Mithila Culture of Nepal

Mithila  Culture of Nepal: Mithila is the great state of Nepal coverage the area of almost half part in the eastern region having the myth and hunger with lots of stories and history, mostly comes the name in use and saying through the dynasty of King Janak, who rule and had their reign in Mithila region.

Janakpur was the  capital, and present Janaki temple was the palaces of king Janka, and used to rule the Mithila, have the direct connection of family hood with the king of Ayodhya,  after the marriage of King Janak’s daughter Sita and King Dashrath of Ayodhya, his son Ram, also known as the seventh incarnation of God Vishnu.

Mithila is cultural, traditional and religious places enlighten with various hand arts and design drawn in the wall of Janaki temple. The eastern region mostly the Siraha, Saptari, Dhanusha, Sarlahi, and Mahatorri are mostly referred as the Mithila region and also some part of India touched with border.

Mithila culture of Nepal has own identity and own social norms and values which do not get a match with the people of the hilly and Himalayan region.  We can also say that the people living in Terai belt is significantly the Mithila and they speak the language of Maithili as their own language of communication. Nepali is the official language but the people of different region speak and communicate in their own tongue which is mostly in use.

Subsequently, the Maithail is the bases and roots of communication of Mithila regions people.  Mithila culture of Nepal also got almost many festival and norms, values got matched with Indian society and cultures.

Popular Culture of Nepal

Mithila culture is special and rituals that decently gives the message of unity and diversity with all people and all society. Many people become rotate by knowing about the culture of Mithila because it is totally different from the Himalayan traditions and culture. More than half of total population belongs from Mithila.

Nevertheless, the Mithila people are dominated and discriminated by the government and struggling and striving for equal participation and involvement in every governmental sector fro governing and directing the country.  The culture of Mithila symbolizes the respect, brotherhood and humanity existences that give the Golden message to every native people. Meanwhile,  there are many aspects and respects and secrets that roar with the huge sound for the displaying of Mithila culture of Nepal due to its dignity specification.

Moreover, culture and tradition is the main ornament of the country for making the recognition in world list through it. because the people everywhere live the life most commonly and they visit the other country for seeing the culture and tradition and behavior which we displayed and cast by our cultures and tradition, they got the feel and adopt.

Our cultures teach us the behavior and our behavior imposes the relationship and rectitude with people to form the effective communication between two bridge may be known or unknown. Without any suspect, Mithila culture of Nepal have also rolled country in upward by their huge stories and history containment, leading the information about various confidential, and many reign and region by various transformer and promotion to make the visitors and history more sharp and courageous to expose and enter through it. There are various  Mithila cultures of Nepal which show the unique identity having unique oust and Spurs as the strength which of some are furnished below with their identification and information.


This is the great festival of Mithila region people, celebrate with great rapture, and huge manliness in vigorously to deliberate it in new styles and new design in every new attempt strive for novelty and noble accomplish. Accompany of very Mithila people shown in one chain to make this festival more glorious, glow-full and accomplish with calm to re-drive and reform the festival attraction most wonderful.

Chhath Puja celebration in Bagmati river of Kathmandu Nepal places to visit see

As it is the great festival of Mithila people only, not celebrated by the hilly and Himalayan peoples due to indifference in thought and beliefs or may be other reason not exposed till now. Chhath adopts and lofts the huge power and makes the painless and obstacle less from every circumference that avoids the stepping upwards. Therefore, it also shows the and display the Mithila cultures in high harmony and heeling for making the country culture more expandable.

Chauthi Chand:

This is the festival celebrated by the Mithila region people only by worshipping the God Ganesh in half moon in Purnima, the white night. People of Mithila celebrate and worship this festival for removal of all pains and arrival of patience and property. This festival also sates the patience and avoid selfishness because of the story of God Ganesh and the richest Kuber. This festival is worshiped by the family in home quadrangle in open sky directing to half moon lying in the sky.

While instead of this festival, the people of other regions celebrate Teej which may fall one day before or one day after and celebrated by keeping fast wearing red Saree and then watering to God Shiva for their husband or wishing to have god husband in an coming day by the unmarried girl. This also expresses the emblem of Mithila culture of Nepal celebrated grandeur with continuous joy and bundle of happiness and wishes starts to share among the relatives and connectives.

Fagu Purnima or Holi:

The celebration scheme and scene is totally different from the other region that seems in Mithila region. With rude and crude and even people become nude inflow of its reaction if had inhaled the wine and whiskey limitlessly.  It is celebrated sometimes in Falgun and sometimes falls in Chaitra due to changes in time and terms but gives the unique pattern of celebration without any black and disturbance. The festival of color also we say it, sprayed the color in equinox of many figures and people going or sitting,  may be known or unknown does not matter will be hit come in front.


This festival Holi is also celebrated with unique pattern and slogan by  Mithila people and other regions people. Mithila people celebrate the holy according to the Indian falling but other regions celebrate one day before. Therefore, at last, we can only say and want to share that the Mithila region have ‘’UNIQUE EMBLEM AND KNOWN AS THE  AMMUNITION OF THE COUNTRY TO MAKE THE NEPAL MORE RECOGNIZED AND IDENTITYFUL  ALL OVER THE WORLD THROUGH THE CULTURE RITUALS AND NORMS’’. Mithila culture of Nepal have made alive and informative more about Nepal to know more.


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