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Essay on My Best Friend:- Get here a sample essay about my best friend. this is a model essay which gives you some ideas about how to write a short essay. This is just an educational essay. You can keep it on your mind that how to write an essay about my best friend. It is a sample essay about my best friend.

Model Sample Essay about My Best Friend

A friend in need is a friend indeed. In fact, a true friend is one who walks in when others walk out. He is ever ready to sacrifice his life for his friend. So, fortunate is the man who has a true friend.

I do have dozens of friends. Many are hello friends whereas only a few handfuls are very bosom friends. Hello, friends can’t read the sentiment. So, it is only the bosom friends who share both cheers and tears each other.

My bosom friend is Aaditya Shrestha. He is from a middle-class family. He and I study at the same class in Om Sunrise English Boarding School, Kathmandu. His golden hair, black eyes, fair complexion ‘and excellent disposition lend him a very attractive personality.

He always maintains spick and span. He takes his bath daily. He does comb his hair, trims it twice a month. He puts on a simple dress which is always spotlessly clean and well-ironed.

My best friend Mr. Shrestha is a good boy. He loves everyone and is polite to all. He is never rude to anyone. He seldom loses his temper. His cheerful appearance, good manners, politeness, and generosity win the hearts of everyone. He respects his seniors and loves his juniors. That’s why he is extremely popular among duo the teachers and students.

Mr. Shrestha is a studious boy. He is one of the promising students in our -school, He is regular and punctual. He is never delayed to reach school. He prepares his lesson daily. “Simple thing and high thinking is the tedious motto in his fife.” He is quite industrious, intelligent and painstaking.

Yet he does not possess a slim symptom of pride or obstinacy. He always deserves the first position in all the exams. Besides, he does possess a profound amount of general knowledge. He often takes part in the co/ extracurricular activities. He has bagged dozens of titles and trophies in different tournaments. He is in fact, a dynamic personality.

Similarly, Mr. Shrestha is a jolly fellow who is full of wit and humor. He tells funny stories, cracks fantastic jokes and holds his friends quite spellbound. During his leisure hours, he is fond of playing ‘the guitar, his favorite hobby. He is a skillful guitarist. Moreover, he reads newspapers and magazines. He very often visits the library and books * exhibition to collect good reading materials.

I consider it is my great fortune to have a noble friend like Mr. Shrestha. I sometimes feel jealous of his multi-dynamic caliber and his overwhelming popularity. I wish I were him.

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