24 Ridiculously Cleaver Multi-Use Gadgets You Totally Need in Your Life in Nepal


24 Ridiculously Cleaver Multi-Use Gadget You Totally Need in Your Life in Nepal

Multi-Use Gadget You Totally Need in Your Life in Nepal: – Gadgets are the essentials when it comes to life in the twenty-first century. Our life these days is surrounded by different appliances and gadgets that we use on a daily basis. We cannot stay away from technology and keep ourselves away from different gadgets, but to manage our time, we can definitely invest in some smart gadgets instead of buying many. We can buy gadgets that provide a multi-use facility. This way, you will not only save your time but also your energy and effort. For the same work, you can save time and do it in less time and have an easy life.

Given below are 24 of the most clever multi-use gadgets that you totally need in your life in Nepal. Although these gadgets are used more in a country like Nepal, these can also be used everywhere else and no matter the place these will be an absolute necessity. If you buy your products smartly, you need not waste a lot of money on different kinds of appliances and devices. This also helps you manage your time and lets you do the work you do in less time.

Go through each of these multi-use gadgets and if you do not already have them, go find them in the market nearest to you. Trust us! It will make your life way easier.

24 Ridiculously Cleaver Multi-Use Gadget You Totally Need in Your Life in Nepal

  1. Anti-Theft Bicycle Saddle with smart lock

Whenever you go out on your bicycle and have to park it somewhere, you might always find yourself worrying about the security of the bike. Especially in the cities, you can never leave your bicycle unattended. In such case, you can simply buy a smart lock for your bicycle. Such smart lock will lock your bicycle and it operates without a key. Also, the sensors in the lock will notify you through beeping and alert in your mobile device in case of any theft attempt.

  1. One Power Bank for all Your Electronic Devices

Power is always the main necessity whenever you have a lot of electronic devices that you need to run every day. Especially for mobile devices like your phone, laptop, Bluetooth speakers or anything of that sort, you will need to power them on the go. Therefore, it is best that you carry a portable power bank that can be used to charge all of your electronic devices at once.

Power Bank Gadget
Power Bank Gadget
  1. A Multi-Tool To Stay Prepared for Anything

You never know what kind of situation you might get into when you walk out of your home or even inside the home. And tools are never to be found in the place you kept it because they seem to disappear right when you need them the most. In such case, you can stay prepared for anything that might happen with a multi-tool at your pocket. Such pocket-sized multi-tool will help you with the tools to get out of any situation.

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  1. Rechargeable And/or Solar Powered Emergency Light

You always need to have an emergency flashlight handy at your home or also while traveling because you never know when the power goes out especially in a country like Nepal. So, keeping such an emergency light that charges itself with solar energy is quite a necessity. You can just leave the light in the sunlight throughout the day and use it for the night when the power goes off or you need to make a quick run outside the house.

  1. Cool Specs That Also Transform as Shades

Wearing sunglasses didn’t use to be feasible when you have a powered glass already in your face. In such cases, you can just buy detachable shades with colored glasses. You can just pop the detachable part of the shades on top of your normal specs and your specs will be transformed to a sunglass. It makes your life pretty easy and keeps you ready for any type of outdoor activity without having to compromise your visibility.

  1. Speakers with Voice Command, Radio, and Bluetooth

Gone are the days when you had to buy a speaker separately and radio separately. Now, you have the combination of both in one readily available in the market. On top of that, this kind of speaker is Bluetooth enabled. You can easily connect it to multiple devices in and around your home. Also, since this type of speaker is voice activated, you can just speak to command the music system. Isn’t it cool?

  1. Smart TV with Multi-Use Feature

Invest in a smart TV which not only helps you watch your favorite channels but also helps you use the Internet, watch movies online, conduct online video chatting and much more. Smart TV has proved to be a must-have in every household these days. Instead of having a range of gadgets around your house for TV, and internet, smart TV combines these both into one and gives you a smooth and pleasurable experience.

  1. Mobile addon: Thermal Imaging Camera

It is cool to transform your camera so that you can take thermal images of stuff around yourself, isn’t it? Earlier you would have needed to buy a new camera with a thermal option. But now, you can just buy an add-on that simply transforms your mobile camera so that you can also take thermal images. Taking thermal images can be helpful in various occasions, like to guess the temperature of any of the thing before touching it and saving yourself from the hazards of fire or burns in the skin. It also helps take thermal images in places that are dark so that you can make out if there is anything lurking in the dark that you are not aware of. It can be very useful once you know you have it and start using it on a regular basis.

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  1. Multi-Use Electric Dusting Brush

If you are a cleaning freak, you definitely need this multi-use tool with yourself. With this electric dusting brush, you can easily clean every type of surfaces. The brush comes with various detachable cleaning brushes of different shapes and sizes so that you can reach to the spaces where you always have trouble cleaning. This tool comes in handy when you need to clean each and every corner your house and vehicle.

  1. Music Device with Pedometer

A pedometer is a device that tracks how many steps you have taken during your workout. You can use it to track your fitness level. This in itself is a device that you would absolutely love. But when this device comes inbuilt inside a music device, then you will have the best of both worlds. Find a music device like an iPod or mp3 player that has the inbuilt pedometer. Keep it in your pocket while walking and later easily track your walking over time. You will find this device very much useful.

  1. SmartWatch/Bracelet

Various phone companies have now started producing their own smartwatch that syncs with the smartphone you are using. As a result, you can get notifications of you each and every incoming message, incoming emails, various notifications and the likes. This watch or bracelet also looks good in your hand and gives a good vibe. With such a gadget right on your wrist, you no longer have to miss any of your important calls or messages.


  1. Wireless Charging Pad for Mobile

Charging with extension cord can be painful at times. Sometimes you might not find your power cord and at other times you might be unable to locate the power source nearby. In such cases, a wireless charging pod becomes useful. Just mount your phone on top of this charging pod and your phone will start charging without having to connect to any physical ports. Isn’t it useful?

24 Ridiculously Cleaver Multi-Use Gadget You Totally Need in Your Life in Nepal

  1. Wireless Mouse for Your Computer

Same goes for your mouse as well. Mouse with cords can become hectic to use. So, you can rather buy a wireless mouse that also charges wirelessly. Using such mouse will help you better complete your project on your laptop or desktop since you can just place the mouse wherever you feel it as most comfortable. You will find that your work around the computer will be easily done when you start using the wireless mouse.

  1. Helmet with In-Built Speakers

Listening to music while driving is everyone’s desire. But having to carry your smartphone and then insert an earphone cord through the helmet to your ears can be very troublesome. Also, the cord can also affect your driving. Therefore you better invest in a helmet which has built-in Bluetooth speakers in them. Just connect the speaker in your helmet with your mobile and play any song you want while you drive around town.

  1. Wearable Hydration Monitor

Keeping track of the amount of fluid you intake on a daily basis is a healthy habit. If you start tracking your fluid or water intake, you will notice that you will start caring more about your health and in turn drink more water which is an absolute necessity if you are to keep your health in check. So, a hydration monitor that is wearable either on your wrist as a bracelet or around your neck as a pendant can come in handy for you.

  1. Language Translator

Gone are the days when you needed to learn another language in order to converse with a person who speaks a language different than the one you speak. Now, you can just buy a translator which translates the audio that it receives to any preferred language that you are comfortable talking in. You need not waste your money on hiring translators or learning the new language. Just use this handy device and converse with anyone from any culture from around the world.

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  1. Wearable Bluetooth Headphones and Microphone

To listen to songs or to make a phone call, you would need a phone, a separate headphone, a microphone and cords that connect each of them to one another. To make this better, you can just invest in a wearable headphone with built-in microphone. This will ensure that you can make your call swiftly or listen to music while you can move about or do your work. You need not be stationed in front of your computer or hold your phone. You can just move around and talk to the person on the other end of the line hassle free.

  1. Home Accurate Health Monitor

Health is wealth and you always need to keep good track of your health. Trips to health centers all the time can cost a lot for you. And this might not be a feasible option for you too. So, it is better you buy a smart health monitor. This device will check your blood pressure, your heart beats, your blood, temperature or anything that you might need on a regular basis. Be your own doctor for preliminary checks and diagnosis. You will save a lot of money and energy also without having to make frequent runs to the hospitals or health centers.

  1. Smart Cup Holder

A smart cup holder that keeps your hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for a long period of time. Who would not need such a treat for themselves? This smart cup holder will sense the type of drink you have inside the cup and accordingly adjust the temperature as per the requirement. This will come in handy, be it in and around your house or in your car. Such cup holder will be a good addition to your life. It will make your drinks always the right temperature and you will not regret your decision to buy it.


  1. Universal Remote

A universal remote to set for any type of TV is an essential gadget you need around your house. Remotes are the most used things around the house and when it comes to having different remotes for different appliances, it can become a bit hectic. So, instead, you can buy a smart remote that can be used across multiple devices. This way, you can use different appliances with the same remote and your life will be easy.

  1. Bed Stand Power Extension Cord

These days, power adapters are not enough no matter how many you have in your room. You can use extension cords and multi plucks for the same purpose. A new gadget that has now come is the power extension cord that is on the stands of your bed. This is easy to reach and you can charge your appliances easily without having to worry about the power outlets in different places.

  1. Smoke/Lightening and Earthquake Alarm

One of the scariest things, if you are living in Nepal, can be the earthquake. We have not forgotten the powerful earthquake that rocked the nation a couple of years ago. So, it is better to be prepared for such calamities. You can now buy and install an earthquake alarm system in your house. This alarm system will not only notify you about an incoming earthquake a few seconds prior but also smoke and lightning. This piece of gadget can be your lifesaver in different situations.

  1. Chair with Built-In Massage System

Of course, we would all like to relax once we get back home from a tiring day outside or at work. And what could be better than a chair which not only lets you rest by sitting on it but also massages you while you are sitting on it? It can be the best thing for you when you get back home from a tiring day at work. It will prevent you from getting a lot of exhaustion and this, in turn, will save you from different types of stress-related diseases as well.

  1. On the Go Water Purifier

Water is a necessity and clean water while we are outside a house is not that much available at all times. For this reason, you can buy a small device that will purify your water and make it fit for drinking. It can be a lifesaver for you when you go out away from home and need to drink water that is not contaminated with different kinds of disease-causing bacteria and virus. Clean drinking water is a must for taking care of your health. And what could be better than having a portable water purifier to check the kind of water you are having and to improve the quality of it?

There, we have a list of 24 most essential gadgets that can have multiple uses in your day to day life. These gadgets will save your time, effort and money as well. Next time you go shopping, do look for gadgets like these so that you can cut your time of work into half without any hassle. These gadgets will make your life simpler and give you a good experience. Instead of buying a number of gadgets and appliances you can just invest in gadgets like these.

24 Ridiculously Cleaver Multi-Use Gadget You Totally Need in Your Life in Nepal


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