Miss Nepal 2017 World- Facts and Biography of Nikita Chandak with Pictures

Miss Nepal 2017 World- Facts and Biography of Nikita Chandak with Pictures

Miss Nepal 2017, Facts and Biography of Nikita Chandak :- It was the day June 2, 2017, everyone was excited to know about the next figure for the book of the Miss Nepal 2017 organized by Hidden Treasure Nepal. Finally, they announced on the venue of Hotel Annapurna, breaking the trend of selection which is completely unique and appreciable than past years.

Miss Nepal 2017 program.
Miss Nepal 2017 program.

The crown of the Miss Nepal 2017, was named to Nikita Chandak and she was actually fine with the quality that a real Miss Nepal should have. She is bold as well determined with herself. She believes she is an optimist on a mission to spread the light of optimism around her and she is very determined and sincere in what she does. She takes everything positively and makes positive vibes with other too, and this is the quality that every youth must learn about.

winner of different crown Miss Nepal 2017 Program
winner of different crown Miss Nepal 2017 Program

The winner of Miss Nepal 2017 Nikita Chandak will serve as a brand ambassador of popular drink Fanta and WWF Nepal for a year. In addition, she will receive $ 1,000 as prize for winning the title. The auditions of Miss Nepal were held in Dharan, Birgunj, Chitwan, Nepalgunj, Pokhara, Butwal and Kathmandu.

Miss Talent: Narmata Gurung

Miss Intellectual: Sahara Basnet

Miss Fascino: Niti Shah

Miss Friendship: Rojina Shrestha


Miss Best Hair: Barsha Pokharel

Miss Photogenic: Anusha Lamsal

Miss Confident: Nikita Chandak

Miss Popular Choice: Nikita Chanda

Here today we will be around Miss Nepal Nikita Chandak biography

Family and her childhood

She was born in 1997, September 5 in the beautiful village Urlabari of Morang district.  She is a daughter of Anil Chandak and Sushma Chandak. She is from the Marwari community, enriched with Indian culture and practices. In her childhood, she was introvert, she even didn’t talk much with her family, reserved and well disciplined. In her school days, she was disciplined, obedient, obeying all the rules and regulations and she was one of the favorite students of her teachers.

Nikita passed her SLC examination from Pashupati Boarding Secondary School. In class 10, she got an opportunity to perform on stage. Then, she came to know about her interest in the entertainment sector. She further went to LK Singhania Education Center, Gotan to complete her high school education.  After her higher education, She wanted to go in the field of Fashion. But, her family wanted her to be a doctor. But especially, most of the Marwari family have the conservative mind. Ya, but with time it is changing. So, Nikita couldn’t say about her passion for fashion. She shares her things with her sister. Her sister was so supportive that, She convinced her parents. She joined JD Institute of Fashion Technology Banglore, India in the course of fashion designing. After on, her parents were so supportive of her. Many of her relatives told her parents not to give chance for her towards fashion but her family denied the words of relatives and supports their daughter and they told her to work hard and being happy in the profession she chose.



Activities during study

During her study in Banglore, She walked the ramp in many fashion show such as Pune fashion week 2016, Kerela fashion week, the winning house show and in many advertisements. She is continuing her study. She started her modeling career from 2 years. In 2017, she participated in PGR fashion Nepal fashion week in Kathmandu. She performed so well that Miss Nepal 2016, Asmi Shrestha posted on Facebook about how Nikita blew her mind away when she debuted in TGIF fashion week. She has done few e-commerce shoots, one including for the band Soucika along with few conceptual and artistic shoots.

Miss Nepal 2017 program. contestant
Miss Nepal 2017 program. contestant



She loves to dance, sing. In fact, she is a good singer. She also likes to travel the places. She loves to explore the lifestyles of people of the different community.

Miss Nepal 2017 World: Nikita Chandak
Miss Nepal 2017 World: Nikita Chandak


Nikita is a very sensitive girl. She feels so emotional when she sees someone in pain. She is attractive with good moral character. She has a good fluency of English language. She is fun loving, confident girl. She is motivated towards social work. She always is there for the people who need help. She believes life is so adventurous with full of uncertainty. SO, she enjoys her every day with full motivation and fun. From her childhood, when she got the thing she wants, then she never feels excited. She only feels, ya I got it. So, in Miss Nepal 2017 finale, when her name was announced then her mind was blank and neither she was emotional. She always tries t get inspiration from the people that how they accept their challenges, face all the problems with smiles in their face.

She is not so fluent in Nepali. She has been in India for 6 years and in her family, the language most used is Hindi. But, Nikita is working to make her Nepali language fluent.

Miss Nepal 2017 World: Nikita Chandak
Miss Nepal 2017 World: Nikita Chandak


Hobbies & Aim

Nikita had her interest in music and acting. Her aim is to be an actress and social worker.


Social media

She is active in Facebook, Instagram. On June 2, after Nikita became Miss Nepal 2017 many of her friends, fans congratulated her in Facebook. There were 1000+ posts on Facebook. Many of the people criticized her being Miss Nepal. Many of them told her Indian. In an interview, she told that she is concerned about the issues. And, by the positive comments, she feels motivated and feels her have many responsibilities. In the very short period, She has 1400 followers on her fan page.

Miss Nepal 2017 nikita chandak
Miss Nepal 2017 World: Nikita Chandak


She is single till the date. There is no any rumor for her to be in a relationship with other. So, it can be good news for her fans.


Height and Birth sign

She is 5ft.6 inch in height. She has a slim body with black short wavy hair. She is a beautiful lady with black eyes. Many of the Nepalese compare her with Deepika Padukone, Bollywood actress according to her look and confidence.

Her Birth sign is Aquarius.

Miss Nepal 2017 World: Nikita Chandak
Miss Nepal 2017 World: Nikita Chandak

Issues matter to Nikita

“Before changing anything else, I want to discover myself and change the shortcomings within me. Change start within yourself. Only then, we can help others change”


Weight and Fitness

Nikita is 52 kg in weight. She has very slim and nice body figure. As for being a model, She is more concerned about maintaining her body. She does exercise for a good health. She has a sound health.

Miss Nepal 2017 program.
Miss Nepal 2017 program.

Things she learned from Miss Nepal

There is competition between 19 contestants. They begin one-month training including course of grooming before the final event which they participated with lectures, social work and initiatives, interviews, and photo shoots. In this session, Nikita got many positive changes in her. She becomes more confident, cheerful. During the training, they went in the MaitiNepal House, and she got inspired by Anuradha Koirala. She feels herself to be independent and to be self-dependent.

Being little town girl, she tends to be under-confident, scared of big dreams to have. But with the journey of Miss Nepal, she got motivated to have a big dream and a strong desire or passion for making it happen. For her, Miss Nepal is a platform for her personal growth and development


Challenges for Being Miss Nepal

In the earlier days, the concept of People about Miss Nepal was narrow and conservative. But with time the thinking is changing. Now Miss Nepal is connected with Glamour, leadership, as well social works. In this time, people are looking towards Miss Nepal with positive thinking. Miss Nepal objectives rest on two pillars, Leadership development, and personality.  So, to be Miss Nepal, Personality with beauty plus brain plus confidence with the positive mind is needed as well must possess the interest in empowering women, engaging in social service and have to promote issues related to women. So, It’s quite challenging for Nikita to make herself perfect in all these things. But, she worked hard from the beginning.

Chairman of Hidden Treasure said that, since the beginning of the training, Nikita was always focused and enthusiastic about learning and experiencing new things. With the crown, she feels there came a big responsibility for her towards the nation and its people.

Miss Nepal 2017 program. contestent
Miss Nepal 2017 program. contestant

Plans after being Miss Nepal

Nikita has been able to prove that being crowned by a beautiful title is not an easy task as it requires hard work, extra talent with beauty. She became Miss Nepal with her extreme talent in reasoning and her external talents.  She is the first girl to be Miss Nepal from Madhesi community. So, she broke the trend of continuity of Miss Nepal from Newar community. After coming after visiting Maiti Nepal, She wrote in her diary that she will donate 50% of the amount she got from Miss Nepal. And soon, she will donate the money.

There are many responsibilities and opportunities in the coming days for her. Nikita will travel to China to participate in the Miss World Pageant this November. For the preparation of participation, she has to go through an extensive program. She will be provided with the best training such as public speaking, climate change, dress, fitness, media handling, women empowerment, dance, dental care etc. So, Nikita has to work hard for her participation.

Also, She gets to be Young Conservation Ambassador for the activities of WWF Nepal. She will be involved in the relevant and important charity work with Maiti Nepal and HIV AIDS campaign. She will be strongly engaged in social works.

Miss Nepal 2017 – Facts and Biography of Nikita Chandak

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