Marshyangdi River Rafting in Nepal: Prices, Itinerary, Map, Grade


Marshyangdi River Rafting in Nepal: Prices, Itinerary, Map, Grade

This post is about Marshyangdi River Rafting in Nepal. We try to include prices, costs, gorge, itinerary, map, grade, volume, days, and trip of Marsyangdi River rafting. We are trying to give you all information about rafting in Marsyangdi River. Thousands of rafters every year from New York City, Washington DC, San Francesco, London, Perish, Sydney, and Canada in this Marsyangdi River for rafting came here Nepal.

The Nepal’s rivers offer a wide variety of rafting, fishing and kayaking opportunities for rafters. In terms of rivers, Nepal can be divided into three main river systems. Those are Sapta Koshi, Sapta Gandaki and Karnali. Marsyangdi lies in Sapta Gandaki river system.

Marsyangdi is the most popular and commercially run river of Nepal. Rafting/kayaking in Marshyangdi River is known as one of the best white water journeys in the world.

Rafting in Marshyangdi River Nepal
Rafting in Marshyangdi River, Nepal
Marshyangdi Rafting in Nepal: Marsyangdi River Rafting Nepal

The Marshyangdi River is considered as one of the best class 4 rivers in the world – continuous, exhilarating whitewater with magnificent mountain backdrops. Marsyangdi River is one of the warm and beautiful rivers in Nepal. Marsyangdi passes through stunning jungle scenery, green hills, narrow gorges, alongside tumbling waterfalls and jungle, village, and forest.

The Marshyangdi River rages through narrow gorges and canyons and past stunning Annapurna Mountains.

Marshyangdi is one of the next generations of rivers in Nepal, steeper and with a much more continuous stretch of rapids.

Marysyangdi River rises on the northern slope of the Annapurna Himal. Marysyangdi River drains off the Northern slopes of the Annapurna Mountains. It joins with Trishuli river at Mugling.


Literal meaning of Marshyangdi is raging river is local language.

This “raging river” Marshyangdi is steep. Marshyangdi river is technical and not to be underestimated! Marsyangdi shares some of the most exciting rapids in the world with some of the most beautiful mountains in the Himalaya. There are intense, challenging and continuous rapids in Marshyangdi River.

Marsyangdi River Rafting Trip is the Best for …

Rafting in Marshyangdi River is one of most popular white water rafting in Nepal. It is an excellent rafting river. Here we have found some reasons that why it is best and for whom it is best.


  • Marshyangdi River is an ideal choice for those wanting an intense and extreme rafting trip.
  • Marshyangdi River is better suited to those who have had previous rafting experience.
  • Marsyangdi rafting is excellent for those people who are interested in the abundance of nature found on this trip.
  • The Marsyangdi River is an excellent 3 days trip in an isolated area.
  • The Marsyangdi River is the most exciting short white water adventure in Nepal.
  • The Marsyangdi River is best for those who want to escape the crowds – then the raging Marshyangdi is your best option!
  • The Marsyangdi River is best for adventure rafting trip.
  • During the Marshyangdi River Rafting, scenery is magnificent with every bend of the river opening up fresh vistas of some of the world’s highest mountains, but these are behind-as someone said “great views but you need rear view mirrors”
  • The Marysyangdi river is best for superb views of the Manaslu and Annapurna massifs throughout the trip.
  • Marshyangdi River Rafting is one of those trips which involve a day’s trek.
Marshyangdi  Rafting  Itinerary : Marsyangdi River Rafting Map

Marshyangdi river rafting map NepalThe Marshyangdi River is easily accessible from Kathmandu, capital of Nepal. The journey of Marshyangdi River Rafting may starts with an 8- hour drive to Khudi where the short trek begins. Or You have to drive up to Besishahar and take a 4/5 hours trek further up to Nagadi to reach to the starting point.  Transportation from Pokhara city can also be arranged by the rafting agencies. Bus transportation is provided from the take-out point of Marsyandi river trip at Bimalnagar to either Kathmandu (5 hours) or Pokhara (2.5 hours).

Marsyangdi River Rafting Prices: Marsyangdi Rafting Costs

Prices of Rafting in Marsyangdi River are different from rafting agencies. There are many rafting agencies for giving the services of rafting in Marsyangdi River, Nepal. Costs of rafting in Marsyangdi River may be the approx. $150 Per person (Foreigner).

Facts about Rafting in Marsyangdi River

Marsyangdi River Rafting Class : 4+, 5-
Marsyangdi River Rafting volume: 80 cms
Marsyangdi River Rafting starts From : Nagadi – alt 890 m.
Marsyangdi River Rafting ends at : Bimalnagar – alt 390 m.
Marsyangdi River Rafting Distance : 52 km.
Marsyangdi River Rafting days: 3 days and one day trek
Marsyangdi River Rafting Average gradient: 10 m/km
Marsyangdi River Rafting Scenery /wild: ***
Marsyangdi River Rafting star rating: **
Best Season for rafting in Marsyangdi River: Oct – May

Views from Marsyangdi River Rafter

“Thanks for the most thrilling adventure I have ever had. I love rafting and I love Nepal. I have rafted in many countries around the world, but this is the best so far. Awesome rapids, crystal clear white water and amazing mountain views. It does not get any better than this. Thanks to the great crew who kept us safe and well fed. Highly recommended. Anders from Norway.”

Marsyangdi River Rafting in Nepal: Prices, Itinerary, Map, Grade


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