Name of 34 Birds in Nepali & English Language With Pictures and Information

Find here a name of birds in Nepali and English language. We have published here Nepali names for birds. There are hundreds of birds found in Nepal. According to Wikipedia, Nepal includes a total of 900 species.

There are various types of birds found in Nepal. But we have published here less than hundreds of Nepali names for birds, the name of birds in the Nepali language. We will update this article as soon as possible.

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Information about the birds in Nepal.

Within the short span of less than 200 KM (from north to south), Nepal has an acuminated climatic variation from subtropical to alpine. The altitude of Nepal varies from about 60m above the sea level in the southern lowland to 8.848m in the north. Because of rich in biodiversity, the country possesses a high biodiversity considering its size.

As yet, 876 species of birds have been recorded in Nepal, which is about 8% of the total bird species found worldwide. Well, a total of 35 globally threatened species, 19 near threatened species and 15 restricted- range species are recorded in Nepal. Spiny Babbler Turdoidesnipalensis is the only endemic bird of Nepal known so far. Nine species of birds are listed under the protected species by Government of Nepal.


As diverse as 130 breeding and wintering species (15% of Nepal’s birds) are now considered as nationally threatened. Habitat loss is the Major threat to 86% of the birds at risk. Hunting, illegal trade and poisoning are other threats to birds in Nepal.

Name of Birds in Nepali Language danfe Lophophorus Image
Danfe Lophophorus

Birds are a feathered creature and they belong to class Aves and subphylum Vertebra.  The most different character of Birds is the control of feathers and the forelimbs modified into wings. Birds decline 140 million years ago from the reptilian stock similar to that which produced dinosaurs, a bird-like creature, called Archaeopteryx.

Well, there are many types of birds in Nepal. Some of them are, six species of Pheasant including the imperial pheasant, Nepal’s National bird, 17 species of cuckoo, which are characterized by their distinctive calls, eight species of the stork. 3 species of crow, cormorant, egret, black ibs, eagle, falcon, duck, chukar, partridge, sarus crane, lapwing pigeon, Bengal green pigeon, dove, parakeet, Koel cuckoo, owl, vulture, peafowl, sallow, black dong, blue jay, wood pecker, Black-headed Shrike, red-vented bulbul, common myna, paradise flycatcher, brahminy duck, house sparrow, red mania and hawk.  Visiting Nepal will give you a panoramic mountain views. A glimpse of wild animals and exposure to the local people’s culture and traditions too.

Now let’s talk about the Nepal’s National Bird. The Himalayan Monal( Lopophorusimpejanus), or danfe, is Nepal’s national bird and the most alluring amongst pheasant species.

They inhabit the high regions of the Himalayan range. When it dances, it spreads its wings and tail feathers displaying a glorious range of colors. It’s about 70 cm in length and weight of around 2kg each. Adult male monal birds have multi-colored plumage throughout their body and detach long metallic green ridge while the females are dull in color with dark brownish feathers.

The necks of the male have reddish copper color on the back and sides and a flashy white back and rump when in flight. Females have an outstanding white patch on the fore neck and a white strip on the tail.

Nepal provides excellent bird watching sites and a significant number of wetlands. The wetland birds fall between the most interesting birds of Nepal. In the eastern Nepal, the first Ramsar (wetland) site to be developed in the country in 1987 is KoshiTappu.

Till date, Nepal has nine wetland sites designated as Wetlands of International Significance that is, Ramsar sites, which includes Beeshazar Tal (lake), Ghodaghod Tal, Jagadishpur Reservoir, Rara Lake, PhoksundoLake, Gokyo Lake, Mai Pokhari and Gosainkunda Lake.


These Ramsar sites sustain a valuable habitat for hundreds of Bird species and a convenient resting place for many migratory birds.

Ramsar Sites in Nepal (2009)

The finest water holes for the seriously endangered White-rumped Vulture (Gyps bengalensis) are Beeshazar and its associated lakes.

These vultures are included on the list of an endangered bird of Nepal. Likewise, the two seriously endangered species of birds, the White-rumped Vulture and the Slender-Billed vulture (Gyps tenuirostris) supported by the  Ghodaghodi Lake and its associated 13 lakes.

Additionally, these lakes are the habitat of the substantial number of Cotton Pigmy-goose (Nettapuscoromandelianus). Jagadispur Reservoir provides shelter for the Indian Sarus Crane which has been red listed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

KoshiTappu endeavor an important environment for the Bengal Florican and the Spotbillled Pelican. Also, this place is an ideal environment for resident and migratory water birds as well as a number of stumble birds.

In this area, 485 species of Birds of Nepal have been recorded in the area out of which 12 are globally threatened. The two species the water Cock (Gallcrexxinerea) and the Abbott’s Babbler (Malacocinclaabbotti) are only found here in all of the countries.

Many important birds like Ferruginous Duck and Demoiselle Crane (Grus Virgo) are supported by the Gokyo and its associated lakes in the Himalayan region.  Likewise, the high altitude lakes like Gosainkunda and its associated lakes and Phoksundo support a momentous and symbolic number of birds which also includes the wetlands birds like Ruddy Shelduck (TadornaFerruhinea) and the Common Teal (AnasCrecca).

Rara Lake and its neighboring area is the natural environment and resting site of winter visiting water birds like the Gadwali (AnasStrepera), NorthenShoveler (Anasclypeata), Common Teal, Tufted Duck (Aythyafuligula), common Golden Eye, Mallard (AnasPlatyrhynchos), common Coot (Fulicaatra) and solitary (Gallinagosolitaria), Common Merganser (Mergus merganser). And the required habitat for protected species like the White-rumped Vulture is provided by Mai Pokahari.

The SaptaKoshi River is also an important shelter and protection for many migratory birds and waterfowls such as the graceful White Ibis. The rarer ibis bill of the upper Mustang district is also often seen in the wetlands of the Terai.

The Eurasian Griffon, Black Kite, and the Lammergeuer are found in the Himalayan regions. During October around Lumbini the popular migratory birds like the Demoiselle Crane and the indianSarus Crane, which travel from Dar E-Salaam and over the Himalayas on to the Gujarat and Rajasthan in India, can be seen.

So these are some information about the birds in Nepal. These birds are also a key attraction to the tourists. So we must protect them for the nation and also for the maintenance of the ecosystem.

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Name of Birds in Nepali & English Language: Birds in Nepal

For now, we have published some of them. You can get 34 names of birds in Nepali. But there are more than 900 species of birds found in Nepal. We are unable to all name of birds found in Nepal.

But one thing we can say that what is the name of a national bird of Nepal? We have the answer to the question “what is the name of a national bird of Nepal?” We have given the below the name of a national bird of Nepal.

The national bird of Nepal is Danfe. Lophophorus is the national bird of Nepal. Now get here Nepali names of birds or birds name in the Nepali language. Increase your meaning capacity or dictionary or vocabulary.

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List of Birds With Name in Nepali & English Language: Birds in Nepal of birds in Englishname of birds in Nepali fontSounds of Name of birds in Nepali LanguageSounds of Name of birds in Nepali Language
3ravenकालो कौवाkalo kauvakālō kauvā
6chickenकुखुराका चल्लाkukhuraka challakukhurākā callā
7cuckooकोइली, कोकिलkoili, kokilkō’ilī, kōkila
14nightingaleजुरेली, बुलबुलjureli, bulabuljurēlī, bulabula
17weaver birdथाँग्नाले गुँड बनाउने चरोthangnale gunda banaune carothām̐gnālē gum̐ḍa banā’unē carō
18magpieधोबी चराdhobi charadhōbī carā
25larkभारद्धाज चराbharad’dhaja carabhārad’dhāja carā
33ducklingहाँसको टिउरोhansako tiurohām̐sakō ṭi’urō


A Video About Name of Birds in Nepali and English

So, friends, if you know more than this, please send us via email or comment box. We will be happy. Thank you in advance.

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