How to send money from Kuwait to Nepal? Are you planning to send money to Nepal anytime soon? If you wish to get the most value out of your hard-earned cash, then we recommend that this – stop using your banks to send cash abroad.

Sending cash overseas is cheap and inexpensive if you merely use the services of cash transfer providers. Save as much as forty five percent off of your money transfers if you use the services of money transfers like Compare Transfer and so forth. 

Who sends money to Nepal?

Four types of individuals are in ought to send cash to Nepal.

A) Nepalese migrants in other countries

The Nepalese diaspora represents more than 1 million people currently living outside the country. Some 553’000 Nepalese are in India, of those more than half. Then we find Nepalese in Malaysia, the United States, U.K., Bangladesh and Australia. 

Affordable charges money girl showing cash
girl showing cash

 Those Nepalese migrants are leaving their country to find better job opportunities outside the country. In addition to India, they are mainly in English speaking countries. 

B) Nepalese people who were born overseas


C) Travelers to Nepal

Many tourists visit the country every year, and also the number continues to grow.

D) Companies in business with Nepal                

What is needed to Send Money to Nepal?

The money transfer service providers will ask you to give some information when sending money to Nepal. The information varies from one provider to another provider, and how you want to send money. All things considered, the following are some of the subtleties, you will need to include.

How much will it cost to send money to Nepal?

What are the payments strategies to send cash to Nepal?

The available forms of payment for your foreign transfer can differ, which will be mainly as follows: 

How much time does it take to send money to Nepal?

It mostly depends on:

How might you get the best international money transfer deal?

Once you send money overseas, you can check the fees and rates from a few different money send companies and applications. That way, you will find the best money exchange deal.

The cost of an international money transfer is dependent on several factors, for example,

Money transfer fees will vary depending on that company or app you are using, and that country you’re sending cash to.

The fees and rates can likewise vary a lot between various money transfer companies. That’s why comparing money exchange deals is so significant.

What are the things to Consider When Sending Money to Nepal?

Besides the provider benefits and exclusive sending platform features, there are other aspects you need to know when sending to Nepal. These incorporate:

I) The Depreciating Nepal Rupee: 

Nepal’s financial system operates a fixed peg foreign currency regime which is connected to the Indian currency and the U.S. dollar. The Rupee has been tumbling against major world currencies over the last few months. The weak currency gives Nepalese an advantage when sending in the diaspora. At current exchange rates, they get more cash.

II) Nepali Diaspora Invest Fund (NDIF) –

For Nepali diaspora, Nepali Diaspora Invest Fund (NDIF) is a joint investment initiative. This could be an excellent and magnificent investment opportunity if you were to invest in land, hydropower, travel and tourism, agriculture and transportation.

III) Currency Exchange and Restrictions – 

You should declare it upon arrival when bringing in $5,000 or more to Nepal. Likewise, you must declare to the authorities when exporting currency through Nepal. The Nepalese Rupee can only be exchanged to another currency through authorized dealers.

Knowing the processes concerned when sending cash to Nepal is essential. The various providers, the services they offer, the information required to send and receive money along with the things you need to consider when sending to Nepal are some of the grounds you need to cover.


What are the important things to consider when sending money abroad?

Money transfer companies are significantly helpful when sending cash in emergencies or to remote areas wherever folks don’t have any access to formal banking services. However, they will be utilized in any scenario and are most frequently the simplest possibility once transferring cash overseas.

There are many things that you simply need to contemplate once looking for the simplest way to send cash abroad, such as:

The transfer fee

  1. The exchange rate
  1. Sending and disbursing network
  1. Customer support
  1. Accessibility across various platforms 

Most money transfer service providers have free, downloadable mobile apps that permit their customers to make in a hurry transaction. Some, however, only work through online platforms or restrict their apps to specific markets.

To have access to mobile money, transfer services means ease and speed when transferring funds. You can also note that some firms such as Ria, Western Union and MoneyGram endorse payments online as well as brick and mortar transfers. You may be able to start your process online and complete it at a physical store, depending on where you are sending your funds to. 

  1. Ease of setting up an account

To send money via an online money transfer service provider, you initially need to open an account.7The procedures for creating an account, including the necessary details, differ from one provider then onto the next. Some will ask you to give proof of your identity and address before the process is finished. Some will allow you to send a limited amount of funds and lift the limits only when proper verification is completed.

  1. Payment and payout options

One important thing to look at while picking the ideal approach to send money abroad is how you pay for your transfer. Some providers make payments by bank transfer, ACH, and credit/debit card. There are additionally country-specific payment methods which you can use, including Google Pay, Apple Pay, and POLi, depending on where you make your transfer from.

Providers do have different payout options and payment plans, including direct-to-bank deposits, mobile transfers, and cash pickups. Generally favoured for sending money to recipients without access to formal banking services or for transferring limited amounts of cash pickups 

and mobile deposits, but be sure to ensure that your chosen provider offers both the payment and collection methods you require.

Specific transfer requirements

You need to play by the rules set by each provider for the best experience when sending cash to any nation, or even locally. Inability to fully respect their right of requirements can result in unnecessary delays or even cancellations of the transfer. The following are probably the best practices you can consider when you make your transfers.

A) Larger Transfers

There are some things you should have to look out for when making significant transfers (for the most part over $10,000). These include:

I) Bank and provider limits: 

Your bank can restrict the amount of the transactions you may make on a day-to-day basis, per transaction, or by payment method, for instance, online, by phone, or in a branch. In the case, to avoid skipped transfers, you have to comprehend the limitations very well. You ought to likewise check to see if the provider has set any upper limits.

II) Account verification: 

You would typically have to check your account before you make a transfer. Some companies brief you to confirm your account if it has not already been confirmed, yet ensure that you have done so in time to prevent delays. You might be asked for additional details, in addition to the address proof and identity documentation proof, depending on the provider policies.

III) Fixed exchange rates: 

On account of their scale, massive transactions will amplify even the slightest differences in exchange rates into large savings or expenses. Getting the best rate and keeping it for the length of your transfer not only means you make savings but also know for sure how much your receiver will receive. This is particularly relevant when dealing with fixed payments, for example, rent, deposits and repayment of mortgages.

B) Credit card:

Paying for the transfer with a credit card means that funds reach the account of the online service provider more easily for sending to the recipient. Given this benefit, credit card payments relative to bank transfers and bank debits are very costly and require several things to look out for, for example:

I) Credit card limits: This is the first thing that you need to look at. Credit cards are issued either as a significant aspect of the policy of the issuer or as a customer upon your request. You have to check whether your limitations otherwise require you to be penalized for bounced payments when you make large transfers.

II) Cardholder details: Ensure the name displayed on the credit card matches that of the money transfer account online. Mismatches can lead to declines of cards, delays and cancellations of transfers. Providers do not let you pay using a card which is not yours.

III) Use a brand of card that is supported by your provider: Several providers insist that credit cards ought to be either MasterCard, Visa or Maestro for acceptance. Others continue to add more conditions requiring cards to be made sure about by Verified by Visa or Secure Code. It is significant you look at this before you start your transfer. 

C) Cash pickup

If your provider allows cash pickup as an option for payout, you can use it for small transfers. 

You must meet the following conditions for efficient transfers: 

I) Information of the recipient: You should make sure that the recipient information is collected correctly while making a transfer. Typically these incorporate your name, national identity card number and address.

II) Transfer code: The transaction code is usually sent to you and in some cases sent to the recipient. The receiver needs to show the code to claim the funds, or in any case, no evidence is given the transfer may be reversed.

D) Bank Account

If you are paying for your transfer from a bank account, you will need to make sure your account details fit the information on your money transfer account. If you are paying from a joint account, you will need to share proof that you are part of the account holders. It can take the form of a bank statement you are scanning and sending to the supplier.

How to Send Money From Kuwait to Nepal?

Since the Nepalese Rupee is one of the exotic currencies, most banks don’t offer the possibility of sending Nepalese Rupee to another country. For instance, you can send U.S. dollars or Euros, and the receiver asks his bank to convert the money into Nepalese Rupee. But banks are not the cheapest alternative to internationally send money, as they offer low exchange rates.

A safer way to send money to Nepal is by utilizing a money transfer company that specializes in currency exchange. Money transfer services provide better exchange rates, and you can monitor the transfer speed as you know it beforehand. There are many types.

While heading out to Nepal, if your recipient is in urgent need of money, you can utilize an international cash service which is the quickest method to move cash overseas as your recipient can get the money in minutes.

If not, you can take advantage of an online money transfer company which is anything but not difficult to utilize and offers excellent rates. When you need to transfer a large sum of money to foreign exchange brokers in Nepal, then this is a decent way since they have reasonable rates for enormous sums.

A) International bank transfer:

That is often referred to as wire transfer. It is where you transfer money utilizing an international bank account number (IBAN) and SWIFT code to another bank account.

The charges vary from bank to bank. A few banks allow you to transfer money online or via their app, but some of them need you to go to a branch. This distinction does not include transfers by cable. When you want to make, an international bank transfer talks directly with your current account provider.

Nepal has around two hundred and fifty financial institutions authorized by the Nepal Rastra Bank (Nepal’s central bank).

How does it work? 

A bank transfer is an electronic payment which allows you to send cash to another directly from your bank account.

  1. Enter an amount you want to send

Enter the amount you might want to send.

  1. Add a recipient

Add a new recipient, or choose from a list of previously sent recipients. 

  1. Pay and unwind

Pay by your picked method. You will be notified along with your recipient when your money arrives.

What information do you need from your recipient to send bank transfers to Nepal?

The following are some of the things you need to know from your recipient to send bank transfers to Nepal.

A) Full name. You should enter the full name of your recipient. The recipient’s name must match the name precisely on their bank statement to prevent any delays.

B) Address. You should enter the city of your recipient’s.

C) Account details. You should enter the (1) bank name, (2) branch name, and (3) account number of your recipient.

D) Mobile number. You should enter the phone no of your recipient’s. This is utilized to give your receiver an SMS message telling them that their funds have been credited.

E) Sending reason. You should state the reason for sending whether it is “family or companion support,” “service purchase,” “property payment,” or “self-shipment of funds.”

F) Email address (optional). This is an optional step. The email address of the receiver is utilized to send your receiver an email about the transaction details. This is especially helpful on the off chance that they have issues accepting the SMS updates.

You should make sure all subtleties about your recipient are correct. It will be difficult to change or stop the exchange once you make your transaction.

Important: for transactions of 1,000,000 NPR and above, proof of income (payslip, bank statement, loan slip or some other legitimate document) will be needed.

Why has your beneficiary not gotten your bank transfer?

Sometimes the recipient may not receive the money even after the few days.

There may be a variety of reasons your family and friends don’t get their bank transfer within the timeframe anticipated, including: 

I) There may be the need for additional details from you before authorizing your transfer. 

 II) There may be the need for additional receiver details (such as I.D.). 

 III) Transfer delivery timescales are measured in working days. This ensures that the delivery timescale does not include public holidays and weekends. This way, they will push delivery dates beyond what you would expect. 

 IV) In a minimal number of situations, technical difficulties may occur that hinder the ability of the bank to lend the transfer to the beneficiary. 

B) Money transfer services/company

What is a money transfer?

Money transfers are what you use to send money to foreign countries. You will sometimes do this from your U.K. debit card, credit card or bank account, to a bank account in another country.

The money could be transferred almost instantly, depending on what money transfer company or smartphone device you are using. It might take up to five days for some businesses. 

Sometimes the money is often collected personally by whoever you are sending it to, instead of deposited into a bank account. That is typically what happens if you utilize a worldwide cash transfer service like Moneygram or Western Union.

Money transfer fees

You will need to look closely at the fees, commissions and exchange rates when analyzing international money transfer deals. As referenced previously, the fees and rates will vary contingent upon much money you send and to which country you send it. Often the fees will be paid to both the sender and the receiver.

Several money transfer firms are promoting fee-free money transfers. Yet, the exchange rate should be looked into closely. You will see that various money transfer companies have different exchange rates to offer. That is generally because a lot of money transfer companies mark the exchange rate instead of charging separate fees instead.

What are the advantages of money transfer services?

  1. Ease of Setup 

A simple and straightforward process is to sign up for an account, pay for your transfer and send money. Your name and email address are the only subtleties you will need.

Some providers may approach you for verifying your identity as a significant aspect of their internal policy yet nothing more than that. This simply can’t be compared with loads of details and regulatory obstacles you face when opening bank accounts.

  1. Favourable Exchange Rates 

The exchange rate utilized by the providers is in the middle of the cost of purchasing and selling. This is referred to as the real or mid-market cost. The MTOs use data from databases such as those utilized by Google and Yahoo Finance for currency exchange analysis. Such knowledge helps them to establish favourable exchange rates between source currencies and the Nepalese Rupee.

  1. Low Transfer Fees 

Money transfer service providers charge the lowest fees on all forms of sending. Type of payment fees differs relying upon how you pay for the transfer to Nepal. There are different forms of payment, bank debit (ACH), bank transfer, debit card, and credit card. The latter is the most costly fee. However, it takes a minimal amount of time to give your receiver.

  1. Multicurrency Support 

Money transfer service providers serve loads of locations and nations. MoneyGram has offices of 350,000 employees in 200 countries and territories worldwide. Xoom operates internationally in more than 140 countries with 350,000 agent locations. These global networks also send to remote territories from any country.

  1. Secure Transfers 

The cash you send and your details with money transfer service providers are both safe and secure. MTOs are governed by an autonomous agency, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which ensures the safety of foreign transfers. Providers have invested in security mechanisms, for example, multifactor authentication systems and other information security initiatives, in addition to the regulations. 

  1. Speed of Transactions 

Services for cash transfer leverage an extensive payout network and superior technology-driven potency to accelerate transactions. When sending money home for an emergency or time-bound duty speed is essential. Providers will transfer the money in a few days or minutes.

List of Money Transfer Company:

A) MoneyGram

MoneyGram is also one of the best ways to transfer money from Kuwait to Nepal.

B) Xpress Money

Xpress Money is Xpress Money Services Ltd.’s worldwide money transfer service. I.T. provides Nepal with “Cash to cash” service along with “Cash to Account” service. Xpress Money provides transaction tracker, which is the 16-digit X-PIN number when transferring money through this app. This number is a very significant number that is needed when withdrawing money. And use it also for tracking the transaction.

C) International Money Express P. Ltd. (IME)

International Money Express P. Ltd. (IME is one of the quickest, safest and most reliable remittance options for you and your family globally. It enables effectively sending as well as receiving of money around the world.

IME. is enlisted in Nepal under Nepal Rastra Bank. Anyone who wants to make a payment or transfer money to an individual in a paid-out country can use this. The recipient can get money in his or her currency. IME offers services for transferring cash like “Sending money cash,” “Online cash Transfer” and “Door to Door Transfer.”

D) Prabhu Money Transfer

This is a registered remittance company of Nepal. It provides any bank/finance with the services such as Instant Cash Transfer and Account Deposit.

Agent of Prabhu Money Transfer

The agents for Nepal to send to Nepal can be found by utilizing the Locate Agents tool available on the Prabhu money transfer website.

C) Money transfer apps: You can do a money transfer online using an app. It is the fastest way to transfer money. You can add an app to iOS or Android, such as PayPal, OFX, Transfer wise or Venmo. You then only link it to a money source, like a bank account. Upon clicking a button, you can then send money abroad.

D) Money transfer agents: This is the very first way to transfer money overseas. I do so; you are visiting an agent from Western Union or MoneyGram and sending money to another agent somewhere in the world. The receiver will then go and raise the capital. That can be fast-often within seconds of sending the money; they can collect it. 

D) Nepal foreign exchange brokers


Through the research, it is found that when transferring money overseas, the best way online will almost always be an online money transfer service rather than a conventional bank to send money.

The variety of these services on offer helps keep their fees and margins of exchange rates low, saving you money and ensuring that your transfer reaches your intended recipient at the maximum amount possible. 

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