Things to Know about Machine Readable Passport | MRP Passport in Nepal

MRP is the acronym for Machine Readable Passport. It is an advanced form of passport that is prepared in an advanced machine and contains details of the bearer. The government of Nepal has authorized a French company Oberthur to print its MRP’s. An agreement on printing MRP’s was signed between Nepal and the company on 11 Bhadra, 2067 (26 December 2010). You can get all the information about mrp passport system in Nepal from here.

A machine-readable passport (MRP) is called a machine-readable travel document (MRTD) with the data on the identity page encoded in optical character recognition format. Many countries began to issue machine-readable travel documents in the 1980s.The department of passport of Nepal has many types of the passport but for normal people the color of the passport is green. The green passport in its corner has the Coats of Arms a national emblem of Nepal in the center. The words Passport and Nepal are inscribed in Nepali and English in the above and below the national emblem of Nepal respectively. The green color passports that are supposed for normal Nepalese people for their normal purposes each has 32 pages only.

Things to Know about Machine Readable Passport | MRP Passport in Nepal

Get here information about the cost to make, the requirement to fill the form, sample form of MRP, data that you can get, duration to make the passport etc.

mrp passport in nepal system cost data requirment

A Nepalese girl is showing here MRP passport.

Information available in this Nepalese Passport

You can get following data from the Current Machine Readable Nepalese passport. The passport of Nepal gives valuable information about the person to whom the passport belongs to. This passport is thus also valid as an identity card and is recognized even on foreign soil. It is also the symbol that the carrier is a Nepali citizen and is beneficiary to every rights and accommodation and helps the foreign nation is obliged to provide to the citizen of other nations when they are upon foreign nation’s soil. The information contained in the passport is as follows:

  1. Type
  2. Passport Number
  3. Surname
  4. Names
  5. Nationality
  6. Height
  7. Weight
  8. Date of Issue
  9. Date of Expiry
  10. Citizenship Number
  11. Issuing Authority
  12. Holder’s Signature
  13. Signature of the Issuing Authority

Type of Passport in Nepal

The government of Nepal through its department of Passport mainly issues four of different types of passport.

  1. Ordinary (Green)

The office may issue an ordinary passport to a Nepalese citizen and his/her children who have not attained (completing) sixteen years of age. There are multiple facilities made to get an ordinary passport here are some of them:

An ordinary passport in Gratis may be issued to the other employees except than the Gazette officers of the Government of Nepal, traveling abroad for the purpose of study in scholarship or study tour or training.


It is valid up to ten years from the date of issue.

An ordinary passport in Gratis may be allotted to the Nepalese Soldier, Armed police and Police personnel of Nepal police systematized to join United Nations peace force, if the troubled body has made a request.

The office may issue an ordinary passport under the urgent (express) service and while issuing such passport double fee shall be accused.

  1. Official (Blue)

The office of the department of passport of Nepal shall issue an official passport in Gratis to the following officials staying abroad for the purpose of Governmental function or study or study tour or training after being designated by Government of Nepal if a written request has been received from the concerned constitutional body or Ministry.

  1. Diplomatic (Red)

The office of the department of passport of Nepal shall issue a political passport in Gratis, to the following bureaucrats visiting abroad for the purpose of Governmental functions, if written demand has been received from the concerned legitimate body or Ministry. The people getting this passport are president, vice president, the prime minister, chief justice, speaker head of state, ex-head of state, deputy prime minister, ministers etc.

  1. Provisional Passport:

If the valid period of a passport of a Nepalese passport holder residing abroad has been expired, lost or destroyed or became useless because of being rag and he/she has submitted an application to make a new passport then a provisional passport may be issued from the mission to him/her till the machine-readable passport has been issued. The passport issued is valid generally for six months from the date of issuance. While issuing a new passport to the candidate, the mission shall cancel the conditional passport after diminishing it.

  • Country Code

The country code is the international system of representing a country. It is NPL for Nepal.

  • Passport Number

The assigned number to a passport is given in the passport in the information page of the passport. The passport number is also dented on the head of each page of the passport.

  • Surname

The surname is the caste or family name and is written before given name of the individual with block letters in the personal information page in the passport.

  • Given Names

The given name is a calling name or regular name of the individual. It is written after the surname and is written in capital letters as well.

  • Nationality

The nationality of the person is identified as NEPALESE in the passport. This will be an official indication that the person is a citizen of Nepal and is entitled to all the rights and accommodation that the country needs to offer to the individual in case of need. This acts as a valuable information when the individual is on the foreign soils.

  • Date of Birth

The date of birth is the information of the year of birth along with month and day wrote on English date.

  • Sex

The next information is the biological gender or sex of the individual indicated by M for male and F for female.

  • Date of Issue

it is the date when the passport was issued first officially and when it was made readily available for use by the department of passport of Nepal.

  • Date of Expiry

This is the date up to when the passport can be considered to of legal use. The date indicates when the passport will be out of use and needs to be renewed. Any activities after the date of expiry are considered to be illegal and the individual will not be subjected to rights he or she will otherwise be entitled to in case he or she remains in the foreign soil after the date of expiry.

  • Citizenship Number

This information shows the citizenship number in which the individual is registered as the citizen of Nepal. It is also in agreement with the citizenship document or citizenship card.

  • Place of Birth

This information provides the name and address of the place where the individual is registered to be born. It might be completely different with the current address of the individual.

  • Issuing Authority

This refers to the government body that has authorized this passport as a valid object for use. Also, this means that the government will be on the individual side when it is subjected to an inquiry in foreign soils.

  • Holder’s Signature

This is the information showing the holder’s claim to the passport. The sign in the passport needs to be exact to that of the individual whenever it is asked of him. The holder’s signature is almost a unique identification to the passport holder.

How to get MRP passport in Nepal

To get a passport in Nepal people have to go through the number of stuff and activities. The information on such requirements is not readily available; the department of passport is making the significant improvement in such information providing. The following information will be equally helpful for you to get a passport. But for more of such information, I would ask you to visit the Facebook pages and the website of Department of Passport.

The office is the same for the people where they get the citizenship card. If your citizenship is not from the same office or outside the valley then please visit Department of Passport office.

The regular office is near the anamnagar area across the bridge of Dhobi Khola. The area is also called      Bijulibazar or babarmahal area. The office normally stays open from 8 o’ clock in the morning to 2 o’ clock in the day. After 2 o’ clock the passport department gets closed for processing of the activities of the day. Friday it closes little early that is around 1 pm. Make sure you reach as early as possible to complete the work within a day.

Let’s talk about the steps necessary to take while applying for the Passport.

Step 1 – to get MRP passport in Nepal

Learn all the requirements that are needed to apply for the passport and then visit the Anamnagar office at the office time. I personally recommended you to be as early as possible. Double check the requirements and make copies of whatever necessary. Again, I recommended do not hesitate to bring any or all official government documents relating you. It may not be required and don’t get nervous if you do not have all of them it is only an extreme case scenario. Also, make multiple copies of the documents this can be used again in the future so it will not go to waste. The important documents without which you cannot apply are discussed in the following article. If you have all the documents discussed there you are good to go. Please go through that portion of the article.

Step 2 – to get MRP passport in Nepal

When you reach the office at Anamnagar go to the citizenship verification room that is room number 105. It is located on the extreme right-hand side with a small window opening to talk to the officer in charge. Give documents such as filled application form, original citizenship card, and the signed copies of citizenship cards. The person might look up for your details in the office or they will simply make the comparisons with the original citizenship card and hopefully, you will get verified without much nagging or waiting for the personnel to find your documents. the officer will then sign your documents and requests you to visit no 107.

Step 3 – to get MRP passport in Nepal

The same process is repeated in the room number 107 as well. The application form is compared with the original citizenship card and checked the information are correct or not. The copies or original citizenship card also check again and again and asked them to be signed. If you have everything in place the concerned officer there will also sign the document. It is high so that if you document gets easily signed in 105 then it also easily gets signed in room 107.

Step 4 – to get MRP passport in Nepal

Take the documents into a room no 303. Remember the room number might be changed so ask the officer you met earlier where to go next. After 107 you will probably be guided to a different building may be room number 303. Here, the charge sits and through the small glass window asks you many questions relating you and your information. The cross question can also be for the reason to verify that you are the person who you claim to be. Once he or she signs the document you now can deposit the money.

Step 5 – to get MRP passport in Nepal

There is a staff of the bank in a small section in the compound of the office. Go to the bank and show your documents. Without the documents being signed by all three personnel, you will not get bank voucher the guard there takes a look at the documents and gives back your documents with a voucher. There are four similar segments of the voucher and all need to fill with same information. there is a sample of the filled voucher in the window of the bank make sure you take references from it to fill the vouchers. Once you fill the vouchers the bank personnel will check if all the information are correct or not and give you two out of four vouchers filled. The cost of a regular passport is Rs 5000 so you must carry at least Rs 5000 with you and pay it in the bank.

Step 6 – to get MRP passport in Nepal

The next step is to go to the room number 107 second window. In this room, they will ask for all your documents and in case they forget to give all your documents. There they will ask for one more of those special MRP photos. They paste your photos in one of their log books ask tells you to check the status of your passport on the website. The website address is pasted in the window and is also easily available on the google. The next time you have to go there is after you know your passport has arrived which can be from 25 to 45 days gap.

How to check MRP passport in Nepal

To collect the MRP passport you must know if the passport is ready or not. The department of passport of Nepal has made it very easy. You first go to the website of the department of passport of Nepal there is a link to click which will lead you to a table showing the names and serial number and citizenship number of the people who have applied for the passport and whose passport are ready to be collected.

First of all, you have to check the dates. The dates there are the date when you have submitted the application if the application date is there then if everything is okay your passport is ready. Now go through the names that are arranged in alphabetical order for your name. find your name and cross-refer it to the citizenship number you have. If it matches then get a pen and take up the serial number in which you name was mentioned.

Second head back to the Anamnagar office and go to the room number 106. Make sure to take your voucher, old passport, citizenship card original when visiting the office. make sure you have your serial number too. If not there is a booklet at the table to search for your name and serial number.

Thirdly, Queue up and then at your turn submit the voucher and your original citizenship card or your old passport. Watch as they cancel the crap out of the voucher. Get your brand new passport hopefully with a smile.

Fourth check all the information that is printed in the passport. Check multiple times and be absolutely sure that everything is correct and in place.

Finally, get ready to travel all around the globe.

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