100+ Happy Marriage Wishes SMS | Wedding Messages & Status To Couple With Images & Cards


May your “cheerfully ever after” be all that it ought to be. A genuine congrats!

Marriage Wishes SMS

Seal your conjugal rapture with a kiss today and consistently! Well done! Congrats and all the best to our most loved couple!

Hottest wedding wishes on a great coexistence. Happy married life.!

Live well, love much and giggle frequently = the formula for an extraordinary marriage. Well done!

We as a whole need the best for you both on this exceptional day and we trust that your future is a long and glad one. Happy married life..

We’re all truly energized that the huge day has at last come!! We trust the present service all goes to design and that you can think back with affectionate recollections. All the best and we anticipate making up for lost time with you after the wedding trip. Loads of adoration.

We’re truly energized that today has at long last arrived!! May it be an exceptional and essential? Good karma for what’s to come.


Wedding wishes messages

The marital promises are done, presently we should have a ton of fun!

Our wedding wants for you our lives of euphoria and bliss. Wishing both of you a universe of joy and delight on your big day.

Wishing you a magnificent function with loads of great recollections. Heaps of affection.

Wishing you both a magnificent function with an incredible special first night to pursue. All the best on this uncommon day and for a long time to come.

Happy Married Life Messages

Wanting you both to enjoy all that life has to offer on this exceptional day. May it be a brilliant and critical one. All the best.

Wishing you both incredible bliss and happiness on your big day. We trust that it is something that you’ll love for a long time to come. All the absolute best and good karma for what’s to come.
Together is my most loved spot to be. Despite everything I succumb to you consistently.

Happy Marriage Wishes SMS

Our long periods of marriage have instructed me to love each minute.

Finding the opportune individual can be troublesome, however I knew as soon as it was you.

The best thing to clutch in life is one another. Hottest Wishes and Happy Wedding!

Love is a kinship set to music. Furthermore, both of you appear to adore the band! Well done!

All the best to an excellent couple! May the freshness of your adoration stay in your souls until the end of time. Happy married life.

May you’re a festival of adoration turn out as excellent as the both of you.

Love is life’s champagne. Pour me a glass for every year we’ve been hitched. It’s a festival!

Wedding Wishes Messages

Love puts a twinkle in your eye and a grin in your heart. Congrats on your wedded years!

A fruitful marriage requires experiencing passionate feelings for ordinarily, yet dependably with a similar individual.

It doesn’t make a difference where you’re going; it’s whom you have close to you. All the best to you both on this pivotal event. Congrats!

Regardless I’m wearing the grin you gave me on our big day! May you both appreciate hearts brimming with recollections?


All the best for multi day loaded up with adoration. Both of you were made for one another. Congrats!


May your adoration develop like wildflowers, and glad wedding to an astounding couple!

Marriage Wishes SMS

All the best on this magnificent event! An affection like yours keeps going! Upbeat Wedding!

Cherish you now like never before. Numerous endowments on this astounding day. Congratulations!

May God give more endowments today on this critical day?

All the best on this earth shattering event. Bravo! Wishing you a lifetime of satisfaction. Upbeat Wedding to my most loved couple.

God just realizes where I’d be without you. Numerous favors on this magnificent day. May God favor you. Happy married life.

Wedding wishes for a friend

A couple wedding messages to recollect: Always treasure your accomplice and realize the best is yet to come.

May you have a lot more sections to this romantic tale? Stunning wedding wishes to an exquisite couple.

Yours is an affection that is worked to last. Congrats! Make the most of your great adventure together!

Both of you make marriage joy look simple. You merit the most joyful of days. Cherish you Mom and Dad, and upbeat wedding!

All things develop with adoration, and nothing more so than your lovely relationship. Cherish you Mom and Dad.

Mother and Dad: You make the subject of marriage look simple. May you keep on developing in your adoration for one another? Love from the majority of your youngsters.

Wedding Wishes Messages

As time passes, you’re the living exemplification of an extraordinary marriage, mother and father. From your most loved child (or little girl)!

Wishing all of you the adoration and bliss on the planet today and consistently. Congrats Mom and Dad! Cherish you!

Your affection, devotion, and duty to each other is really a motivation to us all children. Congrats on your long stretches of marriage.

Wishing you more bliss, chuckling and satisfaction in the years to come. Happy married life!

Genuine romance isn’t discovered, it is assembled. You demonstrated to us this.

Wedding Wishes Messages

To the wedded couple who merits the best. Expectation you feel exceptional on this pivotal event! Sister, presently and everlastingly, all the best to one of the most joyful couples I know!

I need to go along my congrats to a wonderful couple. May the festival of this day upgrade your adoration and comprehension? Cherish you Sis! What a stunning couple you make.

Wishing you longer stretches of affection and satisfaction to my most loved Sister and Brother-in-law. Have a brilliant wedding!

Cheerful wedding wishes to my lovely sister! It appears as though just yesterday you were strolling down the passageway. Well done!

Happy Married Life Messages

I’m so cheerful for both of you. Congrats! Congratulations Sis! Have a magnificent festival with your ideal match.

To my excellent sister, may the adoration you found together years prior proceed to develop and develop.


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