10 Reasons Why Should To Visit Namche Bazar Nepal

Namche bazar :- Namche Bazaar is a town in Khumbu Pasang lhamu Rural Municipality in Solukhumbu District of north-east Nepal (formally Namche Village Development Committee).

It is an essential part of the region of Khumbu and is perched at a height of 3,440 m. Namche Bazaar is likewise referred to as the gateway to the world’s tallest peak. It is one of the significant stops for the journey to the Everest Base Camp and a significant point of acclimatization when climbing Mount Everest.

In cultural terms, you can see the astounding and livable Sherpa culture, wonderful way of life of Sherpa individuals. One of the most astounding part about this spot is that you can visit the birthplace of prominent and successful mountaineers who have repeatedly been able to ascend the top of Mount Everest’s highest peak.

Namche Bazaar Image
Namche Bazaar

Likewise, Namche Bazaar is situated inside one of the World Heritage Site enlisted by UNESCO of Nepal. In this location, you can enjoy various varieties of flora and fauna of the Himalayan region.

10 Reasons Why Should To Visit Namche Bazar Nepal

What are the top ten Reasons to visit Namche Bazaar

1. Administrative Center

Namche Bazaar is the historical capital and administrative center for the Khumbu region area. There are various Nepalese specialists, a police checkpoint and a bank in addition to the headquarters of Sagarmatha National Park and Army Barracks. Moreover, it is the essence of Sherpa culture that extends and the chance to learn about the region’s flora and fauna.

2. From Trading Post to Busy Hub

Namche Bazaar was customarily a trading post for farming items grown at lower heights, with local individuals dealing yak cheese and butter. The components of Namche Bazaar changed always as climbers and trekkers flocked to the region. Notwithstanding, after the successful climb of Everest in 1953 by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay.


3. First Acclimatization Point

In the event that you are going to Everest Base Camp, Namche Bazaar is a significant stop-off point and a fascinating town for adventurers and climbers who spend a couple of days acclimatizing. You can visit nearby Khunde, home to the Hillary hospital, and Khumjung, where you can see the Hillary School.

A monastery in Khumjung is home to a supposed Yeti scalp, Modern communications, for example, the Internet and cell and landline phones are available in this village.

4. Intriguing Sherpa Museum

The Namche Bazaar Sherpa Museum, situated over the town off the Tengboche path, is rich in information about different Sherpa expeditions, the Sherpa culture’s life cycle and artifacts. The “Hall of Fame” referred to as the gallery of Sherpas summiting Everest, includes the images of Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Sherpa.


5. Thame Village

Thame is a charming village in Sherpa, about 9.7 km from Namche. A different atmosphere can be found here than in the Namche bazaar. Like Namche, the village is not occupied and only a couple of visitors take a voyage to this traditional village.

If you want to escape Namche’s hustle and crowd, you can generally don’t hesitate to begin your outing to Thame and enjoy the beautiful views of the mountains. You will likewise will see somewhat more of the life of this village than that of Namche Bazaar.

What’s more, one all the more intriguing reality about this village is that Thame is home to a delightful Apa Sherpa who has reached Mount Everest’s summit multiple times effectively.

6. Climb up to the Everest viewpoint

  • Acclimatizing is the principle thing to do in Namche Bazaar. However naturally, your body does that, so why not resist it along with the golden principle of trekking in the Himalayas by journeying high and dozing low.
  • You can see a view of Mt. Everest itself by climbing up the hill behind Namche Bazaar. The outline of Ama Damblam, a narrower mountain visible from any perspective, is even more noteworthy and remarkable. It takes around 45 minutes to 60 minutes to hike all the way to the Everest View Hotel, yet there are some incredible spots to enjoy and love the view even before then.

7. Saturday Market

Bazaar offers the least expensive alternative for any trekking or climbing gear that you may have passed up a major opportunity. As the name suggests, the Saturday market offers a range of types of equipment for climbing every Saturday morning.

It similarly draws in various brokers to sell merchandise, for example, cleanser, butter, vegetables, and other regional items from everywhere of Tibet and the neighborhoods.

8. Syangboche Airport

Syangboche Airport, an unpaved airstrip which is not approved for business activities and has few facilities, is situated on a hill sitting above Namche Bazaar.

There are no booked services and greater part of the airplane appearance and arriving at Syangboche are helicopters and STOL airplane (short take-off and landing) making sanctioned flights from Kathmandu or Lukla.

9. Namche Monastery

On the Thame trail towards the left side of the village, Namche Monastery is situated. Designed in the Nyingma style of Tibetan Buddhism, it is a small and beautiful monastery. Along with some typical frescoes on the wall of the main shrine, the monastery has a lovely and friendly courtyard.

10. Visit the World’s Highest Irish Bar

One of the most well-loved of the many “World’s Highest” attractions in Namche Bazaar is the World’s Highest Irish Bar. Despite the fact that it’s not the best plan to head here on the off chance that you have quite recently begun your trek (alcohol won’t enable you to acclimatize), it’s a mainstream spot to hang out in transit down.

There is moreover a bar that is open for 24-hours, Cafe Danphe, opposite the World’s Highest Irish Bar in the nation. Until its last customer returns home, it stays open, as Intrepid Road found when they felt particularly boisterous.

By virtue of the quantity of individuals who come here ensuing to having accomplished their dreams that is arriving at Everest Base Camp, or even the peak of Mt. Everest, the environment inside the two bars is consistently celebratory and fun.