Moving To the UK? Things You Should Know Before That


Relocating to a new country can be difficult if you don’t know some basic things about the country. Are you thinking of moving to the UK?

There are a lot of things you need to know before heading over there.

Here are a few of them to guide your decision and make your move easier.

1.     The UK is not Great Britain

Let’s start with a bit of fun fact. You are probably one of several people that erroneously think that the UK is the same as Great Britain. If you’re planning to move to the UK, we advise that you get this right.

Great Britain is the name of the island where England, Scotland, and Wales are located. The United Kingdom on the other hand includes all of these and Northern Ireland.

2.       Eligibility for a visa

Another thing you need to know is the eligibility for a visa. You need to be informed about the various types of visas that are available in the UK. And if you can apply for any one of them. For instance, a tourist visa allows you to live in the country for about six months without working.

senior citizens travelling moving

You should not go into the UK without full knowledge of the conditions of your approved visa type. You can get adequate information about this and other vital details of applying for your visa from creditable immigration lawyers in Middlesbrough.



3.     Weather

You need to be prepared to face the kind of weather you meet in the UK which will most likely be different from that of your home country. The northern part of the UK is darker and wetter than the south.

Although it might not be constant everywhere, it rains in all of England during winter, there are about five hours of sunlight. Be sure to study the weather and understand it to better adapt when you arrive.

4.      Going to the UK to study? Do your research

As expected, the education system in the UK is different from that of other places. As individual planning to study in the UK, you need to be familiar with the education system and how you can make the best of it so you don’t end up feeling like a fish out of water when you arrive.

5.     Public Healthcare is mostly Free

Is Public healthcare free? Yes, it is free. In 1948, the United Kingdom government set up the National Healthcare Service (NHS) for people to receive free medical treatments.

Although at some point you might need to pay for some prescriptions and specialist care, the British administration has made the NHS accessible for everyone who resides or visits the United Kingdom.

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6.     Love for tea

Learning how to make and drink a good cup of tea is one of the things you should know before moving to the UK. Most Brits find tea so soothing and have made it a daily requirement for themselves.

They love to talk about how much they need a cup of tea and serious deliberations arise from it. However, most people prepare their tea in the mid-afternoon but anytime is preferable to put the kettle on.

7.     Queue

Wherever you are moving from, to the UK, you need to learn about the politeness and organization of the Brits. For instance, if up to three to four people are waiting in line to get something, they immediately form a queue to avoid rowdiness. If you find yourself in this type of situation, you should obey the rules. Although nobody will confront or impose it on you it is a norm in the UK.

8.     Get familiar with the locations

It’s important to get familiar with the locations also, the prices of the houses, as well as their rents, differ from each other.

London is the most expensive and also the most interesting place to live in the UK, the farther you go to the northern part, the less it costs you. Hence, getting enough information about these locations is highly important.


These are a few of the numerous things to be aware of before moving to the UK, we tend to forget most of these things especially when we move in a hurry. So it’s important to keep records and start to plan.


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