Popular & Best Mobiles | Smartphone | Cellphone in Nepal with Price

Popular & Best Mobiles | Smartphone | Cellphone in Nepal with Price

Popular, Top & Best Mobiles | Smartphone | Cellphone in Nepal with Price: – In Nepal, everyone is connected and attached to mobiles that may be educated or uneducated. May Nepalese are not educated but even they carry the mobile to make the solvent of their problem. This is the generation of technology and everybody are connected with the new and modern technology which is playing the crucial role in making the person life easier and comfortable. Nepalese market has also adapted the mobile world and mobile network all over the country.

Considering the technology  effect and  urgency, CAN  creates and announces the soft-tech festival to make  and expose the mobile phones of different brands and company. Many brands and many p= mobile phones are exposed in the mobile fair that is  address in a year of one or two time. Nepalese are very much dependable on it and I think now it will be very difficult to quit and  stay far from it. It has made everyone who has connected habituated. Mobile phones is the media which can be also used in positive manner. There  are people divided in two races. One are using the technology and mobile in negative way while other are using it in positive way to reduce the burdens and hypertension.

Nepalese are not involving in the crime or offend activities instead they are using and expanding the mobile phones in new terms and conditions. Due to development in tourism and technology of Nepal, youth looks more assertive and busy in it. It has made the person as imperative effect and position in human life for making the position as well as they’re standard high. Several functions are installed in mobile which has also affected negatively in electronic media like in the telephone, radio, torch speaker and so on because the single mobile contains all these functions.

If we turn our eye in the background of time, there was the generation and period where the man used to talk in phones and they come from far and long distance especially for a conversation with their husband and others. They used to feels unique and acts like the unbelievable how the voice can hear from one palace to another without any connection. But now the time has changed their shapes and modification to deal and make feel the uniqueness to the people with their several functions. As we talk the matter of Nepal, it’s why the man has made their life fast and momentum of life is  moving in speed due to the mobile phones. Nepalese are also passionated to carry the mobile of  different and famous mobiles to increase and impress the specific or public.

Mostly, the people Nepal carry for their personal works and it’s now have made the people urgency to carry. Nowadays everything almost 90% of works is performed and conducted and operated with mobiles. Moreover, the talking about the banking structure and network, they also started the facilities of mobile banking and SMS banking which has made customer get ride of burden and tension. So, it’s also the need and most requirement to carry the mobiles if you don’t carry then you can’t perform your works in time and you have to live the life of the 19th and 20th  century.

Modern people have race to carry the new and latest launched mobiles in the market to creates and post their  identity and able to impress the people.  Nepalese are also very much fashionable to carry the different models of mobile of different company and let’s discuss about the popular mobiles of Nepal which is mostly carried by the Nepalese in their momentum life with cost of price of market by following:

Popular & Best Mobiles | Smartphone | Cellphone in Nepal with Price


It is the product of North Korea but it has spread their positioning all over the world by it’s fabulous  shapes and outstanding features. It has taken almost 75% of market of Nepal due to it’s expression  in new forms and making the customer satisfied. Nepalese are also in the mood of buying it without any comments and taking advice from other.  It is the brand of mobiles which has makes almost all carriers happy and  made them satisfied. It is available in different shapes and size and color  in different price.


This brand have spread their branch and network of product in all around the world. It is the most necessary things to know about this product is that it has also recently started their production from India too. As the Nepalese  customer purchase it by closing their eyed with full beliefs about it’s termination and function. It has good battery chargeable ability that can provided you full  enjoy and  makes you  energizes by paying game on Hd display.

mobile phones

mobile phones

In Nepal, it is starts the cost from Rs.6000 to Rs. 88000. The price makes the difference in features too. In the low process mobile of Samsung you have struggle with your motion and feeling or buffering. I as it has  low processor and Quad COR OF 512 MB can makes you hang due to buffering. It has made the Nepalese  more fantastic and entertained by making the revolution in the sectors of mobile in Nepalese territory. Nepal is one of the best country that have made the customer more satisfied and have connected the customer tightly and it launches the various model in time to time. Some of Samsung mobile series are Samsung note, j, j2, duos, shine, etc in different functions. It is presently in conversation and news due to recent launch of water proof Samsung mobiles in market which has made noise and roaring.


Apple :

It is one of the high and treat  as the  luxurious mobile all over the world due it’s brand and quality positioning. It is the best and one of the great company which have now  expanded their manufacturing hand in various sectors from TV of laptops and more. It is the great company of America and spread all over the world. It is also the mobile of earning prestige and making the impacts of self in public. It makes the carrier great in other eyes. The mobile is present in Nepal and due to very expensive price, it has only made some of the people glorified.

Many Nepalese even carry this mobile to show their personality and impression and many carry for their position. As the price is high it can’t afforded by  everyone. In  Nepal, it’s price starts from  Rs. 83000, 95000 and Rs.  105000 which is very huge budget for Nepalese but very low for the high generated income people. Even though the high price, there are many apple mobile phone carriers with the high  impression and even for passion. If the man carry the Apple  product that is mobile then he or she is treated and respected as one of the great person as it have  made the  person attitude  like this to see the reality and actualization.

With its’ quality and natural and originality functions and impact have conquered the hearts of full world customer and created their influences all around the world. It has provided the customer always the medal and mentor and it is also famous for high and powerful installation of the processor and quad-core that makes the mobile movement faster and easier process of file c is opened at the time of need and action.  It has made the technology sharpen and recognized for the first invention of internet movement in mobile and long lasting products.

 Sony :

It is also one of the most reliable mobile of the world and it is mostly famous for fabulous camera that can capture your photo in small to large zoom.  The brand is famous for camera and their powerful installation of technology. It has also able to win the Nepalese heart and has success to grasp the large customer responsible in positive  morality. Customer of Nepal are not of educated and they only search the product of cheap and affordable.

So, as the branded company and by consideration of Nepalese  economic life status, it has launched it’s various sets and function  mobiles and modals. Mostly it is also recognized for the first mobile of the world who have launched mobile in waterproof features. Nobody before it has expected that the mobile will not be damaged even after the fall in water. But the Sony have Made it success  not only by saying but by proving. Sony launch it’s mobile models in Xperia titles.  Related to Sony brands, Sony XA  having the features of 5 inch display, 13 mp rear camera, 2 GB RAM,  2300mAh battery is mostly taken the market due to  attractive design and shape.

The worlds  know about the Sony which is also famous for the other brands. In Nepal it’s price stars from 30000 and other model have several charges according to it’s functions. Similarly, Sony X price is 54000 in Kathmandu  and even little beat more in out of valley.  Addition to it, Sony have also launched the mobiles =under the price of 10000 but it has not taken the many customer hands. Sony has able to make the customer satisfied due to long time  performance but there is one comments on Sony product is that and grievance are mostly heard by the victims of  Sony product carrier or user. It’s parts are not easily found. But even it’s long-term performance in compete with other, it has become able to win the Nepalese hearts.


It is one of the most reputed brand of Nepal of ‘’Chaudhary Group’’ . this have made the customer believed and given the trust of long time services. Due to local brands but assembled out of country and name tag is local, Nepalese buy s it and carry it with pride. Nepalese product are every much promoted. It has also various model and have launched in market by targeting the income of the Nepalese. There are various product like Apple but it can’t be consumed by all groups. But the CG has launched the mobile in even button to touch mobile  focusing all the category of people that may be educated or un educated.

Its process starts from 11150  of  Cg model having the 5-inch screen and 8 mp rear camera and 5 mp front camera and is available in 4g mode. It is also one of the long-lasting mobiles of Nepal and grabs the largest market of Nepalese economy.  Cg is one of the reliable and most trusted brands of Nepal and they have also made the  Nepalese happy by launching various model in accord of demand and sign varieties.  The customer is every type in the market some are every high are rich class while some belong from poor class and they are should be the focus and the mobile launch in Nepalese market according to that.


With the tag of nothing like anything, the greatest mobile manufacturer of INDIA  have also roar in eth Nepalese market . It has made the customer extreme happy by providing the  different models. A sit is the India product and it is belief that the India product is also original which have impact the Nepalese and motivated to buy. It is also launched and available in Nepalese market in various models. Like the Micromax Canvas 5 is also the popular Micromax mobile which price is 21000 in Nepal.

It have great features of 13 mp camera and front camera and flash have also installed in heavy function. It have every well battery capacity of 2900 Mah. Mostly, the micro max has  made their admiration prints on the customer mind as the  long stable of battery in mobile which reduce the  tension of charging  to to thee time in a single day. It is mostly bought for long-lasting battery because if the mobile   goes in red line after some  an hour then the customer feels very angry and charge it again. So, the company is mostly producing the model by considering the battery most and also other feature better that can make the customer fully satisfied.  Micromax is  found from Rs.6000 to Rs. 60000 in Nepal.

Article by Dipak Sah

Popular, Top and Best Mobiles in Nepal with Price