Snake Day 2021 – How & Why Nag Panchami Festival 2078 Is Celebrated in Hindu Community


Nag Panchami is the day when we worship Lord Sheshnag. It is also called the day of snake in common language. Nag Panchami also has its meaning where “Nags” are called a snake and “Panchami” refers to the 5th day after (Aaushi ko Raat) moonless night.

Nags are god snakes or unique snakes. Those snakes have particular parts in Hindu Mythologies.

There are different fanciful convictions about Nagpanchami and its festival. Mahabharata tells that Lord Krishna vanquished Nag Kalia and put a conclusion to his detestable deeds upon the arrival of Shrawan Panchami.

Individual’s trust that is the motivation behind why individuals began commending this Panchami as Nag Panchami.

Kathmandu valley used to be a major lake. Bothers turned out to be exceptionally furious when human depleted the lake to make it bearable.

When is Nag Panchami in 2021 in Nepal

Nag Panchami in Nepal this year 2021 falls on the 13th of August, Friday.

When is Nag Panchami in 2078 BS in Nepal

Nag Panchami in Nepal this year 2078 falls on the 29th of Shrawan.


Historical Story Behind Nag Panchami / Story of Nag Panchami

Nag Panchami is a Hindu festival that is celebrated in Nepal and India. It is celebrated on Panchami Tithi of Shrawan Shukla Paksha. On this auspicious occasion, the photos of Naag (Snake) is pasted on the outside wall of the house. Usually on the main gate.

The nagas are worshiped in the temple. Cow milk is offered usually. It is believed that there’s a story behind Nagpanchami.

According to the story, there was one wealthy merchant who had seven sons. They all got married. The wife of the youngest son was a wise and gentle nature. But she had no brother. One day the elder daughter-in-law asked all the bridegroom to walk with her to bring yellow clay to the house. They started digging the soil.

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Then there a snake came out, which the big daughter-in-law started to kill with a hoof. Seeing this, the younger daughter-in-law stopped her saying, ‘Do not kill it? ‘It is just an innocent creature.

Upon hearing this, the elder daughter-in-law did not kill him. Then the snake went towards one side. The younger daughter-in-law asked him to wait until she returned. She then took the soil, went home, and forgot the promise she made to the snake.

When she remembered the next day, she rushed to the place and found the snake. She politely asked the snake to forgive her. She called him her brother. Hearing the word brother the snake forgave her.

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After a few days, the same snake took the human form and went to her home as her long-lost brother. After convincing her family, the snake took her to his home. She was amazed when she saw the wealth there. She was welcomed by the snake parents too as their own.

One day the mother of the snake asked her to give him cold milk. But she forgot and gave him warm milk. But to which his mouth got wildly burned. Seeing this, the serpent’s mother became very angry. But the snake silenced his mother. Then the snake said it’s time for her to return to her home.

So the snake and his father gave her a lot of gold, silver, jewels, clothes and saw her at her home.

Seeing so much wealth, the elder daughter-in-law got jealous and asked for more gold. When the snake heard it, he brought more gold. Seeing this, the elder daughter-in-law asked for a golden broom. Which the snake brought and gave it to her.

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The snake gave his sister a wonderful necklace of diamonds. The beauty of the necklace was such that everyone praised its beauty. The queen of that country also heard about the necklace and asked the king for the same necklace. The king so sent his minister to the house for the necklace.

The father in law of the younger bride got frightened and gave the necklace to the minister. The woman didn’t like this. So she asked her brother the snake to do something. Such that when the queen put on the necklace it gets turned into a snake. The snake did so.

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Happy Nag Panchami Cards

Seeing this the queen got frightened. The king immediately gave the order for the young daughter in law to come to the palace. The father in law took her with him. The king asked the woman for an explanation.

The woman then clarified that the necklace is put on around her neck only turn into a diamond. On the other’s next it turns into a snake. The king asked for the woman to put on the necklace. She did and it turned into that of the diamond.

The king then got convinced and sent the father in law and the young daughter in law to their home with lots of jewels. Seeing her wealth, the elder daughter-in-law out of jealousy convinced the husband of the young daughter in law that she was getting gold from some unknown sources.

Upon hearing this, her husband called his wife and asked her for an explanation. The wife then remembered the snake.


At the same time, the serpent appeared and said he would eat anybody who would doubt his sister. Hearing and seeing this the husband got very pleased. He felicitated the serpent as God. From that day, the festival of Nag Panchami is celebrated and women worship the snake as their brother.

Another story is Lord Shiva always wears a snake named Vasuki around his neck. He had assisted during Samudra Manthan. That’s why Lord Shiva blessed him that he and all the other snake will be worshiped.

Also during Shrawan, the heavy rain caused the snakes to come outside from their holes. So to prevent them from coming into our home and hurting us they are worshiped.

Also, Lord Bishnu always portrayed as sitting and resting on the Shesh Naag. That’s is also the reason why the snakes are worshiped.

One thing is although in the above story it is said that milk is offered to the snake. But it’s not true. The fact is the snake can neither drink nor they can hear. Also, milk can infect their lungs after 3 or 4 days of their drinking milk. So please don’t force the snake to drink milk. Offer milk only on the statues of the snake.

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Please do not harm these little creatures. They don’t harm us until we do.

It is believed that worshipping the snakes on the NaagPanchami helps us in many ways. If anyone has any defects in their Kundalis regarding Rahu and Ketu worshipping Naags on this day would help him to escape the Rahu and Ketu Dosh.

If anyone has Kaal Sharpa Dosh then worshipping on this day would be very helpful.

Whatever the reason or the story behind Nagpanchami. It is our tradition and we have to maintain this beautiful tradition. Also, they are the beautiful and peace-loving creatures.

They have to be preserved. This puja helps in securing these creatures from becoming yet another endangered species. So it can be another reason for the NaagPanchami. It has prevented the people from harming these creatures.

Nag Panchami Festival in Nepal

On this day, Nepali generally post pictures of Nags over the entryways of their homes to keep off malevolence spirits. They venerate the bother by offering an image of the drain (the white shading fluid from the glue of rice). Individuals keep drain for snakes close to snake holes.

People influence cotton to the wreath, utilize dairy animals fertilizer and rice flour’s serpent’s from and adore it with cow’s drain, magma, grain, sesame, nuts, and with some different religious things.

Places to visit see Chinnamasta Bhagawati Sakhra Temple, Saptari, Nepal
Snake Nagraj in Chinnamasta Bhagawati Sakhra Temple, Saptari, Nepal

It is trusted that if Nag-Panchami is watched legitimately consistently the Nags give us great wellbeing riches and gifts amid our life. On the off chance that Nags are furious, they make us wiped out and no drug can recuperate.

Puran says the earth is lifted by Shesh Nag on his head. Ruler Vishnu is thinking about its loop inside the Ocean. Kali Nag, Bashuki Nag, Astha Nag, Padma Nag; and the Karkot Nags are the intense Nags.

How to Celebrate Naag Panchami in Nepal

Among the different celebrations celebrated in Nepal, Nag Panchami (wind celebration) is likewise one. This celebration is devoted to intense snakes and serpents. Snakes are regularly considered as an important component in the Hindu religion.

Snakes are frequently considered as an imperative component in the Hindu religion and are accepted to be great and furthermore near to the powerful gods. Lord Shiva is depicted as wearing snake laurel around his neck and furthermore Lord Bishnu is observed to lay on the snake bed. For being associated with the Lords as well as the Snake-God holds his own significant space in Nepali society.

Nags are divinity snakes or special snakes. Nags are worshiped this day in Nepal. Nags are a snake and Panchami implies the fifth tithi. On the fifth day, Nags are worshiped. Henceforth, the day is called Nag Panchami. Aushi implies no-moon day in Nepali.

On the fifth day of the splendid portion of Lunar month of Shravana (July/August), as per the Hindu schedule, Nags are worshipped.

The house snakes are accepted to be Patalaloka, (the seven domains of the universe situated beneath the earth) and the lowest of them is likewise called Naga-Loka, the area of the Nagas, as a force of the creative force and their blessings are crucial for the welfare of the family.

Serpent god made of silver, stone, or wood or the painting of snakes on the wall are given a shower with milk and after that adored.

In a few districts of Nepal, milk is offered along with the solidified sugar, rice pudding (kheer in Nepali speech). In this festival, the special feature is that of offering a lotus bloom which is set in a silver bowl.

Arangoli (hued configuration design) of a snake is made on the floor in front of a silver bowl, with a brush made of wood or mud or silver or gold with sandalwood or turmeric glue as the paint.


Like a five hooded snake, the design pattern will resemble.  Devotees then offer love and worship to this picture on the floor. In towns, the ant colony dwelling places where the snakes are thought to live, are searched.

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Happy Nag Panchami Greeting Cards

Incense is offered to the ant colony dwelling place as prayer alongside milk (a myth of folklore to feed milk to the snakes) to capture snakes to ensure nags to come out of the ant colony. After this, Milk is filled in the opening of the ant colony dwelling place as a drink to the snake god.

On this special festival, pictures of snake are painted in the doorways, and walls outside the house with promising mantras (spells) are also written on them. It Is believed that such illustrations will avoid the poisonous snakes.

Naga Panchami is a special festival when ladies worship snakes with siblings and its holes and offer prayers so their siblings are protected and don’t suffer or die because of snakebite. It is also observed as Bhadra Panchami.

There are different legendary convictions about Nagpanchami and its festival. We have our own myths and legends encompassing Nags, which lead us to celebrate Nag Panchami on an extensive scale.

Mahabharata tells that Lord Krishna vanquished Nag Kalia and put an end to his abhorrent deeds upon the arrival of Shrawan Panchami. It is believed that is the reason why individuals began celebrating this Panchami as Nag Panchami.

Those Nags were the leaders of Patallok. Ananta, Vasuki, Padhmanavha, Kambala, Shankhapala, Dhartarashtra, Takshaka, and Kaliya are the great eight Nags. These Nags were great and worshiped. Puran says the earth is lifted by Shesh Nag on his head. Master Vishnu is mulling over its loop inside the Ocean.

The powerful nags are Kali Nag, Bashuki Nag, Astha Nag, Padma Nag; and the Karkot Nags. Also, scripture clarifies that without the help of Nags there will be no rain. So, individuals love Nags for the reason for water, offer prayers to Nags, and place food things, for example, milk and honey in their fields for Nags.

Kathmandu valley used to be a major lake. Nags turned out to be extremely furious when human depleted the lake to make it to start urbanization. individuals gave Nags certain areas as a pilgrimage, and promise to worship them on the day, returning harmony in nature to secure themselves against the anger of Nags. That proceeds to date.

The ritual is broadly observed in Nepal, especially for the battle amongst Garuda and a great serpent. It is additionally the celebration held to pay tribute to the great serpent on the curls of which Lord Vishnu is resting between the Universe.

In the Changu Narayan Temple in Kathmandu, there is a statue of Garuda which is said to have been built up by Garuda himself and on the Naga Panchami day the image is said to sweat reminiscing his incredible battle with a giant snake; People gather the sweat and utilize it for relieving leprosy.As a ritual of Nag Panchami, few men wear demon masks dance in the streets.

In addition, a big fare also held at Changunarayan Temple, which lies on a hillock in Bhaktapur. A vast horde of aficionados additionally visits the temple. According to the Hindu religion, there is a ritual of sticking the pictures of Nag at the principle entryway after worshipping Lord Changunarayan.

Also, a special puja will be performed by Bhatta at Basuki Nag Temple at Pashupati in the midst of the playing of cymbals. It is believed that Basuki Nag will stay awake the entire day. On this day, the Nag that has been kept at the neck of Red Machhindranath is also worshipped.

On this day, Individuals make a garland of cotton, utilize bovine compost, and worship it with milk of cow, lava, grain, sesame, nuts, and with some different religious things. It is believed that if Nag-Panchami is observed properly with consistently then the Nags give us great wellbeing, wealth, and blessing during our life.

If Nags are irritating then they make us sick and no drug can recuperate. On Nag Panchami, male devotees put a photo of Naga high over their entryway and perform puja with vital puja items with the belief of keep off evil spirits. The posters are stuck up with cow dung in the doorways.

Things to Do on Nag Panchami (Snake Day)

Naga Panchami is a festival of worshipping snakes or serpents. This festival is mainly observed by the Hindus mainly in countries like Nepal, India, and also one of the oldest festivals observed in the south Indian continent. This festival falls on the fifth day after the occurrence of no moon, also known as the Aushi.

There is a general belief among Hindus that the snakes reside on their own universe known as Patalalok, which is situated below the earth. Some also call this universe as Naga Loka.

The tradition of worshipping the snake is done in the faith that snake will help to protect the house from the evil energy and always provide prosperity to the house.

It is also believed that the Naga Panchami is worshipped to please the snake god and avoid getting bitten by the snakes. There are many rules that should be followed while observing this particular festival, here we will provide you with the list that should be done on this Naga Panchami.

List of things that should be done on Naga Panchami day

  1. take the fast a day before the Naga Panchami or on the very day of Naga Panchami
  2. married women can also visit their father’s home as a part of the rituals
  3. on the morning of the Naga Panchami use of the pure oil for bathing is thought to be useful
  4. One should wear traditional clothes on this day.
  5. on the morning of the Naga Panchami post the photos of Nags above the door of the houses to keep home safe from the evil energy
  6. While on the fast on the day of Naga Panchami, taking salt and fried items is not allowed.
  7. after the sunset on the day of Naga Panchami to end the fasting prepare Kheer and offer it to the god snake or to the Lord Shiva
  8. After offering Kheer to the snake or Lord Shiva, intake Kheer as the Prashad.
  9. On this day, only the food that is used for worshipping is prepared on the very day, all other foods for the family consumption are prepared a day before.
  10. As a part of the rituals, you can make the sculpture of a snake having five heads using the cow dunk or the red soil.
  11. It is believed that the fragrance of the sandalwood is very dear to the Snake God, so mostly sandalwood is used for worship.
  12. Snake god should not be fed with milk as milk can kill a snake, it is anybody wishes to offer milk, he/she can make a linga and offer a milk bath.
  13. One can also apply Haldi and kumkum on the holes snake resides.
  14. Plowing and dipping of the field are not done on this day, as that can kill the snake.
  15. Cutting in the field is also not done in the field on the day keeping in mind the harm it can cause to the snake.
  16. Chanting of the Nag matra should be performed throughout the day if possible, at least at the time of the worshipping the Nags.

Reasons Why do we celebrate Nag Panchami

1. From times immemorial, snakes have dependably appreciated a prime place in Hindu religion, rationality, and iconography. Numerous Hindu divine beings appear with serpents. Ruler Vishnu mulls over the lord of snakes, Seshanag or Adisesha. Ruler Shiva wears winds as his decorations.

Numerous sanctuaries committed to Mother Parvati have wind slopes inside. Individuals venerate serpents as the simple type of Mother Durga. Indeed, even Ganesh and Subramanya appear with snakes. Hindus have adored snakes for quite a while ever.

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Happy Nag Panchami Greeting Cards

2. Amongst numerous Hindu ceremonies and celebrations, one of the vital ones that fall on the fifth day of the waxing moon in the lunar month of Shrawan is the celebration of Nag Panchami.

From time immemorial, man has dependably worked towards living in amicability with its condition. Offering significance to all the conscious creatures has been the substance of the Sanatan Dharma.

3. Snakes involve an extremely noteworthy space in Hindu Mythology as they are likewise thought to be the occupant of Patal Loka or Nag Loka. The sacred texts regard Snakes as a network; Mansa Devi the Snake Goddess is uniquely offered supplications on this day.

Her sanctuary is situated on Bilwa Parvat on the Sivalik Hills, the southernmost Himalayan chain. It is said the goddess Manasa Devi showed from the brain of Lord Shiva. She is likewise said to be the sister of snake Vasuki. It is said as the leader of the brain; Manasa Devi satisfies the honest to goodness wants of her aficionados.

4. Nag means snakes and Panchami implies the fifth day and along these lines, on this day, Snakes who have a great deal of heavenly significance are offered drain and rice, and supplications are offered to offer security to the family and the tribe in totality.

Crosswise over India and Nepal, Nag Panchami is commended in an assortment of ways. In a few spots wind revere is done on Chaturthi additionally called Naga Chaturthi.

5. There is a lot of fantasies and stories that accompany why this day is committed to snakes and why petitions are offered to them. As per folklore, a lethal snake Kalia had been harming the stream Yamuna and it had turned out to be troublesome for the occupants of Braj to drink any water.

Krishna, as a tyke Avatar of Lord Vishnu, one day on the appearance of a ball tumbling down in the stream has a tussle with Kalia and in the long run, vanquishes him.

Kalia takes away all the toxin from the waterway and Krishna consequently favors him that on this day of Panchami whosoever will offer drain and supplications to the snakes, will get appeased of any hardships in times to come. In this manner from that point onwards, the day was commended as Nagpanchami day…

6. Unfortunately, the sibling passes on because of a snake chomp while looking for Ketaki. The sister at that point implores and performs quickly and appeases Nagaraja to take the toxic substance away and the sibling has breathed life into the back.

The sister subsequently, rubs the balm on her siblings back to shield them from any hardships in times to come. The rubbing of the drain additionally connotes their umbilical association and qualities the affection between a sibling and sister.

On this day in a couple of regions, sibling visits his wedded sister and she applies drain or ghee on their back, navel, and so forth and appeals to God for his long life.

7. Snakes have had a ton of venerated and blessed references in Hindu folklore and sacred texts and it is said that going to them on this day shields a man from superfluous feelings of trepidation throughout everyday life and realizes great wellbeing, riches, peace and flourishing throughout everyday life.

For Spiritual searchers as well, this is thought to be a to a great degree favorable day.

Thinking about the Mooladhar chakra causes one to accomplish peace and bliss throughout everyday life. Another fantasy that runs with the celebration is that of Samudra Manthan. Here, Lord Shiva drank the entire toxin that turned out from the stirring of the ocean.

In any case, in the entire procedure, few drops did fell on the ground and were smashed by snakes. Individuals appeal to snakes with the goal that they and their families are saved from their fury and harmful nibbles.

8. Hindu sacred writings discuss Nagas or a class of demi divine beings who are additionally semi-divine creatures. They are the occupants of the underground world, known as Nag Lok situated beneath the earth called Patala. They are the gatekeepers of the fortunes covered up in the earth and can expect a human frame freely.

Despite the fact that they are extremely empathetic by nature, they can cause obliteration in the event that they turn wrathful because of insolence or abuse.

Hindus trust the condemnations given by the forceful snake gods can achieve passing, sickness, incident, nonappearance of offspring, and different challenges in family life for which there are decontaminating and expiatory rituals recommended. Bother Panchami is one event when the Nagas are appeased.

It has been a great festival in Nepal all the time. People can meet their relatives and can share joy and sorrow. It is an important festival as important as Dashain for Hinduism.

Most of the time it rains during Nag Panchami. So we should also think about the preservation of this culture and tradition. It is a spiritual belief. This festival is best in their own way.

Happy Nag Panchami 2021!

Happy Nag Panchami 2078 BS.

Happy Snake Day 2021!

Happy Snake Day 2078 BS.

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