Real Meaning of F-A-T-H-E-R

This page is about to giving you a real meaning of father. We all familiar with the word ‘father’. We all are familiar with a man whom is called ‘father’. Besides exception, we all have experience and feeling for our father. Because we all have a papa. A world’s existence depends on the sperm of father. So, father is a God who is born in this world as a man.

For your kind information, father’s day in this universe falls in different date, according to own calendar of particular country and state.

So, dear friends, we are giving you the real meaning of father.

Father is also called papa, dady, dad in English language. But there are thousands of words made in 1000s of different language.

You can send the father’s day sms in Nepali, Hindi, English on this auspicious day. You can offer gifts to your father on the father’s day.

So, all of you happy father’s day!!!

Do u know whats the Real Meaning of F-A-T-H-E-R?


real meaning of father Real Meaning of F-A-T-H-E-R

F for Fantastic in every way
A for always there for me
T for Teaching me everything
H for Hero of our family
E for Expecting great things from me
R for Really the greatest dad ever

These are not only words but also feelings of mine. So, dear friends, these feelings are as similar to you. Love and respect your father.

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Happy father’s day to all of you.

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