Congratulations on this happy event – your wedding! I wish that their mutual feelings would only inflame each year of their life together. May every day of your married life be full of excitement.

Two special people, an incredible love! Dear friends, enjoy your love that grows with each day and that has no end. The most cordial congratulations on the day of your wedding!

Your love for others is so strong That there will be no space for someone or something to come between you. Have a great wedding and an excellent married life ahead!

May your love, care and union be the best example for all of us! You two were really made for each other, and everyone will agree that it is a perfect decision to get married! Happy wedding my dear friends! Have a married life!

The heartiest congratulations on your wedding! I hope you will make many exciting memories with your new family. And keep them forever in your treasure!

Happy married life wishes

Marriage is a promise of giving and sharing. A promise of helping and caring, a promise of working and planning together, a promise of making a dream last forever. May the life you shared with your better half be full of laughter, smile and laughter and that together you will make all your happiest dreams come true. Congratulations.

Today is the beginning of a wonderful journey of yours as husband and wife. May all of your life be just a perfect blending of loving, caring, sharing, planning and happiness unending. As you have and hold, may dream unfold to fill your days with laughter, may each year too. Wishing you happiness today and always.

Your marriage is only the beginning of countless happy days to come. On the lovely day of smiles and flowers and celebrations, you are wished a lifetime of wonderful tomorrows filled with happiness, love, and laughter. Have a happy married life.

The wedding happens when two people tie the knot, take vows and embark on a new journey in their life. But marriage happens when with the passing of time, the two realize that it isn’t the know but love that has tied together, when the vows start finding true meaning and when the journey means holding onto each other in good and bad times. Wishing you both many more years of bliss.

Wedding day wishes

May the love that has brought you to this day, continue to strengthened and grow, leading you to many happy tomorrows and a lifetime of promises kept and fulfilled. Celebrating the bond you have held strong for so long, and feel blessed to have each other.  Congratulations.

With warm congratulations to a very special couple, who have found their most loved moments in the happy life you share!

Happy married life wishes

I cannot think of two people who are more deserving of true love, happiness and a lifetime of both. Congratulations to some of my dearest friends: happy wedding day!

You are so beautiful today, my dear friend. You are so happy and inspired that I cannot even help you admire you. May you stay that beautiful and happy forever! I congratulate you on your wedding!

You will write the next chapters of their life stories together and I cannot wait to read them. Happy wedding day for both of you!

I wish you a glorious ceremony with a lot of wonderful memories to follow! I congratulate both of you for finding your life partners on this happy day.

You are the most perfect match for the other. Pray for your happy future.

Good luck with the wedding, I wish you to live happily with much interminable love and joy with your partner.

Marriage wishes sms

Congratulations to my friend! That you both enjoy a lot of love and happiness throughout their lives together.

Life is so amazing when you are with someone you really love, I know you are in happiness at this time. I know nobody is happy as you. I wish you all the happiness in life.

Let your marriage shine like a star and serve as an example for others in life, happy wedding, stay in happiness, Congratulations to both!

Like a beacon in the night, may your mutual love shine forever. A heart is full of wishes in your marriage!

My best wishes in the new beginning of life: have a very happy married life and I wish you always love one another.

Marriage is a beautiful moment when two souls begin to share a heart. Let your love for others grow with each passing day. I wish you a very happy married life.

Happy married life wishes

My best wishes for a happy married life, I wish you to live life so happy with your partner and also want the rest of your life to be like this day.

Finally, you have found the best part of your life, sincere congratulations on your wedding and I wish that you live a happy life together.

You could not even sleep and eat, that was your excitement level. And today you are going to tie the bond with your better half! May your life together be full of plans, hopes and, of course, actions that lead to the realization of their common dreams!

Today is a special day for all of us because your happiness means a lot to us. We wish that you and your wife have the most incredible years of your life together and demonstrate that true love exists. Congratulations on your wedding!

Wedding day wishes

You are so beautiful today, my dear friend. You are so happy and inspired that I can not even help you admire you. May you stay that beautiful and happy forever! I congratulate you on your wedding!

Make your family life an exciting and interesting journey full of adventures and real love!

A lot of emotion and a lot of fun. Happiness will be on your side. Respect is an important part of love Compatibility will be an important part This is such a special bond, my dear It begins and ends with the heart, Congratulations on your wedding dear.

I must admit that you and your wife are the happiest couples I’ve ever seen in my life. I wish the two never stop bringing joy to all those around them through this incredible harmony and peace in which you live. Congratulations!

Happy married life wishes

Marriage is a serious corroboration of your promise of love to your wife. My best wishes so that you two never give up anywhere in life.

Two people, two hearts and two souls come together to make the union called marriage a celebration of eternal love and understanding. Have a happy marriage friend!

Marriages are made in heaven and performed on Earth so that I can witness this great event in the lives of two of my best friends. Here is for a wonderful life together and a great wedding day. Cheers!

Love always multiplies when shared by a loving couple. Love makes the lover and the beloved entity. May you find love and hope in the heart of the other forever! Congratulations on the formation of your loving unit. Happy wedding day!

When you are entering a golden bond, that is so full of love and strength. I would like to wish you all the happiness congratulations on the day of your wedding!

My best wishes to you two on your wedding day, my dear friends. I hope that not only is it a great day but that your life to follow is also full of endless joy, happiness and lots of love.

I wish you to remain blessed with all the love, all the care, a lot of happiness and a lifelong bond, Congratulations on your wedding!

Happy married life wishes

Marriage is not just a glorious bond. It is an adventure that lasts until the end of time. I wish you two happy married life. Many more congratulations for the bright future.

May the love that has brought you together cement their love forever. May you grow old together and enjoy the long and happy company of each one, dear friends.

Love will be shared on this extraordinary day when he will end his bachelor life. I wish you a bright married life and may you be always happy.

The best wedding messages to a friend. Congratulations to the happy couple! Today I wish you all the happiness that your hearts can dream!

Joy and happiness await you both. Let your relationship fulfill all your heart desires and always feel happy together. Happy wedding day!

Wedding day wishes

There were many warm words full of love and tenderness that you said to each other. So, on the day of your wedding, I want to wish you never stop telling us words of love. Congratulations on your wedding!

I admit that you are the best and happiest couple I can see, the best wedding wishes for both of you and promise me that you will never stop this incredible joy that you boast about with the rest of the people around you.

May God give you. For every storm, a rainbow. For every tear, a smile. For every care, a promise. And a blessing in each trial. May you have many happy years together!

Wishing you a today of love celebrated in the midst of love gathered. Wishing you the future full of joy with stronger and deeper relationships. Many more congratulations, my friend.

Sincere congratulations for your marriage. May their union last forever, and if it ever changes, it may become firmer and better.

Wishing you many happier days like this, many more occasions for celebration and a lifetime of love and laughter.

This transcendental occasion marks the beginning of their life together. May the trip be happy, full of peace and harmony, joy and laughter, romance and passion. May your lasting love be the jewel in the crown that unites all others. Best wishes!!