Things to Know about Matched Content Ads Unit by Google Adsense on Your Website


As we all bloggers know Google, the greatest search engine and ads provider has been introducing lots of new ad formats time to time. We have already written about Google Page Level Ads, where Google Adsense team has introduced Overlay/Interstitial ads. In this informative post, We’d like to discuss about Matched Content by Google Adsense Team.

Facts about Matched Content by Google Adsense on Your Website

We all visitors or bloggers must have seen related post widgets at the end of every articles or posts on several sites, blogs or websites. There are many ways and methods to display related post widgets on our blogs or sites that we can use Plugins to display related posts on our sites.

Google Adsense Team has taken a very valuable steps to improve the engagement of our visitors on our blogs or sites and for that reasons they have introduced Matched Content widget for Adsense users.

To get a real feel how matched content provided by google adsese looks like scroll down to the end of the articles and you will see Matched Content Widget right below this article.
matched contents ads units google adsense

Is Matched Content available for all?

If you hope, this feature is available for all, then you are not right. No, this feature is restricted for all bloggers. It is available for only limited users. , Matched Content is available especially those users who are able to receive good traffic on their website/blog. Also they are maintaining quality of the blog/website matters a lot when Google introduces such features.


The Matched content feature is not available to all publishers. To be eligible, you must have a site that meets our minimum requirements for traffic volume and number of unique pages. We’ve put these requirements in place to ensure that Matched content provides a great experience for you and your site visitors. Once your site is approved, you’ll have access to the Matched content feature in your AdSense account. <Original Source>

How to check if your blog eligible or not for Matched Content Adsense?

  1. Login to yourgoogle Adsense account,
  2. click the settings ICON
  3. switch tosite management in the left sidebar.
  4. input the the site you want to get the code for matched content.

Facts about Matched Content by Google Adsense on Your Website How to create


Can you Make Money from Matched Content Widget?

The straight answer is, no. For now Google matched content widget only shows related posts on our blog and improves the user engagement thereby increasing the number of page-views on your site.

How to Create Matched Content Ad Unit?

There is no any trouble to create matched content ad unit. Just go ahead just like the normal adsense ad unit and create an ad unit just like the normal adsense ad unit but there is one difference you have to do is while creating ad unit go with custom size and then from drop down select Matched Content Only. I have also created in my site which gives you information, facts about Nepal and Nepali in Nepali, English and Hindi language. like our facebook page to get updates

You can read more about how to create Adsense Matched content proved by adsense team over here.

If you have an approval to one of the sites listed then you will be notified as seen below. After installing coding… you will like this…given below…..


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