300 Merry Christmas Wishes, Messages, Quotes for Girlfriend From Boyfriend in English

53. I thank god for making you be my side, for making me love you. You are the greatest blessing. Merry Christmas baby.

54. I can never feel lonely as you are always by my side. I can never feel empty as you are in my heart. You are my twinkling stars. You are my shining moon. Merry Christmas baby.

55. Your smile is the healer of my stress. Your laughter is the convertor of my bad days to the good days. Merry Christmas honey.

Merry Christmas Messages for girlfriend in English Language

56. On this beautiful occasion, I want to say I love you more with the passage of every second. I am nothing without you. I love you. Merry Christmas sweetheart.

57. The moment we have spent with each other is really special. I want to create some more moments on this Christmas. Merry Christmas baby.

58. All I want for Christmas is your time, nothing more than that. Let’s celebrate the Christmas together baby.

59. I can’t define my love for you nor can I express what it means to me. You are everything for me. Merry Christmas honey.


60. I can’t think of anyone to celebrate any special occasions. So is the Christmas. Merry Christmas baby.

61. I am luckiest guy as I have you by my side. You are the beautiful soul. Thank you baby for being with me. Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas Messages for girlfriend in English Language

62. Christmas has again come as the golden opportunity so that we can have the warm moments together. Merry Christmas baby.

63. The cold evening and the warmth of your hug. It’s enough. Merry Christmas honey.

64. You be my side, I conquer the world. You have your hands upon mine, I feel relief. Let’s celebrate Christmas forgetting all the stress in the warm hug of each other. Merry Christmas baby.

65. Let’s create the moment celebrating Christmas. Merry Christmas baby.

66. It’s the day we met for the first time. Let’s cherish and recreate that very first moment. Merry Christmas baby.

67. You are not only my love but also my hope, my inspiration and my dream come true. I wana be with you forever. Merry Christmas baby.


Merry Christmas Messages for girlfriend in English Language

68. My Christmas is more colorful and warmer when you are with me. Please be my side forever. Merry Christmas.

69. My heart beats for you. I can’t stay a single day without you my sweetheart. You are the reason for everything. You are the reason for all my success. I love you and merry Christmas.

70. I want to celebrate the Christmas in the warmth of your hug observing your twinkling eyes that makes me fall for you every moment. Merry Christmas my love.

71. For the special lady of my life who makes me smile, laugh and sometimes drive me crazy. I miss you very much. Merry Christmas baby.

72. My life is nothing without you. My life is incomplete without your smile, your laughter as well as your inspiration. Merry Christmas baby.

73. You are always with me and this is the most lovable and most beautiful blessings by the god to me. Merry Christmas my baby.

Merry Christmas Messages for girlfriend in English Language

74. I don’t want any Christmas gift as the best gift is already with me given by my god and that is you my baby. I promise to love you forever baby, merry Christmas baby.

75. I am very happy to be your love and I feel very much lucky to have you as my amazing gift. Thank you Jesus; you gave me everything. Merry Christmas baby.

76. We love each other very much and we are incomplete without each other. The special bond we share is the greatest thing in my life. Let’s celebrate the Eve and cherish the Christmas my baby.

77. Your hug is the best place I can ever have to be happy and cherish. This is the special day for us since the time we met. Let’s celebrate this festive again with love and love. Merry Christmas baby.


78. Your smile brings joy to my life and all over the world. I wish you always have a smiling face and a smile on your face never fades away. Merry Christmas baby.

Merry Christmas Messages for girlfriend in English Language

79. May all your desires be fulfilled by santa clause and mine is already fulfilled coz I just had a desire of being you in my life. Merry Christmas baby.

80. May all your life ahead be fulfilled with the magical conspiracy of lord jesus to fulfill all your desires. Merry Christmas baby.

81. A special gift from me to you shielded with the glue of my several kisses. A box filled with the tons of love only for you baby. Merry Christmas baby.

82. Let us enjoy the night of Christmas Eve together. Let’s enjoy the night of Christmas with the best moment to cherish for the whole life. Merry Christmas baby.

83. May the relation that exists between us grow stronger and stronger. May the life of ours be always be filled with happiness. Merry Christmas baby.

84. I feel lucky to have you as my lady in the life. Without you I was nothing and with you I am everything. Merry Christmas baby.

Merry Christmas Quotes for gf in English Language

85. I can’t express my love with few words. It’s indefinite and I love you more than anything. Merry Christmas my sweetheart.

86. Christmas is the great time to spend together. Let’s spend this Christmas in the warmth of each other. Merry Christmas babe.

87. I want to make a beautiful promise this Christmas that I would be with you forever supporting and motivating you. Merry Christmas baby.

88. It’s rare that our desires get fulfilled. It’s rare that our expectation be turned into reality. But mine got fulfilled as I got you my baby. Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas Quotes for gf in English Language

89. Though we are far from each other but still our heart remains connected. We love each other and let’s celebrate for this love. Let’s come together for the Christmas.

90. My eyes seek you. My heart seeks your love. My mind seeks your name. I love you a lot. Merry Christmas honey.

91. All I seek and desire for this Christmas is just you my love. Merry Christmas.

92. I might not be perfect for you but I would love you from the core from my heart. This is the promise of mine to you. Merry Christmas baby.

Merry Christmas Quotes for gf in English Language

93. I am lucky that I conquer your heart with millions tons of love. Merry Christmas baby.

94. Its chilling night. I am in your arms holding your hand and you caressing me. What could be more beautiful than this. Merry Christmas baby.

95. Merry Christmas my love. This world is lonely for me if you are not by my side. Thank you lord for giving me such a wonderful and beautiful blessing.

96. Christmas brings own family and buddies together; it allows us appreciate the love in our lives we are able to frequently take with no consideration. May the genuine that means of the holiday season fill your heart and home with many blessings.

97. May this holiday season sparkle and shine, May all your wishes and goals come proper, and might you feel this happiness all months round.

98. At some point of this season of giving, let us make the effort to sluggish down and enjoy the easy matters. May this notable time of the months touch your heart in a unique manner. Wishing you plenty happiness today and during the brand new yr.

99. Having you as my buddy makes me feel as though it is Christmas every day. The warmth and comfort that includes this season take me back to the fact of you.

100. Our love is constantly on! That’s what makes our existence so extremely good! Merry Christmas!Wishing you a very glad Christmas, my love.

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