

20. Temple:

This is also one of high risking regions of body parts located behind the ear.The nerves and cells of ears have gone through it to its origin.  Most of the people do not care their ear because they think it will not affect. But when the person suffers from any kinds of ear diseases, and if the case is abnormal, then there starts to occur regrets.

If the doctor recommends operation of eyes, then you have known the operation is done in the temple of the eyes, behinds the flags of eyes.It’s  helps to operate the process of ears normally that helps us to listen to something when any sound is creating or occurring near us. In Nepali, it is called as ”Kaanparo” and its speaking and calling name differs from language to language.

Those who treat it as one of the useless parts of the human body have the high risk of suffering from ear disease. It’s not so important to only clean and keep calm this region also but also ears too. Besides, it helps to ears for their procession of rave and wave freely that will prevent the person suffered from any kinds of ear disease.


It is the interior parts of the ear which are located almost in the head. It is also very sensitive organs which makes you’re a person of hearing all sound. Many people even are not yet able to listen with both of the ears because of dis-function in ears. Even it lies internal parts, it important to clean it sensitively.

The eardrum also called the Tympanic Membrane or Myringa is a thin, cone-shaped membrane that separates the external ear from the middle ear, as it is said in anatomy and other human tetrapods that it has real surface and bas of existence. Its nerves and tissue are connected with a back side of nerves that give sensation to our mind for listening something when any sound is makings its present surround us.

There are two general regions of the eardrum: the pars flaccida in the upper region and the Pars Tensa.  Addition to this, the pars flaccida consists of two layers, is relatively fragile and is associated with Eustachian tube dysfunction and Cholesteatomas.

And the larger Pars Tensa region consists of three layers: skin, fibrous tissue, and Mucosa.Middle fibrous layer, which encloses the handle of malleus and has three types of Fibres-the radial, circular and parabolic. The report shows the Suty of the human eardrum, that the people who are suffered from different kinds of ear disease are due to its filthy because its connectivity is with Manubrium of the Malleus is firmly attached to the medial surface of the membrane as far as its center, which it draws toward the Tympanic cavity.

22. WAIST:

It comes to use while dancing and its use are mostly done by girls than boys.  The waist is the specific area which gives us support to stand and walk and act towards the destination.  It’s the area or parts that also blows the backbone to fit and stands in right postures to gives you strength. We can also say that our body is standing on its support.

Whenever we suffered from waist pain, it makes you like the accidental man and fully injured and paralyzed. You cannot move yourself even the legs due to its pain and.the situation become traumatic and difficult to handle and overcome. It is located between the rib cage and hips.

female WAIST body part

Its size also differs from body fitness and weight. It gets revels more and looks awkward when it overgoes from its limits. That is why it is also taken as one of the tools for maintaining the personality.

This the most important things that people in the world care about to maintain the body postures and size in right order.Its increment and decrement affect the fatness or obesity in people body as it is taken as first symptoms or notification. To look good and beautiful, there is also a competition to maintain it in the right size.  Unmarried girls want to fit it in the right size and same the boys also act.

23. Lap:

It is a useful region of our body parts. Mostly we use it for working on a laptop by putting on it.And many things we mostly, performs by its help. It is also another store of our legs energy that conducts and gives the strength to move and shake our legs freely and in the different direction.

Its use is also done for making the body nerves free and strong by its movement. We can also say it as the roots of energy for our movement of hands and legs.The bones of the legs are stronger and even think in this region that holds the t huge strength and energy to supply to our other parts for free movement of other body parts.

The lap is also used to carry some heavy material because its only region that gives your efforts of energy to deal with such metabolism. Moreover, it’s used it also done at the time of making the girls or boys emotions or active whenever involving in intimate activities.

In that case, it helps the male or female to get the bliss pleasure and enjoy the situation. Besides, it also helps at the time of swimming. We can observe that at the time of swimming, they wipe and flip the legs here and there.  Due to such measure acting role in our daily, we can take it’s as the energy storeroom for supplying such strength and hope to stroke with daily action.

24. Shoulder:

It is the joint venture of two bones that help the flexible the legs moving. When the legs are moves and shake in the different direction, that is only possible.  The shoulder is situated in legs that is the point where the function of metabolism gets the appointment for flexible movement of legs.

The shoulder joint comprises the part of the body where the Humerus attaches to the scapula, the head sitting in the Glenoid cavity in Human Anatomy. It has ball socket formed by the Humerus and scapula and their surrounding structures – ligaments, muscles, tendons – which support the bones and maintain the relationship of rotation one to another.The skin around the shoulder is supplied by C2-C4 (upper), and C7 and T2 (lower area).

The brachial plexus emerges as nerve roots from the cervical vertebrae C5-T1as  immunity builder. Branches of the plexus, in particular from C5-C6, supply the majority of the muscles of the shoulder avoids any kinds of infection and trauma in its region.

25. Little finger:

It is located next to ring finger and is also the smallest finger of hands.This finger is mostly used for any symbolization for shortness or saying something in short symbol or semblance. The straightening of this finger also stands for five minutes of the pressure of urination. That is why while in groups, mostly boys use this symbol and go outside for getting relief from the urination.

This finger is also used for sworn and promising among friends mostly. This is also one kind of action and system of making the friendship relationship more clear and the robust.this finger is also used for wearing the rings by a minority of people.

Mostly the male looks wearing the eclipse or any other ring on this finger according to their wish or any other reasons. Traditionally, it is considered binding, and the idea was original that the person who breaks the promise must cut off their pinky finger for fulfilling the duty and promise rule.

26. Elbow:

It is also the joint like shoulder but it locates in hand. As we know that the use of elbow is commonly done in almost every action.our hands are performing and moving due to its support.

Hands suppressed the power by its support.It  is the rotational ball that allows the hands to move freely or do any other works. it includes powerful and chief remarks like olecranon (the bony prominence at the very tip of the elbow), the elbow pit, the lateral and medial epicondyles, and the elbow joint.

The name for the elbow in Latin is Cubitus which means joint landmarks. Elbow also consist the various ligament on either side which is fixed or placed across the transverse joint axis. The brachialis is the main muscle used when the elbow is flexed slowly and it gets easiness to shake up and flow up here and there.

While we feel any kinds of rubs on our back, then we flow our hands to drag that pleased us and it all happens by triceps Brachii with a negligible assistance from Anconeus. There are many glands and ligament that have supported the elbow for having such compliment and installation safely.

Sometimes we even get cracked our hands at that times, the huge effect is led on the joint. Paining starts from its roots if it gets some disturbance in working or flowing of blood and cells activation.

27. Heel:

As we know that it lies in our foot and also treated as the roots of our body. The whole body has made their standing due to its fitness and strongness. Mostly the person who are suffered from obesity gets difficult to walk because their body is not in balance.

At that time, they have only one helper that is heel. It also get more glimpse in girls because their fashion also shines by its modes of styles and action. Mostly the girls, are impacted by fashion and modern lifestyles, and they buy new Sandle or sleeper when they saw some actress wearing the new design heels.

The wearing of sleepers that may have different shape, size, color but it depends on heel because it has accepted all the load that is given. It is alsothe parts that makes our body for moving here and there. It is also one of the most sensitive region because it also have seasonal effect with the changes of environment.

It cracks and appears the incision in it due to drying foot or may be of damaged cells which seems awkward and filthy. To prevent from it and even to get rid out of it while suffered people, pastes different kinds of moisturizer cream.

It shape and structure is also different according to person to person male to female, and animals to animal. In mammal, there does seems heels because they performs their daily life’s activities by toe.

28. SKULL:

It lies under skleton system becauseit islike the bowl situated in the head. It is one of the most specific area where the power human machines are installed and performing their duty. This is also the cap of the mind of face which have got trapped the actual and specific structure.

It also gives the person identity by its effort which creates the basic and specific structure. The body and the whole system is driven by its center. So, it is also known as the center of all information and instruction.It is found in most vertebrates having bony formation. In zoology there are openings in the skull called fenestrae and it is characterized as the most hardest parts of the body.

It does not grow fast as other regionas it has limits to extend its size. It mostly expand in parallel direction. Sometimes, it’s much growth also make appearance in brain growth, cells formation and processing and other many problems. That is why its is also taken as one of the most caring part of eth body because our body is alive and vibrating the cells and tissues through its funnel.

29. FOOT:

Foot is the compound of all the other parts in singular area.it isdivided in two face due to two legs. And it is an anatomical structure found in many vertebrates because it’s the roots of the legs that our body can make moveable action. In many animals and mammals, there can be absence of other parts in measure to human and other animals.

But mostly it is seen that there is sure presence of foot.It’s size is limited according to the species of creatures and human beings also. The foot size of human being is long that needs the sleepers according to its size. As it contains the similar stricter, have specious value for making and keeping it clean and light of thumps.

It also creates the seasonal effect due to changes in environment. Foot is the front parts of the body so it should be kept clean to maintain the personality also.


It is also known as the hub of flowing or producing the sounds and voice.This part is also takes as oneof eth great impactful things because the voice have great effects on the flat of the world.People voice have magic that can coverts the situation into specific and specific into Terrifc. The voice have great effect that we can see in the movies.

The dialogues are spoken in actual ranges that only gives the watcher the furious and super flavor. Voice can converts water into syrup by labelling the flavor of ranges and action by their voice which is picked from the throat.

Hence, by looking all the marks, actions, creation, are dependent on voice.politician to singer are using it for achieving great and top accomplishment.sound have great impact mostly to listeners that speaker uses according to frequency for describing and stating their statement.


It is located below the skull by interconnection of many veins, nerves, tissues and glands, blood vessels, pharyngeal muscles, the nasopharyngeal tonsil, the tonsils, the palatine uvula, the trachea, the esophagus, and the vocal cords. It is also parts where the food material are passesthrough.

Mammal throats consist of two bones, the hyoid bone and the clavicle but the human throat have multiple bones.Its size also depend upon the body structure of creatures. That is why its also taken as vocal codes house where you can flew out the different class and frequency of voice to makes your surrounding and presentation active, effective andappreciative. In Nepali it is called ”Gala”.

31. Neck:

It is specific parts of body region situated under the mouth that that separates the headfrom the torso or trunk. It includes different glands but looks upheaval in structure from outside. Neck has also specific character because its main works is to help the interior throat for fluxion of the voice. Neck has great effects that in voice fluxion because it helps easiness to get out.

Neck also have difference character according to the species of human and animals.in human, it is mostly in normal size but its size got great difference we put our eyes ion animals.In theterms, zirrafe is such a animals which have large neck and their neck.Ziraffehave such unspecific and unique and strange neck size that even puts mane in the maze.

It’s such the creativity made by god that ahs supported them for their fodder and can grab it even from long distance. consequently, if we see in mammals, there even do not seems the neck because they dot needs it more and even do not feels it’s scarcity. It consist different glands,esophagus, the larynx, trachea, and thyroid gland, major blood vessels including the carotid arteries and jugular veins, and the first part of the spinal cord.

32. Whiskers:

It is such region which does not have great effects by female but its effects in male creates great mark in the public eyes. It has also become fashion to grow and give it different shapes by its treatment. Mostly, in many animal, it also have their appearance in different manners but has not vales. But in human beings, it carry great vales.

Even now people move and kept it as one of the proud and prestigious feeling. They think it is also the symbol of strong man and they deserve it. They care it to make the great impression on others. But even there are some groups who does not care and expends their minds on these kinds of illusive things. They things thee are not any effective measure that can create any identity in public. Due to that, they live simple life.

And there also exist some people who are above to this range and takes it as one of the prestigious matter. It’s vale is more powerful and precious in male not in female because they do not have such types of growth and feelings.

33. WOMB:

Its the most delegate parts of the female body because the baby get is shape and structure. The mother is not treats as one ofthe earth creator so.Because their works and patience of carrying the baby for nine month is upper than imagination.Their vales and meaning cannot be even defined in words.

The words of appreciation can be only given as gift that she actually hold the truth of giving birth, it is interior part of female especially where the sperm converts and transform into a human body structure through different process.

Uterus assumes anteverted position in 50% women, retrovertposition in 25% women and rest have mid-posed uterus, that the reproduction report speaks. The word womb has been outed from German and it English versionis used as uterus.It’s similar like tube that have characteristic of expansion and contraction.

34. Cheeks:

This is the outer surface of the face represent the dreaming projects. This is also the tools of measuring the person figure by analyzing it. It’s excellency mostly light in girls when their cheeks has specific smoothness and softness. The cheeks of girls are even used for involving and support in intimate works.

Girl cheeks or boys cheeks are used as the supporting factor for making the partners stimulated. In other words, it is also treated as one of eth loving region and showing thelove. The small kids cheek are soft in nature so that the people kiss it and show their love.

It’s softness and smoothness has such hypnotizing effect that can make anyone diverted that depends on the intention. Cheeks has several difference according to male and female. In cheek , there is appearance of beard in male but not in female.

Male beard is also one of eth prestigious things and factor for increasing the personality and smartness. But girls cheeks does not have such cells that can grow the hair or beard on their cheeks, if so happens also hen it would be like the syrup having salty taste.

That is why cheek in male and female both play difference role to making its impact in several condition. Cheek of both have precious vale and it covers the area right and left side of nose, upper of mouth and below of eyes.

35. Gum:

It is attached with teeth for giving support and protection both. Its importance is only when thereis teeth. Teeth of our mouth grows in it’s places and the gum trap[ it from both side for giving cover and attachment. It’s so much smooth because of muscular tube.

Gum does not have any hard function so its get value by giving attachment to teeth. The gums are divided anatomically into three parts that are Marginal, Attached and Interdental areas. Gums started to bleed when it is tortured at the time of its problem, that mostly looks in children. The almost half world is suffered from teeth and gum problem, that report say.

36. Anus:

The anus is derived from Latin anus meaning “ring”, “circle”. It is also muscular tube and bottom part of the body which extract the wastes of body for making the body movement in process. So it is also known as the door of dumping. It is also sensitive parts having the hole which leaks out the specially solid wastes from our body.

Female placental mammals have completely separate orifices for defecation, urination, and reproduction where the males have one opening for defecation and another for both urination and reproduction,shows the difference between male and female existence.

37. ANKLE:

Ankle is the joint place where the foot and foot and the legmeet which includes three joints: the Ankle joint proper or Talocrural joint, the Subtalar joint, and the inferior Tibiofibular joint.It main work is to make group connection for making the rotational and moveable support.

It also includes three bones the tibia, the fibula, and the talus. The ankle is composed of three jointsalso that are the Talocrural joint (also called talotibial joint, Tibiotalar joint, Talar mortise, Talar joint), the Subtalar joint (also called talocalcaneal),and the Inferior Tibiofibular joint. Therefore, its works is to make the bones of legs and food applicable for doing active action.

38. Skin:

It is also one of the outer cover of our body that has covered the all organs and parts. We can also call it the clothes of our parts.skin is one of the sense organs which gives the sense of any sensation that we strike withany activities.

It is soft tissues which is covered in every creatures.Skin of a different nature exists in amphibians, reptiles, and birdsand human and all have different features shape, structure and color too.The skin located under the eyes and around the eyelids is the thinnest skin in the human body at 0.5 mm thick.

39. Collar bone:

It is long size bone which is situated in the neck making its support and attached with throat and neck to contributes as strut between the shoulder blade and the sternum or breastbone.

It is expected as one of eth fragile bone which have greater probability of breaking even with some pressure to shoulder from the force of falling on outstretched arms or by a direct hit results into fractured.Its not totally straight is available in large doubly curved gets links toarm and trunk of the body. It can be divided into three parts that Aremedial end, lateral end and shaft.

40. Knee:

It is also the joint fragment of two long bone in the legs which also works for legs movement. It is known as largest joint in the body that contains two articulation, one between the femur and tibia (tibiofemoral joint), and one between the femur and patella (patellofemoral joint).

It’s also the strongest joint because the legs is fully dependent on its strength and robust. It plays role and makes the human easy for jumping, bending, rotating and many more that reduces the works complexity. It’s small in the child age and becomes longer with age increment. The kneecap forms its extension size by the age growth.

41. RUMP:

It is muscular part of the body which covers the anus by its bucks of muscle.it is in back sip of the things and also knows as one of eth sensitive organs of the human body.

Mostly the girls rumps is shown by negative and intimacy intention.the girls rump is also one of eth things which is used to get in emotion and stimulation for getting the bliss pleasure. The word is formed by English parliament in 1648 and is in prevalent still now while speaking.its have also other uses that is for cultural and body structure maintenance.it helps to makes our dress up fittable and add glance in our personality and appearance.

42. chin:

It’s the facial glaring supporting part exist in the front of the face just below the lips area. Elephants are the only other animals considered to display such a feature, although this leads to debate over the use of the term, hardly seen in other animals.

It is also the pact of making the facial expression and impression. Due to its shape and structure, creates eth glancing mark in the people.Chin has been used as one of eth style and fashionrevealing places that today’s youngster’s mostly deals with by designingand recreating the styles of beard keeping. Moreover, it also emphasize the chew to its growth and making their existence. I’s also in different modes, like double chin, y shaped, dimple chin etc.

42. nipple:

Nipple is also one of the muscular vesselof female breast which locates in chest.it is mostly important fro feeding the milk to the baby.Newly born baby suck the mother’s milk through it. So, it is helpful for making baby strong and powerful by sucking the mother’s milk because mother’s milk has been proves as one of the most nutritious milk contain multiple vitamins and minerals and all other needed calorie.

Addition to it, nipple is also used for getting or bring the women in stimulated.If we focus on its etymology then, the word “nipple” most likely originates as a diminutive of neb, an Old English word meaning “beak”, “nose”, or “face”, and which is of Germanic origin.

43. Jaw:

It is internal part of our bone derived with strong bones.Jaw is mostly used for chewing and grasping the food and manipulate it for easiness into the belly. It is only presented in the human mouth in long strong bones but in other vertebrates, it has several structure and not so strong too. Its size and strongness depends upon the characteristic of animals. Jaw makes the body in control by processing and mixing it intopaste.

44. Index finger:

It is called by different name like as forefinger, first finger, pointer finger, trigger finger, digitussecundus, digitus II, is the first finger and the second digit of a human hand. It size is smaller than the middle finger and longer than the fifth finger.

it is frankly knows as pointing finger because when we symbolize or saw a something from far, we mostly use this finger for pointing the directed and delivered object.this finger contains also many religious faith and mythology as well as some political issues.regarding all these, it is mostly considered as the pointing finger and second finger.

45. Male chest:

Male chest is also same like female but the muscles of breast does not come up with big size that actually the female grow up. It located below neck and upper of abdomen which have large cellular bones that keeps the body in balance and movable.It contains organs including the heart, lungs, and thymus gland, as well as muscles and various other internal structures which is also known as the programming script for making the body active and programming.

46. Female Chest:

Female chest is something difference from male in external factors. Female chest contains the two breast normally because they are known as the mother of the earth also and mostly for feeding the baby at the time of giving birth.

The female chest also contains all those programming parts which helps them to keep in active mode. Mostly the girls chest are also known for the first steps to gather and grow up the stimulation by scrabbling it and moving or playing with it while busy in intimate activities.


It has become the fashion of keeping and moderating it in new and latest designs.Most of the youngsters are fashionable and they update their fashion by watching some of their favorite actors, players.

Moustache is also knows as one of the prestigious aspect for showing the puberty and strength. It’s modulation and cutting shows the man attitude. Mostly the great actor and players keep it for showing their fashion and attitude.

Moustache is the region located upper of lips and below of nose in flat little space, where there is growth of hair and designed. It’s also the aspect of impressing and making self respect and self recognition in the society or groups. It also helps to upgrade and increase the personality and smartness.

48. Bun:

It is the specific level of test that calculates the amount of urea nitrogen found in blood. It is also the first glimpse to know and take information about the kidney statics relating its health. It also affects negatively when its amount increases from specific level, destroys the respiratory system and other parts.

It’s cause due to increment of high proteindiet, decrease in glomerular filtration rate (GFR) (suggestive of renal failure) and in blood volume (hypovolemia), congestive heart failure, gastrointestinal hemorrhage, fever and increased catabolism.

And it also reduces its level and attacks you with disease happened by other liver disease, anabolic state, and syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone. Normal human adult blood should contain between 6 and 20 mg of urea nitrogen per 100 ml (6–20 mg/dL) of blood that is treated good for being healthy andliving healthy.


Tongue is most sensitive parts of body which is famous for giving the feeling of tastes of food material that we grab. It helps to recognize the taste of food material that it is sweet and salty. It expels out the saliva which makes the person to know its salty or sweet.

It has specific values because it also makes your value increased and decreased depends upon your habits of cleaning it.It’s bad smell makes any one irritate and neglected. It is muscular organ having flexible characteristic that can moves here and there. Due to it the man get easy to flow their words clearly. It main works is to activates the means of vocalization and pitching the speech.

50. JOINT:

Joint is the combination two other bones for forming into one to make the function and performance,there are many joints in our human body.Joints has made possible to born the human into single andimpudent being.

All things can be given to its finished and lucrative shape only by joining may be the joints will be small and bigger. Someof the joints, are knee, elbow, and shoulder, are self-lubricating, almost frictionless, and are able to withstand compression and maintain heavy loads while still executing smooth and precise movements.

51. Palate:

It is the roof of the mouth that supports the teeth along with gum for making their action it plays the role of separating the oral cavity from the nasal cavity. Palate is divided into two parts and they arethe anterior bony hard palate, and the posterior fleshy soft palate (or velum).

It’s also the supporting organs of minds for resistance their ligament and other muscular tissue and organs. It just makes the creation in the teeth for converting the fertility.Its is of bony structures that is interconnected with nasal cavity and oral cavity.

52. Thigh:

It is also known as one of eth intimate parts of human body which promotes the desire while making the sweetness of love and has sunk in the mating sense. It captures the area between the Celvis and knee. Mostly the female thigh are mostly get molested by youngsters.

But thigh plays a helpful role to get pleased and delighted at the time of doing intercourseby raging the stimulation. It contains single bone formation which is called Femur in anatomy, having thick and strong caption.It has connected all the upper and lower limbs bones strongly for forming some other joints that is knee and hip joint.

53. Snout:

This is the pointing surface of the person and animals locates in front face. It’s mostly looked clearly in animals because they all have their unique formation of snout like as muzzle, rostrum or proboscis.Some person snout also have unique structure but some have normal. Mostly the animals have pointed snout according to their body structure.But in human it looks in normal mode.

54. BEARD:

It is the matter of prestige and reward which is given by other person and felt by self. Nowadays, keeping beard in different styles by copying the other actors and other players.

Mostly in Hindu religion, the big saints, sage, hermit keeps in long size for showing the devotion to the god and public.The same things is kept by youngster in different styles to show their attitude, personality and smartness.

It develops with growth of puberty. Most of the people does not keep it. Mostly in India and Nepal in terms of eastern country get more hair as beard in their face and some of the western country peoples also. It’s also the art of showing self sapient.

55. Tooth:

It grown with age growing. It develop with puberty and also size increase serially. In human , first the teeth comes are broken, which is called crude and milked teeth also, thenafter comes permanent teeth. The number of teeth appearances in the human also depends upon their genetics and hermone.

Commonly, there exist 28 and very hardy 32 number of teeth in human.It’s number depend upon person to person. Similarly the animals teeth also have its number differently 4, 10, 20 etc. teeth is the reflecting parts to show our smile that express our nature. It’s more valuable in girls face and also related as the magic for attracting someone or hypnotizing. Therefore, teeth also adds the radiance in personality and value in person appearance and behaviors.

56. Artery:

Artery helps to supply the blood fluxion to every part so four body. The word is derived from Greek ἀρτηρία (artēria), meaning ‘windpipe, artery’.Artery mostly supply the oxygenated blood from heart to every parts of body.

The arteries are part of the circulatory system, which deliver oxygen and nutrients to all cells, as well as the removal of carbon dioxide and waste products, the maintenance of optimum blood pH, and the circulation of proteins and cells of the immune system for better and non blockage circulation of blood. It is also reported by doctors, that it should always in non-blocked because it pumps out the blood and supply like the funnel.

57. Nail:

Nail is treated as one of thebeauty shower mostly for girls.girls keep it to long size to make different design. And by polishing it also increase the brightness in women’s beauty. Girls are very much connoisseur for designing and draw different arts on it.

In the male, they do not care about it. It is some hard substance which appears as cover in the mouth of figure. Nail is different in structure and size in animal. It’s also shows their character either they are domestic or rampage animal. it hold more value in female than male because it is also sometime used for open anything or peel out any vegetable and other materials.

58. Nose:

It is also one of the sensitive sense organs which makes the people feeling of smell either it is good or bad. It gives sensation to our minds when the nose inhales the air. Mostly the smell lies in the air and the function of nose is to take the oxygen. Nose is also used for recognizing by tasting some food material keeping near the nose.

There are many super person who have used nose as an medium of revealing their adeptness and skill like as fluting melodiously and many other sound through it. Nose is of all kinds depends upon he genetics mostly like pointed, thumped, flat, small, big, normal.It’s main work is to take oxygen and throw carbon dioxide. So it way to processing the oxygen.It is locate between eyes and upper of moustache.

59. Wrist:

WRIST is the joint of the hands from where the hands get into its structures, also known as the carpus or carpal bones the complex of eight bones forming the proximal skeletal segment of the hand. It is the joint between the radius and the carpus.

It is the region which also consists the human parts like carpal tunnel, the anatomical snuff box, bracelet lines, the flexor retinaculum, and the extensor retinaculum. Wrist made easy to forms the bony structure by making easy connectivity and settlement into its gap. 13 bones helps to form this part.

60. Nostril:

It is the hole of nose which has its function of inhaling the oxygen and exhaling the carbon-dioxide. It is like funnel that has its connection to mind and also with mouth internally that supply or delivers the oxygen everywhere in the body.Nostril are separated by the Septum.

Inside the nostril, there exist small hair which is mostly grown for filtering the oxygen and stops the dirty things and each choana contains approximately 1000 strands of nasal hair.It’s forms its structure according to h the size of human nose.

61. Navel:

Navel is the center of stomach so called also belly. Colloquially it is said by the name abdomen.it is present almost in all mammals. As it the exterior parts of body most gets connected with different chords internally and has got this unique shape. It has not any uses normally.

62. Eyeball:

Eyes has recognition and identification by the presence of eyeball. Eyes has got value because of the eyeball. When it got absent, the man become blind.it is the ball which has hold the light and bright of the outer world. It provides the lights to the people.

So, it is the main parts to form and play the roll of giving the vision it is also of different color like red, blue, black, green also and also different according to animals. There are different types of a eyes which forms according the human structure and environment.


IT is treated as the pointing the Tika area which lies below the head and above the nose. When people feels any pain put out their hands here. It is also the area of showing the happiness and sorrow both. Forehead is bounded by three features, two of the skull and one of the scalp.

It helps to show your facial expression and courage. The person read the face either by looking the mouth a or forehead. Its shape and size are also analyzed of grasping the phenomenon like intelligent, lucky, stubborn, etc. according to social beliefs.


Eyelid is also the glimpse of showing the facial expression as it helps to show the reality of eyes and your situations.Person also read and evaluate m person’s standard and problems by showing their eyes.

Eyes reveals the truth what you are hiding and what you are saying is really true or not. It is stand for protecting the eyes for getting inside any dust by thin long hair in two wings. It is forms by the helps of several layers that are skin, subcutaneous tissue, orbicularis oculi, orbital septum and tarsal plates, and palpebral conjunctiva.

65. ARMS:

The arm is the part of the upper limb between the glenohumeral joint (shoulder joint) and the elbow joint.It contain one of the long bones which is Humerous helps to join with scapula at the shoulder joint and with the other long bones of the arm, the ulna and radius at the elbow joint.

The arms has also now become of the area of showing fashion by converting it into packs of muscles to impress others mostly the girls.Arms is also used to carry the heavy load due to its strength and have efficiency of carrying 140 kg accordingly.

66. Bile:

Bile is a dark green to yellowish brown fluid produced by liver helps to digestion of food in most of vertebrates. It is continuously produces for maintaining their regular processing of digesting and converting it into enzymes, stored in gall bladder.

The composition of gallbladder bile is 97% water, 0.7% bile salts, 0.2% bilirubin, 0.51% fats (cholesterol, fatty acids and lecithin), and 200 meq/l inorganic salts.It empulsify the lipids in food by producing the fluid. More increment of bile affects negatively and less also increases negatively.

67. Back:

It is the great area which is located in back to covered the back bone and other internal parts.Its the region of doing nothing but also its values is more. Its posterior area covered below that neck and upper of buttocks in back. It has made houses of spinal cord.

It’s width can be calculated by the scapula, the broad, flat bones of the shoulders. Many internal parts like lungs, kidney, liver etc. are doing their performance by the support of spinal cord and spinal cord is surrounded by it. It is one of the strongest zone helps to carry the heavy load. Many porter used it for carrying heavy loads.

68. Sole:

Sole is the bottom flat area of foot. As it has covered with thin skin which helps to make the special structure and easiness to make our movement. It is thin in nature and has made the connection with upper skin with many veins, nerves. Mostly people get injured in this area so it is also known as accidental area because people cannot live without moving it.

69. Muscles:

It is the flesh of the body which has mostly made occupancy to give the actual structure of any body parts. Without the muscles, body does not make its formation.

The body will become like the nude steels. In human body, there is presence of above six hundred muscles which are making the body ignited. Muscles has not any fixed proportion but has occupied and attached with bones in facial and visual structure. It contains the different tissues, veins, nerves through which the blood reaches into every bladder and station.

70. spleen:

It is related to maintaining the regarding with red blood cells and immune system. Immune system in the human body strokes any assault in the body and helps to keeps the fitness. It mostly filters the damage pigment, and ligament and rigger the new blood cells and recycles the iron.

It is located near liver, has two regions an anterior or gastric and a posterior or renal.Spleen, in healthy adult humans, is approximately 7 centimetres (2.8 in) to 14centimetres (5.5 in) in lengthand weighs between 150 grams (5.3 oz) and 200 grams (7.1 oz).

71. Molar teeth:

Molar teeth is derived from Latin molaris dens. It is not in large number but hold four or five cusps. Due to its flat nature, it become easy to make chew and even crack some hardest thing under it. Sometimes the teeth is also used for opening the tighten cover of any bottle. It appears in the also or back of teeth and treated the most stronger than front teeth. It is about 16 to 20 in both row.

72. Thumb:

The thumb is also used for expressing the”Best of Luck” or.This finger is also used for doing the man works. Human used this finger for carrying or driving, or peeling some vegetable and many more.The hands gets lack and feels like having no finger in the hands if it does not exist.The thumb consist the fat bones which gets jointed with all other fingers.

The Medical Latin English noun for thumb is pollex (compare hallux for big toe), and the corresponding adjective for thumb is politicaland called it according to human language. The thumb is also used for doing the signature and it taken as the permanent proof.

As we see that, in some evidence, people even collect their thumb stamps to clarified the evidences. Thumb is also taken as the signature of the person who is not educated. Those who are educated also used the thumb’s main helps to write something. Therefore, thumb is also taken as the king of all the fingers. Thumb also obtains the more power than other fingers.

73. Embryo:

Embryo is the earlier stage of fertilization of sperms that has enter inside the ovum of uterus. It makes the conversion by different formation and fertilization by female egg cells and male egg cell when it enter inside as male sperm. In human body, a perms takes between the fifth and the eleventh weeks after fertilization in the embryonic stage.

But there not occurs the formation of baby in the uterus when they do abortion that kills its existence and formation. This is one ofthe maternal process. Embryo is located in women womb where baby get space to extend and develops their body growth. Therefore, its one of the high risky organs of female body parts because they have to tackle with a lots of pain and trauma.


Middle fingeris the long finger of the hands located at the place of three.It’s have two ethical sense according to western and eastern countries. In Eastern country like India,Nepal raising of this finger stands of begging the request for going to long break. Middle finger is also taken as the long finger and supportive fingers of other finger. Middle finger generally helps to carry something.

75. MOUTH:

Mouth includes all the parts like teeth, tongue, lips, that stands in structured format of expressing the ideal figure to other.mouth is the parts where our sound comes out when we speaks.

Mouth is the also sort of making recognition by using it. Our activation is recognized by mouth and it gets tag when we open our mouth with some voice. So this the parts of showing the something. It makes is development under the formal of oral cavity, buccal cavity, or in Latin cavumoris.

76. Fist:

It is such moment when the hand is curled into the palm and the thumbs is distracted but pressed, retracted and displaying the knuckles. It is mostly made for stroking anyone of fighting someone. This is also made for finding out the nerves to treat anything with it.

This made possible only when all the fingers of the hands get interacted and closed at a time.The raised fist is also a symbol of Rebellion, Militance, resistance and unity. When human do it, they become stronger by also the support of wrist. It is mostly done by the boxer to hit opponent.


Urinary bladder is the bladder which stores the water what we inhale it and coverts into urine after filterization and exhale through human organs. Urine get into it via the ureters and exits via the urethra. this is shown that the typical bladder have capacity of containing and storing up to 300 to last 800 ml liter of water. It is of muscular tube that can extend to limits and shrink too limits which is situated at the base of the pelvis.

78. Vagina:

It is the parts of doing intercourse and one of the sensitive organs of female body.It is situated between two thigh having muscular host having hole inside it. The hole is treated as vagina which the male inhale their penis for getting physical relation pleasure or for reproductive themes.

It is also the process of putting the male sperms into womb to born the baby.The baby comes out by this hole. It is the erotic organs helps to developsand makesthe female pregnant. Beside vagina, there is growth of hair called pubic hair. There is also great risk of transmission of disease through intercourse if not practiced safely and carefully.At the base of the pelvis, it s make the role of giving birth and providing pleasure.

79. Blood:

It is the fluid of the body which reserves the body parts and makes the body moveable.Blood mostly refers to red blood cells that gives the strength to makes functioning of the body.It delivers the necessities substances like oxygen, nutrients and other nutritious facts to the cells for making them alive.

Due to the lack of body cause many disease and person cannot live with it. Blood contains hemoglobin, an iron-containing protein supplied to all the respiratory organs. Blood is also known as the fuel of the human body. So it get less or scarce in the human body, then they are even treated as the suffering from malnutrition.

Therefore, people even taken the food and that food converts into stool, urine, and some portion to blood. Blood has made person alive. If it is not available in proper manner, then the man is said to be fit and vice versa.


Saliva is also the fluid which is produced by tongue and other glands for their particular needs.Body have different glands that produces it like liver and other.Saliva exactly refers to fluid produced by tongue. Saliva helps to digest the food and support to particles the food material.

It contains 99.5% water, plus electrolytes, mucus, white blood cells, epithelial cells (which can be used to extract DNA), glycoproteins, enzymes (such as amylase and lipase), antimicrobial agents such as secretory IgA and lysozymeand other sources also which is helpful to the human body.

81. HAIR:

It is grown in the head and almost every part of thebody in their size difference. It is also one oftheidentity of separating male and female as well as adding the intelligence and looks in the human body.

82. Penis:

It is pointed and long muscular rod of 4 to 9 centimeter which is used for pleasure and urination it has connected with glad producing the sperms and while intercourse, the sperms is leaked in female womb which become the baby through different process.

83. Breast:

It is the thumps of the muscular parts of the female body located in the chest.It has the value of feeding the newly born baby milk.Because the nipple is located on its top which produces milk and is energizers to the newly born child.

Breast is also the beauty parts of human body helps to increase eth glow and intimacy to other, so its also taken as the one of the major parts of the female body. It is used to get stimulated by foreplaying it. Female is also recognized by it as it is a one of the symbolical and frontier body parts.

84. Trachea:

It can be also said as the breathing funnel because it remittance the oxygen and carbon dioxide for making the internal systems more purified. It is connected with neck near voice chords and connected to two lungs for its functioning that is inhaling and exhaling.

Now, we are going to discuss 125 names of body parts in English and Nepali language. These all organs are taken from this above 10 system of human body and function of body parts.

List of 125 Name of Human Body Parts in English and Nepali language with Roman Script

s.n. – Name of parts of body in Nepali – Name of parts of body in English – How to write in roman fontOf the name of parts of body How to pronounce in Nepali

1 अनामिका – Ring finger – Anamika – Anāmikā

2 अनुहार, मुख – Face – anuhar, mukh – anuhāra, mukha

3 आँखा – Eye – aankha – ām̐khā

4 आन्द्रा, – Intestine – aandra – āndrā,

5 आँत – Intestine – aant – ām̐ta

6 ओठ – lip – oth – ōṭha

7 औला हातका – finger – aula hatka – aulā hātakā

8 औंला गोडाका – toe – aula godaka – aunlā gōḍākā

9 आँखीभुइँ -, eyebrow – aankhibhuin – ām̐khībhu’im̐,

10 भृकुटि – eyebrow – bhrikuti – bhr̥kuṭi

11 करंग – rib – karang – karaṅga

12 कपाल – hair – kapal – kapāla

13 कलेजो – liver – kalejo – kalējō

14 काखी – armpit – kakhi – kākhī

15 कन्पारो – temple – kanparo – kanpārō

16 कर्ण्र्ाा – eardrum – karnpat – karṇrāā

17 कम्मर – waist – kammar – kam’mara

18 काख – lap – kakha – kākha

19 कान – eardrum – kan – kāna

20 काँध, – shoulder – kandh – kām̐dha,

21 कुम – shoulder – kum – kuma

22 कान्छी औंला – little finger – kanchhi aula – kānchī aunlā

23 कुहुनु – elbow – kuhunu – kuhunu

24 कुर्कुच्चा – heel – kurkuchcha – karurkuccā

25 कुकुरे हाड – cartilage – kukure had – kukurē hāḍa

26 खप्पर, तालु – skull – khappar, talu – khappara, tālu

27 खुटटा – foot – khutta – khuṭaṭā

28 गला – throat – gala – galā

29 गला – gullet – gala – galā r

30 गर्दन, – neck – gardan – gardana,

31 घाँटी – neck – ghanti – ghām̐ṭī

32 गल्मोछा – whiskers – galmochha – galmōchā

33 गर्भाशय – womb – garvasaya – garbhāśaya

34 गाला – cheeks – gaala – gālā

35 गिजा – gum – gija – gijā

36 गुदद्धार – anus – guddwar – gudad’dhāra

37 गोली गाँठो – ankle – goli gantho – gōlī gām̐ṭhō

38. छाला – skin – chhala – chhālā

39 घाँटीको हाड – collar bone – ghantiko had ghām̐ṭīkō hāḍa

40 घुँडा – knee – ghunda – ghum̐ḍā

41 चाक – rump – chak – cāka

42 चिउँडो – chin – chiudo – ci’um̐ḍō

43 चुल्ठो – lock – chultho – culṭhō

44 जगल्टा – lock – jagalta – jagalṭā

45 चुचुक – nipple – chuchuk – cucuka

46 च्यापु – jaw – chyapoo – cyāpu

47 मुन्टो – nipple – munto – munṭō

48 चोरऔला – index finger chor aula – cōra’aulā

49 छाती पुरुषको – chest – chhati purushko – chātī puruṣakō

50 छाती महिलाको – breast – chhati mahilako – chātī mahilākō

51 छाला – skin – chhala – chālā r

52 चर्म – skin – charma – carma

53 जुँघा – mustache – jungha – jum̐ghā

54 जुरो – bun – juro – jurō

55 जिबरो – tongue – jibro – jrirō

56 जोर्नी, आँख्लो -joint – jorni, aankhlo – jōrnī, ām̐khlō

57 तालु – palate – talu – tālu

58 त्रि्रा – thigh – tighra – trirā

59 जाँघ – thigh – jangha – jām̐gha

60 थुतुनो – snout – thutuno – thutunō

61 चोसो – snout – choso – cōsō

62 दाढी – beard – dadi – dāḍhī

63 दाँत – tooth – danta – dām̐ta

64 धमनी – artery – dhamani – dhamanī

65 नङ – nail – nang – naṅa

66 नङेग्रा – nail – nangra – naṅēgrā

67 नसा – vein – nasa – nasā

68 शिरा – vein – shira – śirā

69 नाक – nose – nak – nāka

70 नाडी – pulse – nadi – nāḍī

71 नाभी – navel – nabhi – nābhī

72 नाकको प्वाल, नाथ्री – nostril – nakko pwal, nathri nākakō pvāla, nāthrī

73 नाडी, नारी – wrist – nadi, nari – nāḍī, nārī

74 नेत्रकोष – eyeball – netrakosh – nētrakōṣa

75 निधार – forehead – nidhar – nidhāra

76 ललाट – forehead – lalat – lalāṭa

77 पलक – eyelid – palak – palaka

78 परेला – eyelash – parela – parēlā

79 पाखुरो – arm – pakhuro – pākhurō

80 पाठेघर – uterus – patheghar – pāṭhēghara

81 पिडौला – calf – pidhaula – piḍaulā

82 पित्त – bile – pitta – pitta

83 पिठयु – back – pidhyoo – piṭhayu

84 पेट – belly – pet – pēṭa

85 उदर – belly – udar – udara

86 पेशी – muscle – peshi – pēśī

87 पाँसुला – muscle – panshula – pām̐sulā

88 पैताला – sole – paitala – paitālā

89 प्लीहा, – spleen – pliha – plīhā,

90 फियो – spleen – phiyo phiyō

91 फोक्सो – lung – phokso phōksō

92 फुसफुस – lung – phusphus phusaphusa

93 बंगारा चपाउने दाँत – molar teeth bangara, chapaune dant baṅgārā capā’unē dām̐ta

94 बुद्धि बंगारा – dens serotinous – buddhi bangara bud’dhi baṅgārā

95 बुढी औला – thumb – budhi aula buḍhī aulā

96 भुँडी – abdomen – bhundi bhum̐ḍī

97 भुडी,आमाशय – stomach – bhundi, aamashaya bhuḍī,āmāśaya

98 भु्रण – embryo – bhrun bhuraṇa

99 मस्तिष्क – brain – mastik mastiṣka

100 दिमाग – brain – dimag dimāga

101 माझी औला – middle finger – maghi aula mājhī aulā

102 माहिली औला – middle finger – mahili aula māhilī aulā

103 मिर्गौला – kidney – mriguala – mirgaulā

104 मुख – mouth – mukh – mukha

105 मुटु – heart – mutu – muṭu

106 हृदय – heart – ridaya – hr̥daya

107 मुटठाी – fist – mutthi – muṭaṭhāī

108 मुत्राशय – urinary bladder – mutrasaya – mutrāśaya

109 योनी मार्ग – vagina – yoni marga – yōnī mārga

110 योनी – vagina – yoni – yōnī

111 योनी लिंग – glans clitoris – yoni linga – yōnī liṅga

112 रगत – blood – ragat – ragata

113 राल – saliva – ryal – rāla

114 रोमकुप – pore – romkup – rōmakupa

115 रौं – hair – rau – rauṁ

116 लिंग – penis – ling – liṅga

117 लिंगको टुप्पो – glans penis – lingko tuppo – liṅgakō ṭuppō

118 श्वास नली, कण्डनाल – trachea – swas ail, kanthnal – śvāsa nalī, kaṇḍanāla

119 स्कन्ध, धड – trunk – skandha, dhad – skandha, dhaḍa

120 स्नायु – nerve – snayu – snāyu

121 हत्केला – palm – hatkela – hatkēlā

122 हाड – bone – had – hāḍa

123 हात – hand – hat – hāta

124 हृदयावरण – pericardium – ridayabaran – hr̥dayāvaraṇa

125 स्तन – breat – Stan – Stan

125 Name of Body Parts in English, Nepali and Roman

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  3. cerebrum ” sirobramha
    cerebellum : sirobilom
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    pancreas : agnyashaya
    mid brain : Madhya mastishka
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