List of Municipalities in Nepal with Information& Facts about Municipality


 List of Municipalities in Nepal

A Country of Villages

Nepal is a country of villages. There are more villages than towns and cities. Therefore, it is necessary to develop the villages for the overall and balanced development of the country. For this, the active co-operation and participation of people living in villages is necessary.

In order to develop rural areas or villages, a village development committee (VDC) is formed comprising of one or more villages depending on geographical location and size of population.

Introduction: Village Development Committee (VDC)

A VDG refers the lowest level of administrative and political division of our country. It also refers to the body formed to administer the village. Each VDC is further divided into 9 wards. There are VDC Chairperson, VDC Vice-chairperson, Ward Chairpersons and some nominated members in the VDC.

VDC is formed according to the provisions of the “Local Self-Government 2O55 BS.”

Introduction: Municipality

As there is Village Development Committee (VDC) in village area, so is Municipality in urban or city area. Municipality is for a town or city what VDC is for a village. Both VDC and Municipality are the lowest level of administrative and political entity. The main differences are the size of population and level of development. A Municipality has more population and better infrastructures of development than a VDC.

Municipalities are categorized as follows:

1. Municipality
2. Sub-Metropolitan City
3. Metropolitan City

According to the size of the population, level of development and annual income. Municipalities in Mountain and Hill regions may have less population than those in Terai and urban areas. A municipality refers to a geographical area and an elected body as well. A Municipality is divided into 9 to 35 wards according to its size of population.


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Composition of a Municipality

The head and deputy head of a Municipality are called Mayor and Deputy Mayor. The election procedure of the Municipality is same as that of a VDC. Thie Mayor and the Deputy Mayor are elected by the adult citizens of the
respective municipality.

  • The Ward Chairpersons are elected by adult citizens of the respective ward.
  • Two members, at least one of them a woman, are nominated by the municipality.

Term of Office and Qualification

The qualifications needed to be a candidate for the post of Mayor, Deputy Mayor and ward members are:
a. S/he must be a Nepali citizen.
b. Minimum of 21 years of age.
c. Must be a resident of the respective Municipality.

Terms of Office :

Their term of office is for 5 years.

Types of Municipality

On the basis of population, annual income and facilities available, the Government of Nepal has classified municipality into three categories: Municipality, Sub-Metropolitan City and Metropolitan City.

At present there are 217 municipalities in Nepal including one Metropolitan City, Kathmandu, and 12 sub metropolitan cities.

Criteria to be a Municipality

a. The government of Nepal can declare any urban area with at least 20,000 populations and in Mountain and Hill any semi urban area with a minimum population of 10,000 people as a municipality.

b. Such an area must have basic facilities like electricity, drinking water, road and communication.

c. Such an area must have a minimum annual income of 5 million or fifty lakhs rupees.

Criteria to be a Sub-Metropolitan City in Nepal

  • Minimum population of 100,000(one lakh)
  • Minimum annual income of Rs 100,000,000(ten crores)
  • Facilities of electricity, drinking water, transport and communication.
  • Concrete pitched or black topped main roads.
  • Higher education and better health facilities.
  • Arrangements for national and international sports and games.
  • Facilities of public city hall, public parks and gardens.

Criteria to be a Metropolitan City in Nepal

  • Minimum population of 300,000(Three lakhs)
  • Minimum annual income of Rs 400,000,000(Forty crores)
  • Facilities of electricity, drinking water, transport and communication.
  • Concrete, black topped main and other linked roads.
  • Well-developed facilities in health sector.
  • Facilities for conducting national and international games and sports.
  • At least one university with sufficient availability and opportunities for higher education.
  • Public city hall, public parks and public gardens.
  • Kathmandu is the only metropolitan city in Nepal. It has 35 wards.

Municipal Ward Committee

As a VDC is divided into 9 Wards, so is a Municipality into 9 to 35 wards depending upon the size and population of the municipality. Each ward has a Ward Committee.


Ward Committee is composed of the Ward Chairperson and four other ward members includinga woman. All of them are elected by the adult citizens from the concerned municipal ward.

Municipal Council

As there is a Village Development Council in a VDC so is there a Municipal Council in a municipality. It is an advisory body, it gives advice and suggestions to the municipality. It is composed of as follows:

  • Mayor and Deputy Mayor 2
  • Ward chairpersons of each ward 9 to 35
  • Woman ward members, one from each ward 9 to 35
  • Ward members, three from each ward 3 x (9 to 35)
  • Nominated members 6 to 20
  • (This includes 40% women from among social workers, economically and socially backward classes, low castes and indigenous people who are eligible to be the member).

Powers and Functions of Municipality

Municipality is entrusted with wide variety of duties and responsibilities. Its powers and functions include general administration, welfare of the people and various development activities in the municipality. Some major powers and functions are as follows:

a. It prepares annual budget, plans and programmes of the municipality.

b. It categorizes the land within the municipal area as industrial, residential, agricultural and for entertainment.

c. it plans and implements water supply and drainage projects ,and maintains and repairs them.

d. It reserves and protects various sources of water, forest, and natural and cultural heritage within the municipality.

e. It controls pollution and maintains clean and healthy environment,

f. It develops education sector by establishing primary schools, providing scholarships to unprivileged students, conducting adult and non-formal education.

g. It launches effective programmes to preserve and protect art, religion, language, and places of cultural, religious and archeological importance within the municipal area,


h. It establishes health posts, health centers and conducts programmes like family planning, maternal welfare, child welfare, vaccination and nutrition,

i. It promotes and encourages cottage, small and medium scale industries.

j. It conducts afforestation programmes within municipal area,

k. It collects land revenue and property taxes.

I. It carries out any other tasks as directed by the government,

m. It prepares plans and policies to run programmes of social welfare for women empowerment, children, disabled, and other disadvantaged or underprivileged group.

List of Municipalities in Nepal

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सुनसरी : १२
उपमहानगरपालिका (२) ः इटहरी उपमहानगरपालिका, धरान उपमहानगरपालिका
नगरपालिका (४) ः इनरुवा नगरपालिका, दुहबी नगरपालिका, रामधुनी नगरपालिका, बराह नगरपालिका
गाउँपालिका (६) ः देवानगन्ज गाउँपालिका, कोसी गाउँपालिका, गढी गाउँपालिका, बर्जु गाउँपालिका, भोक्राहा गाउँपालिका, हरिनगरा गाउँपालिका

Sunasari: 12
Upa-Mahanagarpalika (2) : itahari Upa-Mahanagarpalika, dharan Upa-Mahanagarpalika
Municipalities (4) : inaruwa Municipalities, duhabi Municipalities, ramdhuni Municipalities, barah Municipalities
gaunpalika (6) : devanganj gaunpalika, koshi gaunpalika, gadhi gaunpalika, barju gaunpalika, bhokraha gaunpalika, harinagar gaunpalika


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