Snake Day – 8 Reasons Why Nag Panchami is Celebrated With Historical Story


Nag Panchami is the day when we worship Lord Sheshnag. It is also called as the day of snake in common language. Nagpanchami also has its meaning where “Nags” are called as a snake and “Panchami” refers to the 5th day after (Aaushi ko Raat) moonless night. Nags are god snakes or unique snakes. Those snakes have particular parts in Hindu Mythologies.

There are different fanciful convictions about Nagpanchami and its festival. Mahabharata tells that Lord Krishna vanquished Nag Kalia and put a conclusion to his detestable deeds upon the arrival of Shrawan Panchami.

Individual’s trust that is the motivation behind why individuals began commending this Panchami as Nag Panchami. Kathmandu valley used to be a major lake. Bothers turned out to be exceptionally furious when human depleted the lake to make it bearable.

Historical Story Behind Nag Panchami / Story of Nag Panchami

Nagpanchami is a Hindu festival that is celebrated in Nepal and India. It is celebrated on Panchami Tithi of Shrawan Shukla Paksha. On this auspicious occasion, the photos of Naag(Snake) is pasted on the outside wall of the house. Usually on the main gate. The nagas are worshiped in the temple. Cow milk is offered usually. It is believed that there’s a story behind Nagpanchami.

According to the story, there was one wealthy merchant which had seven sons. They all got married. The wife of the youngest son was wise and gentle nature. But she had no brother. One day the elder daughter-in-law asked all the bridegroom to walk with her to bring yellow clay to the house. They started digging the soil.

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Happy Nag Panchami Cards

Then there a snake came out, which the big daughter-in-law started to kill with a hoof. Seeing this, the younger daughter-in-law stopped her saying, ‘Do not kill it? ‘It is just an innocent creature.

Upon hearing this, the elder daughter-in-law did not kill him. Then the snake went towards one side. The younger daughter-in-law asked him to wait until she returned. She then took the soil, went home and forgot the promise she made to the snake.

When she remembered the next day, she rushed to the place and found the snake. She politely asked the snake to forgive her. She called him her brother. Hearing the word brother the snake forgave her.

After a few days, the same snake took the human form and went to her home as her long-lost brother. After convincing her family, the snake took her to his home. She was amazed when she saw the wealth there. She was welcomed by the snake parents too as their own.

One day the mother of the snake asked her to give him cold milk. But she forgot and gave him warm milk. But to which his mouth got wildly burned. Seeing this, the serpent’s mother became very angry. But the snake silenced his mother. Then snake said it’s time for her to return to her home.

So the snake and his father gave her a lot of gold, silver, jewels, clothes and saw her to her home.

Seeing so much wealth, the elder daughter-in-law got jealous and asked for more gold. When the snake heard it, he brought more gold. Seeing this, the elder daughter-in-law asked for a golden broom. Which the snake brought and gave it to her.

The snake gave his sister a wonderful necklace of diamonds. The beauty of the necklace was such that everyone praised its beauty. The queen of that country also heard about the necklace and asked the king for the same necklace. The king so sent his minister to the house for the necklace.

The father in law of the younger bride got frightened and gave the necklace to the minister. The woman didn’t like this. So she asked her brother the snake to do something. Such that when the queen put on the necklace it gets turned into a snake. The snake did so.

Happy Nag Panchami Greeting Cards Images Wishes Pictures Wallpaper Photos Pics Messages Quotes

Happy Nag Panchami Cards

Seeing this the queen got frightened. The king immediately gave the order for the young daughter in law to come to the palace. The father in law took her with him. The king asked the woman for the explanation.

The woman then clarified that the necklace is put on around her neck only turn into a diamond. On other’s next it turns into a snake. The king asked for the woman to put on the necklace. She did and it turned into that of the diamond.

The king then got convinced and sent the father in law and the young daughter in law to their home with lots of jewels. Seeing her wealth, the elder daughter-in-law out of jealousy convinced the husband of the young daughter in law that she was getting gold from some unknown sources. Upon hearing this, her husband called his wife and asked her for the explanation. The wife then remembered the snake.

At the same time, the serpent appeared and said he would eat anybody who would doubt his sister. Hearing and seeing this the husband got very pleased. He felicitated the serpent as God. From that day, the festival of Nagpanchami is celebrated and women worship the snake as their brother.

Another story is Lord Shiva always wears the snake named Vasuki around his neck. He had assisted during Samudra Manthan. That’s why Lord Shiva blessed him that he and all the other snake will be worshiped.

Also during Shrawan, the heavy rain caused the snakes to come outside from their holes. So to prevent them from coming into our home and hurting us they are worshiped.

Also, Lord Bishnu always portrayed as sitting and resting on the Shesh Naag. That’s is also the reason why the snakes are worshiped.

One thing is although in the above story it is said that milk is offered to the snake. But it’s not true. The fact is the snake can neither drink nor they can hear. Also, milk can infect their lungs after 3 or 4 days of their drinking milk. So please don’t force the snake to drink milk. Offer milk only on the statues of the snake.

Happy Nag Panchami Greeting Cards Images Wishes Pictures Wallpaper Photos Pics Messages Quotes

Happy Nag Panchami Greeting Cards

Please do not harm these little creatures. They don’t harm us until we do.

It is believed that worshipping the snakes on the NaagPanchami help us in many ways. If anyone has any defects in their kundalis regarding Rahu and Ketu worshipping naags on this day would help him to escape the Rahu and Ketu Dosh.

If anyone has Kaal Sharpa Dosh then worshipping on this day would be very helpful.

Whatever the reason or the story behind Nagpanchami. It is our tradition and we have to maintain this beautiful tradition. Also, they are the beautiful and peace loving creatures.

They have to be preserved. This puja help in securing these creatures from becoming yet another endangered species. So it can be another reason for the NaagPanchami. It has prevented the people from harming these creatures.