Sample Essay about My Plan to Make Money

Find here a sample essay about my plan to make money. This is an example of short essay in the title of my plan to make money. Get here a short essay about starting a business and plans and policies.

My Plan to Make Money

Man is instinctively a luxury lover. He does want to enjoy deluxe comfort and luxury in life. No one wants to indulge into poverty or starvation. And, it definitely demands a huge ransom of money to afford superb luxury. So, every individual does develop their cherished dream to be rich and prosperous. In the same way, I, an ordinary fellow, do have my own plan to make huge money in life.

I’m thinking of starting a new business in the prime venue of the capital. The business will surely be a joint venture with my bosom Friend Rajendra Shrestha.  We will first invent five lacks each to start our business. lt would surely be a departmental store of daily items. For this purpose, we will take a flat on rent and an underground room for the go-down. We’ll employ a handful number of very smart and energetic youths to serve our clients. And, we’re planning to advertise our business duo in the FM., radio, TV. and the newspapers. We will make our best endeavour to best satisfy our customers. ‘Better service and hospitality will be our prime motto’. I do hope we will provide the goods at a very low profit rate to attract the clients to our store. Steadily they will throng to our store. Then we will obviously enlarge our business-We will earn both name and fame in a great deal. We will not earn money just for ourselves, but also for the well being of the society as well. We will donate some definite percent of our earning to social organizations especially for the orphanage end elderly houses. Moreover, the people of different walks of life will understand our pious mission and join their giant helping hands with ours to contribute the people and our society.

This is how; I am planning to make the best utilization of my money and mind in the future. I do hope that god will help me to accomplish my pious mission.

This is a short essay written by Nepali student from Nepalgunj who is studying in class 10. His name is Rajesh Sharma and from Nepalgunj, BP Chauk. We have got this post as guest post. If you have any post, article, please submit your article, share with us. We will publish it.


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