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Cost of MRP passport in Nepal

if your passport is lost, want to get another MRP Passport, Applicants for Nepalese MRP passports are required to pay a sum of NPR 15,000.00 (approx.US $150) as fees for an Ordinary passport. If your passport is not lost, getting for the first time, or date has been expired, want to get urgently, you should pay NRP 10,000 (approx.US $150) for ordinarily. And if you want to get MRP with the ordinary process, then it cost only NPR. Rs. 5000 (approx.US $50).  In the case of paying Rs. 10,000 or Rs. 15,000, you will get your MRP passport within 7 working days. But in the ordinary, it strength the weeks like 10-15 months.

Due to the demand of the people and state of emergency, the passport making process has been improved over time by the department of passport of Nepal. The department of passport of Nepal has also provided a convenient service rate of the passport according to the ease in the facility and according to the ease in the duration of time when the passport is to be ready. It is entirely for the people to choose in what time duration you want your passport to be ready and you have to pay accordingly.

It is easy to pay because a bank is situated right at the compound of the anamnagar office and hence payment can be made thereby filled voucher. There are four vouchers to be filled and a sample is pasted on the window so it is fairly easy to make the payments.

The regular passport

The regular passport is the one that is made within 45 to 30 days. However, there might be the increase in the time in case there is rejection or need of dispatching the passport. The regular cost or processing fee for such passport is Rs 5000 only. The requirements are all the same as discussed in the paragraph above in the section requirements for Passport in Nepal. this type of passport is preferred when people are not in haste of getting a passport and have sufficient time. This passport costs less but the process required by the applicant can be done within a day.

Passport in 3 days

This is the service that is provided by the Department of passport in which the applicant will have his passport ready in the 3 working days time. The process of a month is carried out within a day. The requirement is the same as the regular passport. This service costs double the cost of the regular passport. The cost of this passport service is ten thousand rupees. This is suitable for the people who are in need of a passport in around a week.

Next day Passport

There is another facility in which you get the passport of next working day of the office. The passport will be ready on the following day. The cost of such passport is twelve thousand rupees Rs. 12000 only. This facility can be used when you want passport within less than a week or so for your use. The requirements are all the same as discussed in the paragraph above in the section requirements for Passport in Nepal.

Same day Passport

This facility of the department of passport of Nepal is for the people who are unable to wait even a day for the purpose of their passport. Since the process that takes almost a month is done within a day the cost of this facility is a little expensive. It takes around fifteen thousand rupees for this process of getting a passport. It is the easiest way of getting a passport.The requirements are all the same as discussed in the paragraph above in the section requirements for Passport in Nepal.


How to make mrp passport in Nepal

If you have the question like that how to get an MRP passport in Nepal, it is easy to get it. To get that, you must be Nepali citizen. Just go to the CDO office in your district, fill the form of MRP with required documents. You will get MRP after some weeks.

How to fill MRP Form with Correctly or No Mistake

here is a sample of filling the form of MRP Passport, issued by Department of Passport, Nepal. This is in pdf form. You can download it to your computer.

Requirements for mrp passport in Nepal

If you want to get information about what is the requirement for MRP Passport in Nepal, then here is the referred page.

The department of Passport of Nepal needs you to have some documents to process the requirement of the passport. Before heading to the office in Anamnagar make sure you have all these documents with you while applying to get a passport.


MRP photos

A special type of photo is required for the passport that shows clearly your face with your hair all pulled back with clearly visible ears. The photo needs to be of the exact size. You will be needing three of such photos and all the photos must be identical in terms of dress background color etc. or else the photos will be invalid and our application will be rejected. Any sort of distortion in the photo will also be considered invalid and hence rejected. Keep in mind this is not regular passport size photo to be a little true and get professional help to save both times as well as money. The information regarding the MRP photos is discussed in detail in the topics below. Make sure you go through them as well.

Original Citizenship card

Citizenship card is the card verifying documents that say that you are the citizen of Nepal residing permanently in a certain part of Nepal. This document is your personal identity as a citizen of Nepal. you can get a passport before being the citizen of Nepal but it will require your parent’s citizenship for that we will discuss that later in the topic. Make sure your citizenship card is in good condition and is clear to read. You must also need copies of this citizenship cards. You might need two of the citizenship cards copies.

Make sure you copy both front and back of the citizenship card. It is important to copy both because both sides contain valuable information such as your photo, your name, your address, date of issue, district or issue, in charge issuing the card, and so on. You must also write “to copy” in each copy of the Citizenship card and sign your name along with it. This is done to ensure that the citizenship copy is not made and the information there are all same as per the original citizenship card. The signature also says that the applicant will be liable if any of such information is not according to the original copy. Just because you have multiple copies of the original citizenship card will not mean that you don’t need original citizenship card. The original citizenship card is necessary because all the necessary comparisons are made using that original copy and not with the photocopies. If you don’t have original copies the process will not be furthered.

Print out of Application

Of course, the foremost thing to do during the application for Passport is filled the application form. The application form is readily available on the internet as well as many photo studios and cyber centers will give you facility of filling a form in exchange for a certain price. The print out application must be filled with capital letters and also that the application form must be typed into to avoid any mistakes. In case of a mistake instead of correcting the error using pens please type again into a new form. Any error made in the form will cause the form to be disregarded. Also, make sure all the required information is filled with the accurate information. the information needs to match when they are tallied with the original citizenship card. You are asked multiple times about the information you have presented make sure you have type correct ones or else the process will not be furthered.


The department of a passport will charge a certain amount of money for making the passport. The charge for the passport varies according to the requirement of the service and how soon you want the passport. The department of passport of Nepal has established a number of systematic options varied by prices in order to provide convenient service to the applicants and according to the situation and emergencies. The cost is as follows:

  • Rs Five thousand

This is for the regular passport that will be readied in about 2 months or less depending on various factors

  • Rs 10 thousand

This is to get the passport in next three working days.

  • Rs twelve thousand

This is to get the passport on the next working day of the applied day.

  • Rs Fifteen thousand

This is to get a passport on the same day as applied.

The details on the structure and situation to apply for different cost of Passport are discussed in the following topic. Please make sure you go through that information as well.



Old passport copies

In case you are applying for a new passport due to many reasons, you need to bring copies of your old passport as well. The old passport is required to make sure that you have own passport. There are multiple pages in a Passport but you need only to copy the one with the information about yourself and our contact information. the number of copies required for this is two. You must also write “to copy” in each copy of the old passport and sign your name along with it. This is done to ensure that the old passport copy is not made and the information there are all same as per the original old passport. The signature also says that the applicant will be liable if any of such information is not according to the original copy. Just because you have multiple copies of the original old passport will not mean that you don’t need the original old passport. Do bring the original old passport. In case you have lost the old passport there is whole another process of getting a new passport requiring police certificate stating the loss its reason, the place where it is thought to be lost and so on. It is a very hectic process.

Citizenship verification Document

This is an optional requirement and is need only on special occasion. In case you citizenship in from other district but you want to get a Passport from the office of Kathmandu cause you are living in Kathmandu now you will require a special document called the Citizenship verification document. This document will state that you are a citizen of Nepal and your citizenship was issued by that district in a certain date by a recognized person. Also, it is stated that the information that is provided in the citizenship is accurate and according to the documents in that district where it was issued. This is a proof that you have officially recognized yourself as a citizen of Nepal in a recognized governing body. This can also be asked to verify by your ward to show you that you have permanently changed your address and now you are a permanent resident of a certain ward with all the necessary documents accurately in the ward. This might not be required if you are the citizen of Kathmandu and have previously taken the citizenship from the same office.

MRP passport form in Nepal

The form of MRP passport is available online to download and to fill. Many photo studios and cyber services also provide you with the facility of filling the form for you for a certain charge. They have the experience of filling the forms so the form will easily be accepted. However, with the healthy understanding of English or Nepali language, any one is able to understand the necessary information to be filled in the form and thus fill the form correctly. The charges at the CDO (Chief District Office) are around 100 bucks.

The form of passport in Nepal consists of the following information:

The topmost head of the form consists of the emblem of the government of Nepal. The branch of the government Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Department of Passport is addressed on the left top. On the right topmost there is a rectangular space to put up a photo. Remember that the photo is not your regular size passport photo it is a different one. Make sure you clearly address your photographer to make the photo for the passport application or else the passport application will be invalid. To know more details about the size, type color or any other information on photo for the passport please go through the upcoming topic. Everything is written in detail there.

Other information to be filled is mostly textual. All the textual information are required to e filled in capital letters. To start the first you have to fill name and then surname. The next is the place of birth followed by nationality date of birth in both English date and Nepali date. Then there is a space to fill the sex nationality. Next, you have to give your information about your citizenship. The information includes citizenship number, date of issue, and place of issue. If you have an old passport and you are applying for a new one you also must give the information on the old passport such as date of validity, date of issue, passport number. This is mostly done by the people who have shifted residence and are applying for passport where it will be convenient in the future. The next information you have to give is the address. The form asks both permanent and temporary address.

The field is required to be filled with both types of addresses. The detail information about the address is asked such as a municipality, ward number, town or village, and house number. The next information to be filled is the contact information to contact the person in case necessary. The contact information asked includes email id and phone number. It is recommended you give your mobile number to the phone number. The landline can be considered as invalid at times. In case of emergency and any other complication, the next segment of information is highly useful and it is the information on next of kin. Next of kin refers to the closet family or friend to you who can be contacted on your behalf in case of emergency. The full name of Next of kin is asked along with the detail information about this whereabouts such as town or village, municipality, ward number, and house number and so on. It is also important you provide your relation to the next of kin and phone number of the next of kin so that contacting them is easier.

Lastly, there are two boxes on the left-hand side of the form near to the bottom. this area is for the fingerprint of your thumb of both hands. The next box adjacent to it is for your signature. Make sure you do the signature that is in your citizenship or any other documents to avoid confusion which might lead to the invalidation of the information.

Finally, your form is complete.

You can download the form from the website of Department of Passport of Nepal. or search Google the links are readily available. It is preferred you fill the information by typing and after that print for the submission. The form will go through various checking in different windows in the office until it is finally accepted.

MRP photo size in Nepal

A special kind of photo is required for the MRP in Nepal. The photo must be as recent as possible that is it must be taken within the latest six months. The photo needs to be in a specific dimension and showing required parts to the person’s face. The size of the photo is 35mm X 45mm. it must be a colored photo without borders on any side of the photo. MRP photo must also show the applicant’s face fully and clearly.

The posture of the applicant needs to be fully looking forward, both ears must be clearly visible, staring straight on the camera, the whole head and some parts of shoulder must be visible, shadow should absolutely not be seen, no more than one person in the photo, shut mouth, without wearing bright/shining cloths. The two ears of the applicant must be visible. The coverage of the image has to be 70 to 80 percent of the photo covered with the face. The applicant must bring the hair back or tie it so that it does not affect the clarity and full face feature of the photo and the head needs are open, this rule can be considered to be inapplicable if there are certain special religions, cultural and health-related reason that makes the person must cover the head.

The quality of the photo should always be shortly focused, very high quality, without wrinkled, without marks of ink or spot, and it should be printed in the standard paper and high resolution. If the applicant is wearing spectacles then eyes to be seen clearly, thin frame, without reflection and without any sort of color glasses. The applicant is suggested not to put any makeup or any kind of ornaments or jewelry at the time when the picture is taken. The background of the photo must be as plain as possible. Bright colors that do not interfere with the contrast of the image is recommended so that one does not have to return without the validation of the form by the members of the Nepalese bureaucracy.

Machine Readable Passport / MRP system in Nepal

Almost all the country in the world uses this special type of MRPs. ICAO Document 9303 (endorsed by the International Organization for Standardization and the International Electrotechnical Commission as ISO/IEC 7501-1) have made these passports standard. Each passport must have machine-readable zone MRZ. It is normally at the bottom of the identity page. The identity page is at the beginning of the passport. The passports are of various types and usually of Type 3 format and the MRZ in such passport are last two lines. The MRZ line in these passports each contains a lengthy character of 44 letters. The information to be given in the zone is also defined. They are the name, passport number, nationality, date of birth, sex, passport expiration date and personal identity number. The MRZ zones are also provided with space to add more information about the country dependent information. The other type of passport that is the Type 1 passport has only 30 characters per line for such information. There are three of such lines.


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