7 Medical Benefits of CBD for Athletes

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Cannabidiol commonly known as CBD was discovered in 1940. It is extracted from the Cannabis plants. The problem of muscles tear and other body pains are common in athletes. They follow a hard workout routine to ensure that they’ll be at the top of their field. But sometimes, they suffer from some injuries and then they need some alternatives to get recover.

CBD is the second most prevalent ingredient of marijuana. It can also be derived directly from the hemp plants. It is a naturally occurring substance that imparts a feeling of relaxation and calmness.  Unlike THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), which is also obtained from marijuana, CBD is not psychoactive i.e. it does not affect the mind. CBD is used for curing many medical problems like anxiety relief, epilepsy, pain relief, acne problems, cancer treatment, and many more.

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Before going further let us discuss the different forms of CBD and these are listed below:

  • CBD oil: It can be found in capsules, tinctures and can be used in edibles.
  • CBD wax- It is mainly used to provide instant relief from pain. 
  • CBD isolate- The uses of CBD isolate are similar to the oils. It removes the unwanted traces of toxic substances.
  • CBD liquids- They are used for vaping, some with nicotine or THC.

Now let us discuss the different medical benefits of CBD for athletes which are:

1.  Pain Relief

Studies have proved that CBD has anti-inflammatory and opioid-like effects so it works on the pain-sensing system of the body to relieve pain. It is mostly used for pain relief with a mixture of THC in ratio 1:1. It is also helpful in relieving cancer pain which is unresponsive to opioid therapy. 

2. Sleep disorder

People usually taking CBD for a sleep disorder, experience great relief, and improved sleep. Their periods of sleep score improve within the first month of CBD consumption. It doesn’t have any negative effect on sleep quality. As we all know everyone wants a sound sleep so that they face their next routine with a positive attitude and so CBD capsules for sleep play a vital role in this respect.

3. Anxiety

The treatment of CBD with 300mg relieves anxiety. For anxiety problems, CBD can be consumed as an oil, capsules, drops, tease, vapor, candies. The patients with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) experience reduced symptoms after having CBD.

4. Epilepsy

In June 2018 the FDA approved CBD to treat epilepsy for people 2 years of age and older. It has also been used for the treatment of resistant epilepsy. It is very successful in reducing seizure frequency by almost 44% in most patients. Researchers use CBD by mixing it with other medications used for epilepsy. So CBD is very beneficial in the treatment of certain types of epilepsy.

5. Acne

 CBD prevents sebocytes (secrets sebum) from creating a lot of sebum which is the reason for acne. It also prevents cytokines from activating in the body. CBD not only treats acne but also reduces future breakouts.

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6. Depression

The strong anti-stress effect of CBD helps it in relieving depression after either acute or repeated consumption. It has a positive effect in lowering serotonin levels in the brain. The low level of serotonin plays a key role in mood as well as pain. Hence it is very helpful in the treatment of mood disorders.

7. Parkinson’s disease

 This disease often starts with a tremor in one hand and results in the slow movement, stiffness, and loss of balance. Many studies prove the CBD to be useful for the cure of this disease with encouraging results.

The anti-oxidant property of CBD makes it a neuroprotective agent which specifically cures this disorder. CBD potentially increases dopamine levels which is effective for the nervous system. Low doses of CBD oil have a positive effect on PDD. Studies show that CBD is immunosuppressive and anti-inflammatory for both animals and humans. Its use investigated in numerous other conditions like muscle, spasticity, Alzheimer’s disease, and diabetes protection.


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