Mountaineering Expedition in Nepal: Climbing Nepali Mountain

This post is about Mountaineering Expedition in Nepal. Here we are going to concentrate about climbing Nepali mountain or mountaineering in Nepal with some facts and figures.

Mountaineering Expedition in Nepal: Climbing  Nepali Mountain

Nepal, south Asian country, is considered one of best destinations for mountaineering and peak climbing in the world. Mountaineering expedition in Nepal is another prime tourism activity for the mountaineers.

Some but few places in the earth have such fascinating high mountains and glittering peaks to scale amidst astounding natural beauty. Nepali is one of such place for being great attraction to the mountain climbers.

The mountaineering expeditions in Nepal is been a famous adventure sports in all over the world since Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay scaled the Mount Everest, Highest summit in the world, in May 1953.

Himalayas of Nepal is unique. It is high land of our globe. Since it is so high above the sea level, scientists like to compare it with the north or south poles. That is why Nepal is ‘third pole’ of the world.

Himalayas of Nepal have captured the dreams, the desires and aspiration of the human beings. Himalayas of Nepal appeared so awesome. Himalayas of Nepal is appeared so majestic. It is appeared with so mysterious that a lot of legends and myths are woven on them.

The people from the all over the world were gazing at those magnificent mountains and Himalayas for thousands of years. This gaze at Himalayas may have some fears, hopes and illusions. They are writing about them for long years. They are worshipping the Himalayas and making it pilgrimage to them.


The longest Himalayan range starts from country Afghanistan through Pakistan, India, Nepal and ends in Bhutan. Nepal has 1/3 of the total length of Himalayas. For your kind information, the total length is approx. 800 km. But this region has almost all the highest mountains of the world.

Nepal has eight out of fourteen of the world’s 8000 meter peaks. Nepal has about 1310 snow peaks over 6000 meters. Nepal is offering the best choices for Himalayan mountaineering expedition.

Climbing Himalayas peak in Nepal is been the dream for most of the adventure enthusiasts and mountaineers in the world.

There are many mountaineering agency having expertise to organize Himalayan mountaineering expedition and climbing peak in Nepal. There are the expert management of famous mountaineers.

Expedition on Pumori, Amadablam, Baruntse are considered the popular among 6000 & 7000 meter peaks where as Dhaulagiri, Makalu, Meera, Manaslu, Lhotse, Everest are the 8000 meter peaks for the challenging climbing in Nepal.


If you are interested to climb mountains in Nepal, it may help you. If you are interested to climb Himalayan summit, it of course help you. There are many Himalayan peaks in Nepal offering a wide range of mountaineering expedition objectives.

There are many travel agencies in Nepal offering a wide range of mountaineering expedition support and guiding service. Agency may fix the date departures. Don’t miss to experience the views from the Himalayan finest summit.

Choice is yours. Interest is yours. Your interest may be the simply climbing a peak.  Your interest may be the expedition on 7000 or 8000 meters peak.

Joining the mountaineering expeditions group in Nepal has become a dream and ultimate goal for most of the adventurers and mountaineers of the world. For your kind information, mountaineering expeditions require a high level of physical and mental fitness with a good level of mountaineering skills.

There are many mountaineering agencies in Nepal who teach and support climbing peak and mountaineering expedition with full of expertise. There are some mountaineering companies in Nepal who teach and support climbing peak and mountaineering expedition with full of expertise.

There are some mountaineering institute in Nepal who teach and support climbing peak and mountaineering expedition with full of skills.

Mountaineering expedition in Nepal may be the personal and group. Mountaineering agency provides all the trekking and mountaineering goods in Nepal or mountaineering gear in Nepal.

It includes the Lespotiva climbing boot, Exped down filled mattress for, Black Diamond harness, zoomer, figure of eight, carabineer, helmet, rope etc. on all of our climbing trips for safety and comfort and of course to make your peak climbing trip in Himalaya a hassle free and affordable one.

As we, all know that expedition is to climb Himalayas. You needs special permit from the Nepal government. It takes some preparation and involves formalities. Nepal Government is collecting money by granting permit and trekking agencies will organize the expedition at the same time Himalayan peaks for expedition purpose.

We hope you are enjoy with this post about mountaineering expedition in Nepal. Thank you.

 Mountaineering Expedition in Nepal: Climbing  Nepali Mountain

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