99 Wishes & Messages Of Hope During Difficult Times Of CoronaVirus COVID19 For The People As Well As Patients


Messages of hope during difficult times:- Starting with the year 2020, there is the dissemination of COVID 19 in all over the world. Many countries are still in lockdown and some countries are free of this disease.

People are losing hope and waiting eagerly to end this condition soon. We are trapped in this year. Show your full support because that would mean the world for the suffering.

Patients need care and attention so as not to feel that they are losing their lives. Show your support with some positive messages for the patients of Covid-19 or sending improvement messages for the patients.

It will help them build their confidence and give them the courage to fight this disease. Inspire cOvid-19 patients to fight their battles so they can inspire others.

Wishes & Messages Of Hope During Difficult Times Of CoronaVirus COVID19 For The People As Well As Patients

Below are the messages of hope for the people around you as well as Covid-19 patients.

Although we must distance ourselves to protect those who do not have the opportunity for self-quarantine, we can stay connected. Remember how lonely and isolated. Facetime, Skype, make a video. Remember the love that can travel through all of this.

Communities are stepping up, shopping for the elderly, preparing lunches for children. We can all do something for each other, even if that’s just staying home.


I know the times are scary right now, but I just want you to be safe and make sure you take care of each other. Soon, we will live normal life.

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Being kind is now as important as ever. For those who are sick or for those who are not and are afraid. We are all in this together. Have faith in God.

Just a reminder to keep your energy high. Many things are happening, but take care of yourself, love your family and remember to breathe deeply and stay calm. We can win this time.

Messages Of Hope During Difficult Times Of CoronaVirus COVID19

It is incredibly dangerous and selfish to take this situation lightly. We will be fine because we are young. The mindset is endangering people who are not young and healthy. We all need to care more about each other. So, follow the guidelines and stay safe.

Life must go on. Whether it’s a victory or a loss, keep trying and never give up. This time will soon pass.

Never forget the people who asked you to give up, so you can remember calling them to your hit party and having them eat their own word. We all will soon live a happy life.

In these difficult times, we are all navigating through uncertainty for ourselves, our loved ones, and our community. I hope we all stay healthy and safe.

Messages Of Hope During Difficult Times Of CoronaVirus COVID19

From the bottom of my heart, I pray God to remove all sadness, mourning and resentment and soon bring the rise of hope and courage among us.

We pray for all people, everywhere, who are consumed by doubts and fears. We pray for a peace that passes understanding, the courage that would rise above the waves of doubt, the determination to face storms and their effects with force. Never give up hope.

In your deepest struggle lies your greatest strength. Your wounds can become your wisdom. You can turn pain into medicine. You can feel the light slipping through the cracks in your armor. Stay a while longer and wait. The future listens to hope.

Faith makes everything possible. Love makes everything easy. Hope makes everything work. So, never give up hope and be optimistic.

Messages Of Hope During Difficult Times Of CoronaVirus COVID19

Have faith when you feel like you don’t have anything else because each backhand is a setup for an even bigger comeback!

I hope you feel better, I miss you every day. I always think of you, so this is what I say! I hope soon we will meet.

Sometimes things does not work in life, but never stop believing in yourself and your luck. Get up over and over again until you’ve accomplished what you want. Everything will be fine one day.

Best wishes for coronavirus patients Messages Of Hope During Difficult Times
Wishing Image For Corona Virus Patients

If God is with us, then there is nothing to fear. Hold on tight. Keep up the fight. Never give up.

Messages Of Hope During Difficult Times Of CoronaVirus COVID19

Everything in this world is not a coincidence. No matter how hard you try, there will be a time when you will fail. And this is the time of test of our patience and intelligence. Keep calm and stay at home.


Messages Of Hope During Difficult Times Of CoronaVirus COVID19

Look today, because it is life. Yesterday is a dream. Tomorrow is a visualization. But today is the day that makes every yesterday a dream of joy and every morning fills with hope. So, one day everything will be normal.

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When it rains, you don’t see the sun, but it’s there. I hope we can be like this. We don’t always see the bright future, but problem in this time does not mean the end of everything. This is the perfect time to live the life to the fullest with family. Please wait patiently. Don’t give up easily.

This life is yours. Only you have to choose the time and situation to act. In this time, be patience and let the time heal everything.

No matter what happened, always remember that God is always with you. Sooner or later, you will be fine. Never give up and keep your faith high. We will always be there for each other.

Messages Of Hope During Difficult Times Of CoronaVirus COVID19

When one door closes, another opens, but we are generally distracted by looking out the window and stumbling over the door mat. Stay safe.

All these difficulties in life are only temporary. Happiness will be permanent if you never give up and start facing these problems head on. Facing problem in this time is being with each other with positive thought.

We only need four words to motivate us, We can do it. So, help each other in this difficult time and keep alive the humanity inside us.

Messages Of Hope During Difficult Times Of CoronaVirus COVID19

Not all battles are about winning. Some deal with how much a person tried and how he manages to never give up despite all the difficulties. So, in this time, have faith and go and stay safe.

The more you run away from the problems of your life, the more it will come to you. Better to deal with staying strong and follow the guidelines in this pandemic situation.

People who know how to survive in life. They are the strong ones. The true warriors of the world. We are the warriors.

Life can be a little hard but never lose hope. Stay strong and hold on. The tomorrow will much better.

Messages Of Hope During Difficult Times Of CoronaVirus COVID19

The new coronavirus pandemic may be the time when the world rejects fear and isolationism, turning to hope, solidarity, and a shared sense of global community. These are terrible times, to be sure. But we all are together and can beat this pandemic situation

Surrendering makes a powerful tiger as weak as a meek lamb. Endurance and courage makes a tame lamb as strong as a powerful tiger. So, encourage yourself in this pandemic and stay safe.

We all are in this situation. The only good thing about all this is that we can be safe if we want. I pray for you and for all the other victims.

We are here in the situation of Pandemic. We want you to know that we are all standing with you and praying for you. Stay safe. We can will this situation.

Messages Of Hope During Difficult Times Of CoronaVirus COVID19

Every problem comes with a solution. It is now up to you whether you wait patiently or decide to roam here and there. Remember, keeping safe is in our hand.

How are you doing I hope you can stay safe and healthy. I know I can’t help, but trust me, you are in our thoughts every day. If you can, let me know how you are doing. We wish you all the best.

Messages Of Hope During Difficult Times Of CoronaVirus COVID19

All our families are doing well in this difficult time. The Coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) reminds us of how we all live in a highly interconnected world and the importance of working to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Think positive

We would like to take this opportunity to send positivity and support to my friends and colleagues around the world during the COVID-19 outbreak. We are all together.

Do not lose hope. Difficult situation like this leave a scar on our lives, but you will heal and be stronger along with the time.

I hope that you and your loved ones are healthy and are coping well with the life that is upset the way it has.

Trust yourself, but above all trust the Lord. As long as God is with you, you can do all things. Do not lose hope. Do not give up.

Messages Of Hope During Difficult Times Of CoronaVirus COVID19

No one doubts that COVID-19 is one of the most serious threats the world has ever faced. And yet, amid the confusion and anxiety, there are ever stronger signs of hope and solidarity, a sense and a desire for togetherness.

It is this spirit of global unity that gives us hope. At this time of crisis, we are all neighbors in the world, and success will only be achieved when all people, in all countries, are protected.

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Dear, I am so relieved that you are safe in this pandemic situation. I was crazy with concern for you when I got to know what is happening all over the world. Stay strong, dear.

My prayer is always with the people around the world. I hope that survivors can recover from the loss and pain with strength and courage within all of you.

Messages Of Hope During Difficult Times Of CoronaVirus COVID19


Don’t be discouraged by life’s difficulties. With hope and determination, you can triumph over any difficulty. Always look to the sky in any situation. Trust that God will give you the necessary grace and strength to overcome the situation.

No matter how much darkness life brings, fight, because darkness cannot exist without lights. As long as we are alive and trying, we will overcome this situation soon.

Messages Of Hope During Difficult Times Of CoronaVirus COVID19

I know we won’t live long. So I will stand my ground and not sit in disbelief, I will lift my head and I will not waste time wondering why my life has to be so hard and unfair. I will fight and live every day for the better until that day comes.

There has never been a more urgent time than now for you to try to maximize your potential for greater balance in your life. So, follow the guidelines and keep your family and yourself safe.

Messages Of Hope During Difficult Times Of CoronaVirus COVID19

This crisis has uncovered a system that prioritizes elites over the health of people and the planet.  Let’s unite together to build an unstoppable movement for a green and peaceful future.

Take the highest path: the path of compassion, courage, understanding, and love in every crisis, doubt or confusion.

The world needs great positive energy to fight negative forces. Go to the center of your inner beginning and generate that positive energy for the well-being of humanity.

Messages Of Hope During Difficult Times Of CoronaVirus COVID19

We have an opportunity to do something extraordinary. By coming out of this pandemic we can change the world. Create a world of love, humanity and joy.

These so-called dark times are necessary to get to a much, much better place. With Covid-19 I think that is the way God tells us: Only humans can save humans with humanity.

May this year, 2020, be a learning curve in the trajectory of our lives. A year in which we restore the priorities of our life. Our health, family and personal care must always be at the top of our priorities.

We must practice equality in thought, word, and action without being biased toward any community, religion, or skin color. We must follow our principles in life and remain committed to them.

Messages Of Hope During Difficult Times Of CoronaVirus COVID19

Our lives must be a testimony to continuous learning. And we must take maximum care of this planet, our mother earth, if we want future generations to stay here.

You have to read more books and work harder than your previous self to excel in your field. I hope all of you (especially the students) are using this time to read more and work harder to develop!

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People have been talking and warning other people about the corona virus every day, but some people don’t want to listen. Now the corona virus will speak for itself. You will see the results on what you can do. I hope people will listen then and I hope it is not too late for them.

Always remember If your ear can’t hear you, then your body will hear you. If you can’t hear, you will feel it.

Messages Of Hope During Difficult Times Of CoronaVirus COVID19

This virus is creating new ways for everyone to think about how to protect their family and friends. We are in unknown territory and we will all learn together. There was a time when I didn’t know how long our family would have together. So I am grateful now for every day that we can be together.

I know without a doubt that our country and our world will survive this pandemic. And like our broken family, this broken world will be much more beautiful.

If I could offer advice to any family today, it would be sticking to your faith. Know that your God is with you and will take care of you all the time.

You have to find a way to respect these new limits (coronavirus), but still live the version of life that you are used to. That’s what life is, regardless of the circumstances.

Messages Of Hope During Difficult Times Of CoronaVirus COVID19

We are not living in fear. We are living in faith instead. In those scary “what if” moments, I ask everyone to think of a positive thought or action or something they can do for their family, neighbor or stranger. Maybe write letters to your loved ones, or maybe just clean a closet. That’s better than fear.

We all need to strengthen our faith day by day and believe that God will guide us out of this pandemic. We all have to pray together as a family.

I am very impressed by your courage and endurance. This is a really difficult time for you, but you get through it every day. I know it can’t be as easy as you make it out to be. Everyone needs a little encouragement from time to time.

Messages Of Hope During Difficult Times Of CoronaVirus COVID19

Every day is one day closer to ending situation! I am counting down my calendar together with you. We have worked very hard to overcome this difficult time. I know it has been very difficult for you and your family. Follow the guidelines and make you and your family safe.

Our strength to win the pandemic today will be the pen that writes a new destiny. Just a month of being following the safety measures will take the pain out of death.

The battle against Covid 19 is long and difficult, but this is a battle that we all will be glad to have fought for.

Embrace the pain and go forward to fight this situation well and win your crown. Covid doesn’t even have a chance for you.

Messages Of Hope During Difficult Times Of CoronaVirus COVID19

Let your will to live motivate you to have a sensational recovery. Praying for your good health and mind.

Even though COVID is very difficult, life is worth fighting for. May God bless you to beat this condition. Thank you for being such a inspiration.

The battle against covid 19 is long and exhausting, so fight with everything you have. You will feel happy to have fought, trust me.

Let’s take our herbal tea and yoga classes seriously and make the chance of being suffering difficult. Always remember that we can beat everything if we want.

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Send good vibes and positive thoughts your way. I know this is a very difficult time, but you are the strongest person I know. There is no one else you would rather support as you go through this horrible season in your life. I pray for you every morning when I wake up. I am so excited that you are soon discharging from home.

You are a great inspiration fighting in this battle so bravely. Get well soon. You deserve all the love.

Messages Of Hope During Difficult Times Of CoronaVirus COVID19

Thank you for not running away from fear. You inspire to us every day. I can’t wait to make your brave story known to the world. You will get well soon.

Even though covid 19 is hitting you, let your positivity work its way and do what you want. Spread your beautiful wing. Praying for your recovery.

Believing in recovery is very important, thank you for never giving up. Get well soon so we can give the world a difficult time too.

Thank you for keeping everything to beat Covid 19. That soon you can make your life on your terms. God bless you.

Messages Of Hope During Difficult Times Of CoronaVirus COVID19

You are my inspiration because even when this disease devastates you, I can see your strength in how you strengthen others and how you are holding on. I am praying for you, and I am also here for you.

Don’t let life during Covid 19 be a regret about the way you lived your life before this situation. Make it a dream about how you will live life after recovering.

You are braver than you think, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think, and twice as beautiful as you never imagined.

Messages Of Hope During Difficult Times Of CoronaVirus COVID19

No matter how scary covid 19 sounds and is, I think you and I can get ahead. You have gone through other situations that you have conquered and you can also conquer this disease. We pray for her speedy recovery.

You cannot run away from fear, you cannot escape it. But you can choose not to be afraid of fear, having the courage to face it and move on.

The fight against Covid 19 disease is not easy, you knew that from the beginning. You have to believe that you will recover, from the bottom of your heart. Trust me, this will make a difference.

Through your pain I want you to know that I am praying for you. May God of all comfort sustain you and give you the strength to get through each day. I love you and I care about you.

Messages Of Hope During Difficult Times Of CoronaVirus COVID19

Being a Covid patient is not about trying to beat the odds. It’s about knowing that the odds will beat you if you don’t do your best.

The only way to beat Covid 19 disease is to accept reality, accept pain, and find the courage to move on, one day at a time.

Life after covid 19: eating, traveling, reading, laughing, having fun, hugging, kissing, dancing, exercising, working, playing, writing, running, sleeping, walking, flirting, celebrating, loving, smiling, cooking, hugging, yes that’s worth fighting for.

Earning the disease condition is about embracing one of humanity’s most innocent virtues: TRUST. You have to trust your doctors, trust your treatment, trust your family, and most importantly, trust your prayers and trust in yourself.

Messages Of Hope During Difficult Times Of CoronaVirus COVID19

Whatever you do, hold on to hope. The smallest wire will twist into an unbreakable cable. Let hope make you believe that this is not the end of your story, that change will take you to peaceful shores.

Being a covid patient is about rearranging just one word. Instead of thinking if I will survive, you must say that I will survive.

Fill your veins with medicine, fill your heart with love, fill your mind with determination and fill your soul with hope so that covid 19 has no place to stay in your life.

You have faced many challenges in life and I have seen you fight and reach the top. This time is no different. You are a fighter and I know you will reach the top as always.

Keep walking, keep running and let covid be the shadow that disappears when life turns into a new day.

Even in these dark times that covid is trying to provoke, I see you shine like the sun. Keep shining, keep waiting and keep praying. This too shall pass.

Messages Of Hope During Difficult Times Of CoronaVirus COVID19

Being a covid patient is like hitting a wall every day. The only way to the other side is to get stronger until you can break the wall with your bare hands.

Messages Of Hope During Difficult Times Of CoronaVirus COVID19

Your strong faith inspires me. I feel blessed to be with you and see you face this disease. This darkness will not overwhelm you, nothing, not even this difficult situation can depress a good person. You will come shining one day.

If covid cannot break it, nothing can. If covid can’t kill you, nothing can. If you can have the courage to fight this disease, you will have the courage to fight anything.


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